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  1. Thank You Father for sending your One and Only Son , Jesus for us , Thank You Jesus for your Holy Blessing Of Victory from the Cross to be with us , by the power of The Holy Spirit through Jesus , In
    Jesus Christ Mighty
    Name Amen Amen
    Holy Trinity Amen

  2. It's interesting that listening to something again, you pick up on things you missed the first time for whatever reason, but this is worth listening to time and time again until you pick up on the fact that it is absolutely necessary to grow in the knowledge of God.

  3. You know this makes so much sense. I’ve been nearing a breakthrough and I feel it like at the tip of my fingers. So yesterday and the day before I just let myself go. I let go of trying so hard to do the work myself and just let God do his thing. I came to a really nice revelation the day I decided to let go. It’s just actively now trying to let go of your expectations and just letting him do the talking. It’s so weird. And simple. It’s been hard but I’m getting better and better

  4. Thank you Lord Jesus for Blessing your children to church services from our homes with the pastors we are able to learn your word and grow in faith

  5. God became man, JESUS not bcuz he wanted to know us or to be with man kind, God became JESUS in human flesh to be the saver for all. Jesus paid the penalty of all sins with his life, the shedding of his blood on the cross paid for all sin. Now it's up to mankind to except this gift and to " repent ".. (change your life or make a honest attempt to not sin) and believe in the gospel! (Believe in him and his words) that was his 1st words he spoke starting his church. He said, repent and believe in the gospel. It's a package deal.. you must except he is the son of God, and confess your sins, ask for forgiveness and repent from committing sins. We are sinners, we will sins, but as long as we are truely sorry and confess the sin, then ask for forgiveness, and by faith believe we're forgiven… then we're forgiven of it. As long as you try not to do it again (repent) your in good standing.. even if you commit the same sin over and over, as long as you are TRUELY trying not to, but you fail, confess it n ask for forgiveness! There's a big difference in sinning and not repenting.. that's where you get into trouble with sin. As long as you make a honest effort not to sin.. say for instance you have a stealing problem.. u steal something.. you feel bad about it in yr heart..so you confess it and ask JESUS to forgive you. He does! And say 2 days later you see something you want.. yr mind starts warring inside of you.. yr fighting the urge to just take it.. but u give in and steal it. Don't give up.. confess it, again ask for forgiveness and repent. This could something u struggle with yr entire life.. Just as long as try… repent .. n ask for forgiveness he will. Never think yr sins are to bad or to many.. Jesus blood is so holy so pure there's no sin.. none, that his blood can't cover. All you have to do is ask him to forgive you n believe he forgives you and TRY, .. TRY not to do it again.. Just try not to do it.. even if you fail, no matter how many times you fall.. and you will fail .. make a honest effort n everything's gonna be fine. REPENT, AND BELIEVE IN JESUS! ITS THAT SIMPLE.

  6. This is Kervin, May I have your ATTENTION PLEASE!!! LOOK! You have never read this in the Bible. God speaking "Adam, I have someone here I want you to meet, this is Satan". This is not in the Bible , Why? Because Satan should not be here at all. Everyone God wanted here He prepared a body for them. Look at Matt. 8:29. The demons foretold their own future. Look at Ps.115:16. This means you have something to say. I have something to say. I say "Jesus Christ is Lord, and Satan is defeated" I say "No anti-Christ, No mark of the beast". I say let us go before the Lord and ask Him to cast Satan into hell today". God said nothing is too hard for Him. God said "He can do anything". Is 54:5 said God is our husband. When we ask Him. Jesus is going to say" I'm glad you asked that, I thought you'd never ask" "If you can get 10 others to agree, I'll do it". It's up to us. Let's do this. Tell everybody!!! Why didn't anyone in the Bible ask God to remove Satan from earth forever? Let's change this today. Only then will we have peace on earth good will toward men. Somebody tell President Trump, Perry Stone, Marilyn Hickey, Joel Osteen, Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Robert Jeffress, Tony Evens, Jack Graham, and if your name is not here, add your name. Thank you. I love you.


  7. My face is melting off of me because it's so powerful
    All the way to the end
    This sermon here knocked me on my butt

  8. Likewise, it is a false statement for you to say that one has all they need to be all they need to be, is false. You do not possess the Godhead made One in you until after the Lord reveals Him to you. It is impossible for you to know the knowledge of God or the Lord due to the fact that you lack certain things that you should have spiritually grown into. The three stages of development are by precept, anointing and spiritual growth.
    One of the things you must possess is, "…making your calling and election sure…" Even though it is only two things listed, those are twofold, therefore there are two missing. if they are missing, and the reason you don't know the Father is becuz they are missing, then how is it that you already have all you need to be all you should be? That is error. This error is due to someone saying things about the knowledge of God but they don't know God themselves, so how can you know what they are saying is true if they are deceiving themselves, by exonerating themselves from the very message the Lord gave them to straighten themselves out. Another thing that you must have is the mind of Christ. You don't automatically have it just becuz you received Christ.

