Groovy The Martian wants to teach Phoebe to eat vegetables.

ah look how cute they are when they're sleeping something smells delicious it looks like groovy can't resist groovy not yet wait until everyone's at the table why don't you go wait Phoebe I really nothing maybe you should try again but in a more loving way come on Phoebe it's lunchtime broccoli is super healthy Phoebe you should try it no no groovy fence Phoebe's plate we know she's gonna love it if she just gives it a chance bright kids Oh No Phoebe starving of course she's weak because she hasn't eaten their vegetables Wow groovy that broccoli has made you super strong don't worry Phoebe there's always a solution but how are we gonna get back home yummy remember kids vegetables are healthy and tasty treats to give you all the energy you need to play non-stop oh are you going to the beach that's awesome what are you carrying in there an umbrella a towel suncream arm pan toy a float very well you definitely have everything you need to have a great 2/8 of these broccoli radiator a coke groovy you don't need these things at the beach new Oh luli you first need to use the Sun cream you don't want to get sunburned – you look like baby does oh oh that looks like bah [Applause] what's that a shark oh it was a chocolate dolphins are really friendly why don't you play with him hey hey guys I think someone is calling you it looks like this house is divided between Real Madrid and Barcelona ha ha ha at least love keeps them together kids we're a groupie and Phoebe poor Phoebe it must be a tricky decision kids what do you think she should do what a great idea oh my it looks like these scissors don't cut very well movie why don't you help her Oh exciting [Applause] [Applause] no goofy be careful they think that your him [Applause] groovy baby this is not a place to play with the ball be careful you are going to break something why don't you stop playing and enjoy the museum you two love dinosaurs pops you look weird are you okay kids do you know what is happening I'll be bored carousel broccoli surprise egg fire extinguisher nice try but I think she is angry now try to blind her with a flash kids what do you think Group II should transform into to scare the money no grooving transform into a dinosaur what have we learned kids no balls allowed at the Museum [Applause] dogs love running and playing with sticks they bring them back to their owners so they can throw them away again be careful groovy poor little thing he thinks he is a puppy what a cool costume Halloween is super fun kids dress up to get candy but groovy you don't need a costume you can isn't it easier he just transferred [Applause] groovy your costume is awesome are you ready for a super fun Halloween night we are curious to see how the other kids have dressed out hey where are the kids what happened no footprints nothing how is that possible groovy why don't we get a better look to see what the other kids could be kids they remember that bird from the park I'm sure groovy does – it's almost pooped on him Phoebe catching movie are you okay hey kids see how fast we can cure him Grover do you want a piece of broccoli never fails kids haha vegetables cure everything groovy why don't you transform into a bird but much bigger that way Phoebe can get on you and help you find out what is going on fly groovy there they are mm-hmm that's weird what are they looking at Oh No is that a whiff she has put everything under his spell kids if groovy transforms into a witch he will be able to break the spell and transform her into a pig what do you think how can we scare to make her go away and never come back Frankenstein Yoker Michael Jackson a mouse wait a mouse that's it witches are scared of little Mouse's groovy transform into the biggest Mouse you can what a beautiful day for a walk ah Phoebe love surprise eggs you never know what is inside movie transformed to something useful to catch it [Applause] no groovy it has to be something where Phoebe can get into that's it groovy try with a stare you three are the best team let's see what the surprise is no groovy that's not broccoli that's not even food it's a removable tree let's come back home and have some delicious vegetables kids oh sunset isn't it beautiful [Applause] Oh groovy it looks like Phoebe wants to go to the fan do you know what that is come on take a look I'm sure you're gonna love it let's go Phoebe you can do it oh no Phoebe's just got four ducks and we needed five well don't worry Phoebe you have done it great ha ha really I'm not sure that you will be able to bully be careful groovy you are too small for this fairground ride you can get dizzy [Applause] [Applause] poor groovy I told you hey Phoebe where's the carousel Oh No Phoebe don't be sad I'm sure Ruby can help groovy why don't you transform into a carousel so Phoebe and the other kids can have some fun memory it looks like that ice-cream stand but with horses in it no the horses are the kids to ride them it's time to spin around to be continued [Applause] what are you doing are you trying to say something oh yes subscribe kids ruvie the martian official Channel

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