GT Sport Learning The New Track Open Lobbies – Update 1.40 Part 2

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you hello again everyone we're back the missus is home so it's not she feels better now but wouldn't risk it with the fact that she'd been sick so he's gonna probably be in here so we're just gonna go back to the stream in I need to get back into the rhythm of this truck as well but my sound and by the way Romeo thank you for the donation the $1.99 brew super chat though yeah I I must have got that when I was dealing with the little one so thank you very much that donation me I appreciate it it was sick before and obviously I think she got it all out of her but there was no food so I don't know if it was just a case of being a little bit and I don't know what's gonna come still you know I was saying she's hungry you're hungry are you yeah you can have anything you just been sick you've got two days off from school now as well cuz and the laws with schools they can't go to school for 48 hours so I have two days off so listen get back out on track and let the sounds gone on the ps4 again see if it's just it got no sound then you go to try of the camera Hey so I was going really funny again on my headset right let's go back to truck oh why is it not going on there the new trucks I like the new trice but I'm guessing we weld out now look 2.7 seconds off the pace because everyone's just been time-trial in it basically while I've been gone I'm guessing they're in the faster cars as well I bet they've been trialing different cars out though you get off to give me a little bit of a couple up just to get back up to speed I need to get at least a second faster minimum I don't think this is really a truck that the Mustang will excel on but I don't know if we will have to use in one of the FIA races so we might as well try out this is flat-out wasn't it furrier no lifting Oh God need to get a maybe same third gear there possibly I'm really wide trying to push through hard that final corner I've got to back out of that a lot more than that but this will do I'll just go over the line and then we'll solve this in a minute okay that's a bit better we've got a bit faster so we'll just start this now as long as I've got used to the track a bit nice Lobby yeah yeah chain we're off I think I love he don't know me that's five songs on there but I don't think this Mustang is too strong round there it feels a little bit heavy for this type of track but I think I could knock a second off my time but I don't think I'd get near fire songs luck you okay on tommix how are you mean am I am my stream Labs isn't loading up the M viewer count again well I have no idea how many people we've got watching but oh well just see if it turns me on 39 only that bloody ell well that that's that's helped me stream a bit I think a lot of people haven't got the notification yeah we had the battle during a 40 before us oh well oh well oh let's start this race anyway you're about to go to sleep oh god what's going on here McLaren at the front for five a mile sang in p4 so the mustangs definitely got potential I'm just driving shite with it probably cuz I'm not used to the track yet well try and get used to it during this rate we got six laps to get used to it so see what we can do I need to infer the gear on a couple easy corners I forgot about transient roll-off the start of them oh okay what's going on let's get a bit more probably too much rear bias from when we've we don't need that Maria buy some of them it's I have something – a cow Oh God it was a bit of a chaotic start to be fair don't know what everyone was doing I was I was in the middle of a sandwich as well just getting knocked around a bit don't really know how aggressively I can take some of these corners in this car oh got away about some Oh okay forgives better than staying in third gear get much better active speed in that that all have been losing me quite a bit a time before same for this corner I think it's best just to stay in third gear and this corner probably to see if it's very fair no need to go in a second there will you roam wide the yeah you got to go in second gear there in the Mustang or you just run so far wide like that there's just a case of figure in this truck out really let's try and if we can stay with Tuscan without the mistakes of Ravi combo I'm finding this hard not to make mistakes yeah third gear so much bad for there uh-huh God gonna run way down behind into the gravel I seen that one coming he took it like that line you've got it on a really weird line through that corner similar to this one you've got to be very white and then cut back so you don't run too far wide I was better lying through there I read good speed that time much better through there as well that was a not bars lap to be fair gained on p4 or surely gained the villain there why is it that he looks like he's closer than a second to me weird that my mom really mean Oh you backed out you let me go there fair play too struggling to go much faster than this Oh our third gear so much bad through there then stay in fourth gear flow out all the way through into fifth they need to break just before the curb on the right there and stay in third gear actually went through that sector purple which is quite nice but I must lose a lot of time on these corners our beer it feels like there probably I'd need to be in fear but the car just can't really do it in further tends