  9. Ok, you are getting off into strong error much too soon. I mean, really! How can you say anything about the knowledge of God, when you yourself do not know God?! The only way to get to know the Patyr' is that the Lord reveals Him to you.
    So, here is the next thing you do not know about "multiplying" where the knowledge of God is concerned. THE ONLY WAY (!) the knowledge of God is multiplied is, well first, you got to get it by the Lord revealing Him. The Lord reveals the Father, Who reveals the son. If this happens like this, the only way it can (he said very few find it) then the Lord can never say to you on that day when you say Lord , Lord… and he say I never knew you. it is becuz you were not acceptable of the Father. That is why Rom.12:1,2 is a very important part of being acceptable or well-pleasing to the Patyr'.
    In essence then, the Lord cannot deny himself. it is the taking of his yokes that qualify one who has received him as Savior and Lord. So then, the multiplication has to do with the "knowledge of God" being revealed by the order of entering into His Presence by HIDDEN numbers. These numbers are that number fold which is multiplication.
    NOW – in other words – the order of entering into the the Presence of the Father is through the Lord saying, "I am the way, truth and life". These three not only stem from the order of Malkiytsedek or Melchizedek, but also the (Solomon) temple, the (Moses) tabernacle and the Sanctuary in the heavens where court is held in the court of the sanctuary.

  10. Picture what I am about to say as an illustration, but of truth. While the Way, truth and Life, are the way of entering into the Patyr' Presence called Pawneem, there are also 'numbers' of Messiah (2 -outer court, 3-Holy Place, 9-Holy of Holies) However, there is also a set of numbers that relate only to the Patyr' once the Lord reveals Him, that are (in a sense) outside of these numbers that relate to Mashiah.
    Whereas, the numbers that pertain to the Heavenly Father are 2-4 in the outer court, and 5-8 in the Holy Place, and (as with Messiah) 9 for the Holy of Holies. The difference being, these numbers are that number 'fold" which means it is times, or multiplied that number. As an example of this: using the essential elements of Wisdom, she says in Prov.9:1 that she builds the house of the Lord. She goes on to say that the pillars are seven, but the Hebrew says they are sevenfold. There is no other multiplication from the knowledge of God, but plenty from the precepts of men that they teach for the fear of the Lord.
    Therefore, in the knowledge of God, "Wisdom" who presents the knowledge of God (the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom) they are known as "The 7 pillars of Wisdom" that is revealed as well as illustrated in the Holy Place by the Golden Lampstand. In a nutshell, the seven-fold pillars of Wisdom represent
    1) the 7 altars from Noah (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Israel and) to Christ, the final sacrifice of the law, and first of the Spirit,
    2) the 7 Spirits of God: the Spirit of Life, Grace, Adoption, Supplication, Truth, Holiness and Glory – Rev.1:3,4.3:1.4:5.5:6. (The Holy Spirit in his fullness)
    3) Covenant in the Spirit (Ruach), faith, the blessing, favor, prosperity, abundance and excess.
    4) The 7 points of Christ Nature – The Spirit (Ruach) Wisdom and understanding, counsel, Might, the Spirit of the Knowledge (of God) and the fear of the Lord (without which the knowledge of God is impossible to attain to)
    5) The 7 Grace gifts – Rom.12: prophecy, teaching, exhorting, giving, mercy, leadership and
    6) the 7 parables of the kingdom of God – Matt.13
    7) the 7 dispensations; innocence, conscience, civil gov't., Promise, Law, church age, kingdom.
    And all the numbers are such, and the revealing of them is the knowledge of God and of the Lord. This is what is meant when it says in Isa.28:10,13 – a little here (twofold)
    You need to repent Bro. Tony and seek the Lord while he can be found. Otherwise, you are going to die in your sins, being so close to the door called truth.

