Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

there are two types of mindset we can
cultivate one that embraces problems as opportunities to learn and one that avoids them often out of fear to fail people that avoid conflicts can be
described as having a fixed mindset those who see problems as interesting
challenges have a growth mindset sometimes we like to switch from one to
the other people have a fixed mindset because they believe the basic qualities like intelligence or talents are fixed traits and that these traits are responsible for success they often like to document past achievements with a growth mindset people believe that new abilities can be developed through practice this view creates the love for learning the most great leaders and artists having common for them life becomes an exciting journey with endless opportunity to figure out new things and advanced to develop a growth mindset dr. Carol Dweck the Stanford University professor who coined the term advises leaders, teachers and parents to celebrate trying teachers should applaud
students for any grade if they studied hard parents should encourage their children to develop any new skill they are interested in doing this will make them
learn the skill of learning which will also help them back in the classroom to illustrate the difference in everyday life let’s observe two imaginary kids Jay thinks you’ve either got it or you haven’t Ann knows that she can learn
anything if she wants it enough At physical exercise Jay avoid challenges
when it’s time to jump over the vaulting horse he’s afraid to look stupid and being laughed at Ann embraces any challenge it’s exciting it’s fun she knows that failing is part of learning and if she tries hard, at the end nobody will laugh at her Jay avoids feedback if the teacher tells him how to improve an assignment has been working on he takes it personally Ann knows that to improve she needs to listen to constructive criticism she also understands that it’s not her
that is being assessed but the results of her work on that one day Jay always take the easy road for example he likes escalators and hates to take the stairs when he is practicing the guitar he stops the moment he is getting stuck Ann usually doesn’t even take escalators she jumps up the stairs count every step in her head and enjoys feeling the blood rushing through her veins she practices the drums every morning
for 15 minutes not that she always enjoys it but she knows that effort is
part of a journey to a more fun life Ann like to see others succeed it inspires her she knows that if she motivates her friends to get better she herself is likely to grow too if his friends try new things and succeed Jay feels threatened he’s afraid that their success will put
pressure on him to do more with his life too modern companies look for employees with the growth mindset because they solve problems and persist despite obstacles to spot the right ones, some asked during the interview whether the job applicant believes if managers are born or if management is a skill learned Jay thinks
that managers are born. Ann gets the job neuroscientist support the idea they confirm that the brain grows like any other muscle in the body with training studies show that adopted twins tend to
have higher intelligence compared to their siblings who stayed with their biological parents the difference appears to come from the higher educational levels of adoptive parents and shows that nurture is more important
than nature a simple switch in how a person views a situation can mean the world of difference not just the outcome of that situation the outcome of that person’s place in life as the late poet Samuel back at once said ever tried ever failed no matter. try again fail again fail better what do you think about the concept is it overly simplistic and if you buy the idea do you believe it is possible to make a
permanent switch from a fixed to a growth mindset please share your thoughts in the comment section below

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  1. If you have an open mind, you avoid forming an opinion or making a decision until you know all the facts.

    It's hard to see it any other way, though I'm trying to keep an open

  2. What is not clear is if there is a position for fixed mindset. There is something to be said about finding what you're good at even though Improvement is very important. I believe there is a point after which growth mindset should be adopted. At the same time I don't believe you can adopt it. You can't fail a course and automatically not feel bad. You need to consciously fight against the negative feelings.

  3. What if you're forced to have a fixed mindset? What if you're pressured to do things better and failing is not an option?

  4. This mindset system is a nice way to frame things, but the growth mindset has too much prejudice, even by name. Doing every little thing to progress your goal doesnt guaruntee success, and yet they will still continue under the impression that they need this accomplishment to guaruntee a happy life. Fixed is pathos, growth is ethos, but what about logos?

  5. I like this theory, if a kid gets a B and in the next test gets another B, and another kid gets a D and in the next test gets a C, who has worked harder? And who should be rewarded? And how will it influence a teachers mindset towards both kids when they are paid for results and not effort?

  6. I think you need a balance between both, having a constant growth mind set is tiring and can lead to burnouts as seen with many musicians in history for example, constantly wanting to grow can possibly lead to being a "jack of all trades" which has uses in society but won't develop experts in many fields, I have a growth mind set which was burning me out and I've learnt to relax it and just be fixed and content for a few hours or a day or however long it takes to feel recovered

    After having a spontaneous awakening after years of evil living, self loathing, dropouts in school and everything thereafter. NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DRIVEN DEVIANT PARASITE SICK FIXED MINDSET UNTIL THE AGE OF 39.
    A horrific relationship and isolation from my life I started seeking out what happened to me.
    Within the 16hr 7-day week day of seeking the answer to what I had experienced during the awakening, I found the xoxoxo of learning..

    I now am on my way to a Ashram to study the Vedic texts and yogic and selfless service lifestyle.

    Sure I welcome the Yoga physical part because I know it will help me grow.
    All while knowing I don’t know crap. And everything and everyone is another lesson.
    Man bring on anything because I can now learn.
    I love my life and I am WRITTING a book.
    I had to teach myself to write. It was Earnest Hemingway quote that convinced me to do it.
    “ It’s no one’s business that you had to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way”!
    but today I tell you because you asked and I seemed it a necessity for anyone that thinks that they can’t.
    Find something that you want to do more than anything and just start it.
    For within a single passionate desire and a willingness to just start, you will find the path give you much more than you thought!!