to understeer from in first through that corner whoa yeah that's how you got to carry this be free there that gave me a lot of time as well that'll be interesting to see what's on lap time this will be now much bear much bad luck on science he at the feel for this drunk I really like the flow of this truck even in a big car like this it feels really nice to drive I'll bet through their more speed we are catching PDMP free but the too far back after their mistakes I want to do this inferred really and it's got to be second gear for this car oh it's a buck Autobot cool girls didn't carry the speed that time you got to carry the speech for a final corner it really makes or breaks it up as well the Mustang has got potential there we were definitely gaining on p2 I think the PF so p3 we lost out too much time ah Oh I mean like don't even go there if you just what did you just say oh I think you might I think is you've got ice cream enough but yeah but you have you had most of you something wrong with my connection wine shouldn't be buy what was wrong what's wrong with my connection is the stream good shoes I can't see any issues it looks all good so far on here no framedrops are nothing let's go to a new track and we'll go to race number see now yeah it might just because you need to refresh the browser because we started streaming again there's no there's no framedrops on my end alright let's change this will do will do seven laps of this and as everyone got the Clio v6 because we'll do the Clio v6 around here what what class is a kid yeah what classes are clear v6 in Oh stupid that is it hey so clear v6 okay I need to change these settings but we're gonna go what class is clear v6 I'm guessing I'm gonna guess n 200 or n 300 I guess I'm 300 let's just see really don't know no maybe not maybe M 200 it's on a citizen n 200 hey there it is so it's 229 horsepower I'm 1300 55 so we're gonna we're gonna run it out the power that it should be run up we're not gonna reduce the power because that's just boring everyone knew hundred so we need to change that what was it but I forgot that already two very racy power be opf though no that's why yeah she's she's okay she's like he's just laying there watching some YouTube but she's she was six Wow oh yeah Anna's on YouTube pumpkin let's take that off I don't think what the power was right let's see what the power should be though it's 229 and 1335 229 1229 where are you thumbs up to the news rockets good hundred twenty-nine 1335 I think it was wasn't it there you go me one bought smedium on with this car hey so everyone keeps going put back to the pits let's just make sure we got these settings right now yep yep yep okay that looks okay I looked okay go to truck way I need to put the tires on I have no idea where to break or anything I don't I've got a room I think this track is really easy to remember though if I remember from what I did before because well I don't know if it'll be as easy in cars like this but in group 3 is pretty much flat out in most of the areas then just a few braking zones oh well she opens Oh God let's restart the ps4 because last time that happens we couldn't restart it so let's reset I didn't save it as well ah your pain in the ass what is going on tonight not havin any lock yeah I think the servers have been playing up for a few tonight though so I think it's because a lot of people are on obviously have a set amount of service so I'm guessing that the servers are getting really busy with how many people are playing the game tonight yeah we'll be streaming to about half tenon just before 11:00 or something like that gotta be up really early though so be any less than that Oh bother me and it's not there you didn't need much but thinner though you know she wanted a pot noodle from the shop they both got nude on bread and butter in godly to aya aya pot noodle I think it'll be the heat but then choose Center belly goes yeah no but he such a bellyache though if it was just the heat I didn't think it really Adam it was only juice I shared really sub L II felt like really like over 2 he invented steamed rice with some veggies yeah she ain't gonna be that giving back by John some rice ain't just rice on its own just rights nothing with it extraña sighs I'm joking violence you I recreate a lobby again now if you haven't got the Clio governed by the Clio now just get this sorted did we just do you just do that because I'm just gonna be lazy it's for a minimum Drive recently the go to race at one Devon laps again good start with full Star Trek fastest first boost his office that dream is real none of them real for that category and 200 balance is off max power was 229 I think it was wasn't it I think it was 229 minimum 1335 I think I'll make sure I save this this time they'll go with sports medium during in prohibited or cut.we week Oh sup cars armed that's all okay let's save these settings oh we want to join feel free to join the lobby should show up straight away once we've created it so feel free to join yeah and the Clio v6 remember clear v6 only no other cars but you will get kicked you it gets to stay off now for two days as well so if we're streaming tomorrow she'll be she'll probably be sat with us streaming and the day own your monkey look how happy you are now she know she gets two days off school he's making it up think the Dom let him go to school for 48 hours now when they've been sick remember only BOV sixes I was a bit