Grit Curriculum Lesson: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

>>Beth: Setting SMART goals is a
great way to practice what it feels like to have self-control, to
have control over your destiny.>>Amy: It’s so important to allow
children to set their own goals, because if we’re setting
them for them, it may not have any relevance
to the student at all.>>Beth: The “S” in the SMART
goal talks about being specific. Natalie, how did you set a specific
goal about improving on the flute?>>Student: I said I would
learn how to play low E and F sharp on the flute.>>Beth: So that’s very specific,
rather than just saying, “I’m gonna better at this.” The “M” in SMART stands
for measurable. Aiden, tell us how you planned to measure whether you
had achieved your goal.>>Student: With my goal, I was
trying to reduce my race time to forty-seven seconds, so
with each race and each time, I could see how far I got.>>Beth: And you were able to say,
you know, “I went from this amount of time to this amount of time.” So that, you can measure
that really readily. The “A” stands for attainable. Kennedy, you had a goal about soccer,
but if I look outside right now, it’s not exactly soccer
season, so how did you do that?>>Student: I practiced
in my basement, and whenever I could
at indoor soccer.>>Beth: So Ellie, you didn’t
set out to learn calculus, you set out to become more fluent and
more accurate in your long division. Gavin, I wanted to ask you about
the “T” part of the SMART goal, which is that it’s time sensitive. You decided you wanted to read
three of the Warriors books, and how long did you
give yourself for that?>>Student: Three weeks.>>Beth: So three books in three
weeks, and that is a very helpful way to stay focused on your goal. Say, “Oh, someday I’m gonna
read these three books.” If you say, “In three weeks, I’m
gonna read these three books,” then that’s a great way
to help you stay focused and help you have the self-control
you need to reach your goal.

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