  8. I will put it Like this…
    Listen to all that is good and civil. Talk to people. Don't take offense. You will find out lots of time you were wrong. Listening will make you a Genius…

  9. No. There's growth in an unconstitutional and illegally constrained mindset that is, yes torture is fucking illegal. Breaking into my car is fucking illegal. Drugging me is fucking illegal. There's that mindset and an unimpeded mindset. If the unimpeded one lands me a life sentence, crippled or dead. I chose the latter one, even against those risks. Don't pretend you don't know why I'm rattled.

  10. The key isn’t to be one or the other, it’s about being one or the other at the right times.
    Sometimes you need to speak and sometimes you need to listen, sometimes you need to stand up and sometimes you need to sit down, sometimes you need to rule with iron fist and sometimes you need to rule with the most gentle of hands. That’s the thing about life, the concept is easy but the action is difficult.

  11. I personally believe you either have it or you don’t! You can work harder than anyone in the world and still never succeed. So I don’t buy any of it.

  12. I like the thought process, but hate the common tone of boy sucks and girl great… ik it is two imaginary kids, but just make them the same… leave no room for distraction.

  13. I wish I had realized it sooner. My fixed mindset had cost me a lot of opportunities in my life. It developed some bad habits too. Now it's a bit harder to change my old habits to sync it with my growth mindset. Still struggling.

  14. This video spoke to me. I use to feel like the little boy and still face that inner boy. I’m definitely breaking away from that and becoming more open-minded about what I do and how I do it. It’s always good to learn and try new thing. Living in fear of what people are going to say or think is all in the head. I want to grow not get stuck in a ditch and stuck in my ways. Growth is important.

  15. its amazing how a 2D drawing with a doug funnie style can instantly let u know that " hey, thats amy winehouse"

  16. Thanks for this bigger picture perspective! I felt like I've struggled alone like a fish out of water with trying to build more constructive relationships with people like my coworkers and peers who don't seem to share in my levels of enthusiasm and ambitions for getting on the same page to get the job done with efficiency and consistency. I probably can write a book on coworkers shutting down and turning against me as if I am the one with a personal problem because I might have wanted them to help step up and tackle a project that can save all of us some trouble on down the road. Now I wish that videos like this would become more of a public service announcement on the biggest platforms you can imagine. Or at least mentioned openly at our daily goals meetings or our safety meetings at work that never covers any of the attitude and good sense techniques.

  17. What about people who knows that growth mindset is the right mindset, but keeps procrastinating to put in the effort and gravitate towards distractions like social media coz it's easier? Asking for myself coz I struggle with this.

  18. Seems like my mindset is fixed and I cant change it. I've been told how to and it makes no sense to me, I've tried it for a long time and it's never worked. I think I'm just destined to be a dumbass loser for life, that's just how it happens

  19. In my humble opinion, a growth mindset and its ability to change one's outlook on life is the best tool one can have when living a purposeful life or by intentionally living.

  20. This is bullshit, yeah you can improve with practice but you can’t be good at it without any talent. And you know what, you’re born with those talents. So for example leadership is a skill what you can learn but won’t be good at it if you aren’t born for being a leader. Most of the are likely to stick with only those activities where they perform better than majority anyway and their mindset doesn’t matter . Btw you should make both examples of people same gender now the message of this video is overshadowed by feminism.

  21. Growth mindset depends on whether we believe we have a growth mindset or not. If we believe we'll never develop, well, the game is already over even before it has started! So, it's essential to know no matter how long it takes, we all can be veterans in any field we want to be if we're dedicated enough.

  22. The number of people that drive on the roads is one example of how we Humans are able to change from a fixed to a growth mindset when in dire need for the change. Driving is a highly advanced form of co-ordination between the senses of the body & mind, while surrounding stimulus continues to change by the millisecond.

  23. Two out of three kids I have are Jay. They hold back until they find the idea they like to follow. One loves learning different languages, and one loves building things. My youngest is Ann. She is only 13 and wants to be a doctor. When the youngest one succeeds in something, the oldest who loves to build things get mad. When the middle one gets to travel to foreign countries as part of the Spanish class, the oldest gets mad.

    It is all about balancing when it comes to parenting my three kids.

  24. For a very long time psychologists have argued the merits of "nurture vs nature" in whatever abilities we have. I have come to believe that, yes, nature can manifest itself in a person's talent, but I also believe that, even if it seems an individual is NOT born with any particular talent, the individual can achieve amazing results with hard work. The fable about the tortoise and the hare tells us a lot: The hare raced ahead, easily looking like the winner, but the tortoise, barely creeping along slowly but steadily, won the race!

  25. Yes I agree that we can train our mind to accomplish more things. Same with any jobs you don't need to stop if you encounter problem but find solutions and finish the job.

  26. one solely dose of psilocibine or LSD probably will lead you to have a grown mentality for the rest of your life, not even to mention DMT or 5meoDMT

  27. Would it be better to put all the traits/characters of a fixed mindset in one column and growth mindset on another column…

  28. Staying open-minded with a growth mindset will keep you curious and interested in trying new things. Not being afraid to fail but rather "failing better" should be celebrated. It is what we learn from that failure that will help us learn and grow.

  29. ok that's what ill do
    plays the drums at 6 in the morning
    me: I have a growth mindset 🤷‍♀️

  30. I just watch people I look up to and get inspired. you'll see that the more you do what they do, the more you'll love yourself and eventually makes it a habit. Eventually, slowly, you look up to your own results and you won't need them anymore. Though it'll be better if you stay thankful to em', all of this has to be what you want. Not others. Because I believe that the words 'no one can can change who you are' can both mean 'no one can determine what you want to be' or 'no one can change you but yourself.' Trust me, you'll feel proud after :3

    Just remember that not everyone can be born with a growth mindset. Me neither. Eventually, we need to all grow up and find our own ways to solve things. This is simply my way.

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