disappointed that this he got a delivery on that I was a bit disappointed that this wasn't the phase to clear v6 is the Phase two is the one I wanted I really wanted this clear v6 when I was young but I wanted the Phase two one it's got I think it's another 20 20 horsepower more I think it might be slightly lighter as well and it's got refinements to the suspension I was quite surprised we got this one instead of that yeah it could be a tummy bug or it could be the heats of Akers use that sunscreen on all day obviously in score but she was out in the garden but then it was shaded and out about guards and quite a lot so I don't know this could be quite a good combination in these cuts you have to brake really weird corner this final corner in Reverse that corner is even weirder it's such a strange corner I was thinking at a championship in these cars would be quite fun I think I'd be crapping them but it'd still be quite fun then I went to break here I'm gonna break just before that hundred because I'm okay I braked way too early there ah I guess if mr. gearshift oh that was nice through there and this is a good combination this you know I think I'm going to enjoy this these cars feel good round there tires feel pretty much spot-on without this car should handle we'll go a little bit loose but it's got a lot of grip you getting buffering sometimes I don't know I mean then I'm not getting any saying that the little girls watching YouTube on the iPad them I don't know if that me saying that the missus always watches YouTube on the iPad so I really like these cars you know I think for road cars these are really good with sports medium size on their their spawn I'll follow them let him go through oh crap that you're not getting any but for him okay must just be refresh about browser by the way just in cases because we had to restart the stream so you might need to don't want to break their mate it's okay mate um just refresh your browser just in cases because we had to restart the stream though if because no one else is getting it and it's musters for your bra it could be your Internet to be honest as well if your Internet's having a bit of a moment if no one else is getting its got it can't be the stream try again that's too much speed through there now these are really good these cars you know ray come let's just break dead on the hundred I think we can break later there breaking too early oh yeah that was nice through there see if we can break much later into turn one because that's where we lose a lot of time i summers bad for you they're all we're purple what's going on I shouldn't be painful in a road car I know lost a bit of time on the exit there oh yeah we're a cinnamon that's just better than some other people finish their laps and then we'll race these cars are really fun especially these tires are spot on I think is the rear wheel go with them but they've got plenty of grip still so I really like these cars with these sports medium tires this would be a brilliant combination with a single mate race as like a race b4m at this track for one of the weeks on daily races it didn't like I wish they'd do stuff like that give the tight like car some grip put it on sports medium or sports off and make a race be out of it with cars like these it'd be so much fun single make race gonna sort that final corner out that's the corner that's a I'm hurting me at the moment I need to get it over there like firestorm did then yeah that's it and then get a wider line then get on the power let's just test this before we start this yeah okay so we're gonna start this now Oh God right close to the front now free temps between four of us how good does that grid look in these clear of it I love these cars somewhat you just look so aggressive [Laughter] or what do we do it we hung around the outside or let me start recording this actually just in case and save the replay for the start on Jesus no we might have another racing these cars I want to record the race for a possible upload so we might do another race up this in these ones oh yeah there's five so we need some pretty much hot dog food maybe ah there's a big gap so they won't be getting slipstream there little bit aggressive but kind of fair I think it was a fair move always cut off oops that wasn't very good for you there what did he hit me then just about he must have great so late now these are really good fun I really like these cars probably this is pricey do you know what this probably my favorite car on the up they are like the X to thousands just like a low downforce version of the 2014 this feels really nice it's good for them let's hope they use them though for like daily reach beyond that and the hope is not as Tsukuba like every single race that race a if they use them or something like that that'll ball me if it's round there because you know use this track wasn't very good through their need to make it smoother in although it's a better line much better exit should get the slipstream now yeah we'll do this race again because this could be a really entertaining race if we get it you get a big getaway without a mistake that was nice little gear changing the fourth cell to cardem better to get better exit speed try and get in the sleep no it's not gonna work did it probably took it tight but well he braked really early a bit aggressive but a Stein car all sugar that was really scruffy that's a much better line for there definitely doing this