  11. Bro. Tony, you are not far from achieving the goal of attaining to the knowledge of God (and of the Lord – v.3) by virtue that you are citing II Pet.1: as a reference passage to knowing Who the Father is, although you do not know Him yourself. (so how are you the right person to ask about it? When I know that I know (the knowledge of God) and that you don't know – yet – Mal.3:16-18.) You must know that the passage (II Pet.1:) is also singling out the Father from the Son.
    And yet they are One by the Bond of the Spirit of God. (zech.4:6) Yes! "Mashiah" is God in the flesh, ('Emmanuel' or hbr. Immawnoo'ale, which means "God with us") and the Father called him son'. To which of the angels did He ever say, you are my son? So then what is meant by (Job 1:6) there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before God…" How is this so when no angel has the privilege of being called a sons of God?
    But the knowledge of the Father is as vastly different from the knowledge of Christ as the logos is from the rhema. Yet, they are One in mind and Spirit, but separate by the power of their individual anointing and power. The Lord's is 'exousia' while the Patyr' is 'ruach'.
    This is just the opening of your message, but I am pretty sure from what you have already said that you will not understand the meaning and/or the significance of II Pet.1:1-10 (really). And that is because it is sealed (by Ruach) with the 'cipher' which means the 'grammatical marker" (eleph and tav) are active. The 1st (activity of the cipher) will be at v.10. You cannot know the Patyr' through the Lord revealing Him (Matt.11:19-30) unless (along w Matt.11: and Rom.12:1-7.8:28-30) you take the Lord's double yoke and enter into his double rest, to come to know the Heavenly Father (in His double rests as well – Isa.28:9-13) Who will reveal Himself to you as Abba Patyr', and you come to know Wisdom, (Sophia) and "Understanding" (Prudence) and who they really are in the Godhead – Prov.8:22.9:1 – who admits the sons to the house of the Lord. They are the ones that bring "The knowledge of God". Wisdom brings the 'Double secrets of Wisdom' (tal'alumman chakmah) as Prudence reveals the "dew from heaven in the mornings" which is the precept upon precept understanding. it is the key to understand the whole able when the Patyr' reveals it to you.

  12. Therefore, this verse of scripture that is, like you suggested, cuz you don't know how to get there or tell someone how you got there yourself, is an issue you must deal with to have access to the Divine Nature that is in Christ. This is why he says to add your won virtue to your faith. Remember how that virtue went out of the Lord to heal all who were oppressed. I am going to help you with that due to the time being short. BUTT! The reason you don't know is becuz the Patyr' (Abba Patyr') says, it is becuz you would not hear Him. In other words, you have not endured your chastening in righteousness, instead of the religion of Christianity.
    The verses that are truly relative to what you said (in II Pet.) are; v.v.3,5,10 which are the keys of knowledge of how to get the knowledge of God AND of Christ – one brings the other – Matt.11:27-30 – this passage in Peter is like the 3rd step to take to come to know the Patyr' after Matt.11: and Rom.12: & 8. I bet you didn't know that, nor do you know what protocol to follow to get there. Let's see what else you have to say. Although again, your 'leaven' (understanding) has already leavened the whole precept you are seeking to explain. And now it has become yours and not of the Lord's. Remember he said, a little leaven leavens the whole lump. I have shown yo the way though, if you would only take heed to yourself by acknowledging you don't know. The Patyr' looks at those who think they know as rebellious. It is written, he that say they know don't know what they should know. The Lord said it is easy, if you seek it with your whole heart.

  13. I LOVE Tony Evans and have listened to him for over 20 years. BUT YOU CANNOT, grow your knowledge of God. God grows knowledge of Himself in you if, if, IF you abandon, yield, surrender, submit to HIM ! #1, stay in His Word, the Bible, every day, hour, minute you can. Pray without ceasing, on all occasions. Quiet time alone with Him, walking, listening, talking, worshipping. As you breath in, then breath out for survival. You take God's Word in, you pray out ! Rejection of His Word, not listening to it, reading it. IS REJECTION OF HIM.

  14. Supply moral excellence or virtue (bring glory to God)
    Add knowledge (add information learned)
    Add to that self control
    Add to that perseverance
    Add Godliness ( hang on even though you don’t see him)

  15. Wow this message is life changing for me. I command my spirit to move in development so that I can get this thing right! Holy Spirit have your way. I have everything I need!

  16. Brother Tony, the Lord has blessed you with a gift. You are the king of spiritual metaphors and illustrations. Always feel blessed after your sermons. Keep glorifying Him, Brother.

  17. What a clarification!!!. I have read this passage(2 peter 1) several times but never understood what apostle Peter was trying to tell me.
    Glory be to God for teaching me his word through his servant Pastor Tony Evans.

  18. What a blessing. My former church only gave communion on one Wednesday night a month. It and other things about my lack of spiritual growth bugged me. I accepted the direction of the Holy Spirit and until the Spirit directs me otherwise I will continue studying God’s Word with the Holy Spirit. This sermon clarified a few points I was struggling with when comparing their Greek definitions. God bless Dr. Tony Evans and The Alternative.

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