one again I like this combination we're gonna go again with this it's gaining in that slipstream behind I love the way they flick out on that corner I really like that gaining on P 3 and P 2 here but seems to like an early upshift this car yeah we're gonna read someone again I like this combination this is the good combination we will go again with that one we'll do a very quick qualifying so we'll do with five minutes qualifying and then we'll go again I need to remember to record the race so right from the start yeah the last sector is really good I'm gonna do it again we're gonna go again with them because I enjoyed that combination better not to make the mistake at the staff it we'll do a 5-minute qualifying and then we'll go again for the race let's just put it in there all right five-minute qualify and then we'll change the track and then we go somewhere else yeah I really enjoyed that combination I think that's a really good mixture like the track in the car is pretty much perfect five minutes qualifying will start five minutes thirty on the timer will start the race so or yes about about five minutes later you're gonna get maybe two or three laps in let's see if you can stay in fourth carrier possibly I know it might be faster it definitely seems to like a little bit of an or a short shift this car though then I'm gonna get held up on this lap though I mean there's no point going defensive mate we're in qualifying not that I raised I mean that was okay lost a bit of time there but least it means I can get this laughing without being stuffed behind them yeah go much faster than that anyway okay let's try it I know I'm not in the city he's got the slipstream there oh why so important give me sir I shifted back to 'county fourth gear for you there no to do aggressive inside corner so we got one more lap pretty much one more lap trying to go into a corner way too fast right let's try and hook this off No do we get one more lap in five thing yeah we get one more lap in I messed that up again I can't believe that that final corner ruined my lap is so annoyed at myself oh that put me off a bit what was he doing by assumes just robbing my slipstream a I've lost quite a bit of time there better end to the lap of firestorm without the massive boost office look oh yeah we'll start this now I know [Applause] now stirring MGB GT he's our alright let's record this race so we'll start this race now and record this could be a entertaining race the last one was really fun to drive make sure to save the replay as well [Laughter] all fire Sungjong start he only had to back off a little bit because you lost p2 he's gotten very aggressive bear just take the normal I'm a I'm not gonna oh Oh I shall be there oh dear later save ah I had to back out the corner made a mistake there again oh I can't see where I'm going really are to find the way past but I prefer real slipstream week is just it's just too much I like this real section with these type of cars let's see around the outside that's just not gonna work sometimes my wrist is on I fought it did recently I was on that my wrist was sawed because he it was just different for feedback and I wasn't used to about this I don't know normally on s1 like when they play a game I'm not used to Oh oh yeah the wall we're the wall this is gonna be hard no Lola oh crap I on the grass and the brakes Oh I just not gone home you ah I was a good race up though that was really good oh I'll be nice little upload for a video yeah it's gonna look really good on the replay camera that guy's a brilliant combination them to that car or that track such a good choice picking that don't want fun they've that record them save the replay as well you let's just save that replay there is it that was a really fun race so close so many times just to slipstream you couldn't really it would get you there but then just couldn't get past I waited for that one move on the outside but I've got on the grass on the brakes and I was surprised I stopped in time just about made here they would go to have no ever to do the reverse trap to they'll just stick to the these way and will do reverse and overnight because they'll take a bit more time to use so I think we're just stick to these tracks are now well we'll go back to what are we reckon to group to around the a version one thought that would be like no group OOP – or I could we do you again overwhelm good race me just go down to five laps will go to race the third number a what should we do what should we do what cars to do for the a1 we did group three before I was thinking group two how about we do group two big group to be quiet we'd get rid of that yes Leo's in the house we're gonna do group 2 now for it for this one look we can go we're gonna do the truck racing in a bit that's one of those drugs we'll do this one and will end on probably a truck race or something like that you maybe at that same track again we could do a truck race they were there like ground it might be quite fun to be fair by change car we're gonna give the GTR now we're not gonna race this what's medium though we put racing mediums on wherever they are let's give it a try got grace with 100% tire wear if times 50 tire wear I'm on that circuit song on the side the side begging the sea or whatever it is maybe we've but we'll put like pum foot hard sort of comfort soft song maybe or something like that but with times 50 mm oh do like five laps or something bring the stream something like that I want to do another race on air and race beat that the circuit be as well though so we'll do a very quick qualifying here oh what a character them cabs are a little bit I'll try and get used to this truck in these cars we can go a bit more it's just a little bit of a gap here just call it sardines this is our first ever flying lap in a group to car around the ad not not really a hundred percent sure about where to break for this car but and break later there try and figure out over two laps or so needs to stay in food together drop busses crop let's try and make this lap of it we made a massive error on the lab oh yeah they grip through that light not feeling that was nice through there much bear bit through there though this is a really night this truck you know I think these are some of the best fictional tracks II valid same mistake again what am i doing flatout thereby I've lifted I don't need to lift like that why was i lifting so much through there I don't know I am still getting a massive City mere no my little oh sorry Feist and I fear for one more lap and then mill and there is one boy in the Lexus Eddie I de Groot the old ones have they've been improved look they must have been improved them cars because he's car seemed really fast down the street dog sorry we'll go again we did mistakes on that luck though so I think we've been no mistake clap we can go uh probably a second quicker for God's sake let's try and hook a lap up where we get on to get on the brake to the right spot because a brake too late into this corner before I think I need to brake just before the hundred there and then hit that a pit that's better that's more like it that would have gave me a lot of time and then this corner we can carry more speed for rear as well yeah look at that you stay in fourth don't even need to go down to third let's just break a bit here and give ourselves a cup let's go again let's get this a second quicker I reckon at least hesitant on the power there though I keep doing that evening group free room we were really hesitant therefore I just didn't want to put the power down breaking a little bit before there that was a bit bare rate too early there though right – way too early their bear laughs but we got more in us a lot more I'm starting to get the fear this is a good combination as well once you get the feel of this this is really nice combination I'm a sound signed to go again you just went for a little bit then so if he doesn't go again that was better at that time why did I go down to third yeah you did this ferry to going free and super GT love it okay my practice a bit more but with you on em what tires was that with as well I mean we can all get down to that thing you just need to practice we'll start this soon anyway this is our first time with these so I think we can definitely get low 32 if we push there I'm guessing with pushing it as well we probably in ferry wants to be honest well firestorm would be anyway I think if we were really up to speed it's a good combination this so it feels nice and I start this race anyway I stand recalled it as well if it's a good race you've got another bit of content this is what I should do every stream every time we do open lobbies I should record these races because we can make some good videos out of some of these that last race was brilliant probably one of the best races about in ages if someone jumped me then at the end fire song you little sod he jumped me on he must have got over the life testing that was high oh I caused bogged down massively then why did minor fire songs got bogged down Lata either grew the older group toes who cars got really good stars this is going to be a real dirty air truck so it'd be really hard to stay I so hard I can stay in his slipstream here we might gain back a bit Oh Nelly been there I agree Mae how are you I was so close to been in an end breathe a little bit to lay them trying not to let him pull away it's hard though he's on it via song what a combination this is so I have to say I went on too far away that's a short shift there again why dad I probably could have got away we've not sure shifting but I didn't want to risk being in it I've ruined that we were getting in the slipstream then so that was probably heading for a very low one minute 32 even with the mistaken term one before come on we can get any gain on him again if it just hook these laptop always made a mistake a big mistake give me that sledge give well lots of front-end them had no grip through there oh need to get clean laps in here that's bear through there much bear he also did the corner very well I backed out the corner what am i doing just a case to get in this traveler and 100% but I feel like this would be a really nice combination once I'm used to it Oh need to go into that corner slower self come out of it faster you need to go into a ferry one man fire song but gaining a bit oh I'd say you want when you push him around there this is a rewarding track Oh [Laughter] oh I need a been there ah that's not another really good combination of that we can definitely get ferry ones it's just that I've just got to get the sectors together lover quite a fun race again oh okay hopefully funny we make all the gt5 tracks and don't think all of them will but uh my guess is there's a lot that's already be like finished that they're just going to drip feed every month until dt7 thumbs up okay yeah oh just save that replay bend it fires long by what you didn't go you're kicking all this up here by your kicking everything gone again what's the matter what's wrong Abby you know right we'll do one more we'll end up with a truck race I think we'll do the truck race and race be Brenda though even I'm know what I'm trying to think the B opine that might not be very good between the two trucks so I don't know what it'll be like are they in the same group am i doing it I'm too far we don't plow through you want Sonny and we'll do four laps at the B version um what what group of the M they're in 400 okay well we'll try both of them will say we will say a both of them for now you can use both will put sports hard on them su sports hard we won't go too aggressive with the tire wear actually I think it would do a proper race we'll just do a proper race with these and we'll do maybe that another night for the aggressive tire wear but just do a proper race because the one and I want to know of it I want to race each track for EM and upload and I'm hoping this will be a decent race so just change them settings rocks only Russian ammonia give us some one more 5mil it's only when the surfing out there I think we'll try this one just make sure we've got make sure we've got the the appears armed prohibited okay both sides are armed I don't know what these are gonna be like compared to the other truck it should be fairly equal I think I would have thought they had a base to mate they would have tried to make them really equal Oh God feels so high up Oh God Oh la Griffin this truck though then over he's in the m's the four did fire somewhat too sure I'll see you in there I can't really tell if you give it take a while hard to get used to this or so much on the stair I'm underneath any any of the co yeah I love the man he's in the same one as me not much understeer in this big pile of crap I miss a gear shift it was like you got to chuck them in back through there now we get a nice slipstream that's slowing down in fifth gear why did he go into that Oh that's a penny for both of us I think how did I know yeah pero ha ha I don't know I didn't get a penny probably best in second through there oh crap we'll start this in a minute that's just I start this earnest or send Damone I need more members to be able to do that you only get like as wedding it's a thirty members think you need ten more and then I get one more mo and then forty etc all the way up wipe the mini out with this yeah you've run over it probably right we need one more serious lap now fires on because always we're not starting in the front by whoa Oh No one idea was he in the right car for that luck by the way because he went back in the pits and then came back out that p1 what luck did he do that him hmm suspicious I saw this anyway but he was in the Porsche are you messing I mean it was pretty obvious what we would do mean everyone within so we could have gone a lot faster so I would ignore like the Raptor being in p1 I mean he didn't even set the laughs with that I recalled quick I didn't change gear fast enough I mean you can tell I don't think he should be where he is because all over the place or after try and take it around the hoof well did he get hit off then I don't know oh crap oh crap oh crap oh he's gonna get me slipstream oh I saved that I thought I was going off the track no mal managed to save it stop Misha got a shift earlier well I know me I only got a small on them hold on to the drug to stay on that left side so don't lose too much grip it's a now I'm going to make sure I break but just before the hundreds are break too late on that one all got on the now you help me sit dream I'll crap I've got a half-second pennant we [Laughter] okay tell me he's right there I've been there how did he do that Oh God don't run right there yeah he's bottled it twice Nelson I hate Onofre tight did it in the clear as well that he bottled that was I was teasing that was nice carried good speed all the way round Hey [Applause] right that'll be the last race because the little one wants to go to sleep anyway but with a stream again tomorrow probably I don't know it I might don't have to try and get some footage for f1 up tomorrow day and then a video for tomorrow night on GT and maybe a stream I don't know if what they smartly by the I might have a night off streaming tomorrow and then try and get two videos out tomorrow actually or might stream in the day possibly we might do a daytime stream so we'll see I have a special guest a little five-year-old that appears in it as well it's too busy what's in that now but yeah thank you everyone for coming in really I really really like that new track all the new tracks really good fun to race on looking forward to the dailies on them trucks their proper good fun so I will end that lobby now but again thank you everyone thank you for the join the channel tonight thank you for the donations the quite a lot of subscriptions for throughout that stream as well I've seen coming up so thank you very much for joining the channel I will see you all tomorrow for possibly one video in a stream or two videos or something like that we'll see what we can get out tomorrow but I might not stream in the nighttime so just bear that in mind so have a great night everyone I'll see you tomorrow for something we'll see what it is and have fun on the new track see you later everyone

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