100 thoughts on “Grieving father to Trump: I’m pissed”

  1. Weird, liberals kill 400 million babies every year but bitch about a few kids being shot. Aent thata bitch

  2. The man in the checkered shirt. Absolutely amazing. I have so much respect for you going up there and doing that. Thank you.

  3. Guns meant to maim and kill ARE NOT meant to protect oneself. If you buy a weapon meant to kill and maim the most possible, you are not buying that damn piece of crap to defend yourself! If you buy an AR-15 for “protection” when an ordinary handgun would do, your mentally deranged or too preoccupied with your own lack-thereof! Yup. You’re weak, probably trying to compensate for it. Just consider the fact that if you really intend to protect yourself against an attacker, the bullets you fire out of an AR-15 could actually pass through your attacker and kill bystanders behind them. It’s a weapon meant to KILL as many as possible, not just incapacitate your attacker!

    These kids are crying in front of you after almost losing their lives and you still want your AR-15! Just stop crying! After all, your tantrums about your “rights” to own high power battle rifles make YOU, YOU, YOU the big fat BABY in the room!

    And if you are so inadequate you really feel like you NEED a high caliber rifle because your own arms are not enough, you’re far from being a tough son-of-a-bitch!

    I’ve never debated a person who claims they have a right to an assault rifle above 6’. They have so many complexes going on. They have proven they are weak inside and out, so they need a weapon of war to feel manly. It’s pathetic. Needing a high-powered rifle illustrates the shear real weakness in the man’s actual ability to defend himself. An assault rifle is a cheat, a shortcut in attaining manhood because any man or woman can just pull a trigger. And, that, my friends, is far from a strong man!

  4. I'm so sorry for there loses. He can't be any more right and what he just did is the reason why my son won't be in any public school. Cause I'm sorry president Trump you've been a good president but this issue has been and is still being ignored !?!?! Please Fix It!! Same thing to all the parents out there pay attention to your kids!!

  5. Unfortunately those poor people might as well have been talking to an empty suit because that's all Trump is.

  6. He said nothing of substance, he offered no plans of action basically he just spewed his emotions

  7. You should take that up with the world Order. The authorities we’re informed months before the shooting. A lot of people voted on the mass shootings. The world order puts the videos on the on the dark web. Like millions of people voted.

  8. There are over 380 Million registered guns/firearms (outside the police and military) in the US, over 35,000 people are killed every year with guns. Hmm – maybe there's a connection here between the number of guns and the number of killings? The only way you can disarm the general population is by using stealth – ie do it gradually over many many years. It has a parallel with smoking – you can't just stop it, there's too much money and addiction involved. You gradually: restrict use & ownership; increase the price; promote the dangers; show the consequences; limit where you can use firearms (etc.) All this is done over, probably, several decades using legislation, laws, advertising, changing public opinion. BUT it needs a long-term view and much determination – so America – have you got what it takes to actually make this happen?

  9. All the female negative comments on here bout Trump 😠😠😠 you guys need to grow up and stop blaming him for your loss Hillary lost and she will never be president get off her nuts go eat a muff pie and get laid take a loss….

  10. Well..there's goinv to be bunches of shooting now that our country has been successfully invaded…fyi..Trump is red flag laws…so we will be losing our guns…these shootings are by design..make no mistake…they are coming after our guns..

  11. Bone spurs should of been at the shooting he would of run off in the opposite direction…THE BIG HERO.

  12. Israel the most high is showing his power again he is using their own people to destroy each other so they can't go and attack anyone else accept their own and I love this each one of them has payed for one of the black men and women that was unjustly murdered Everytime one of those bastards pull their weapon and kill one of ours I pray that the most high take theirs until they start holding their killers in check I have no sympathy

  13. What would Trump have done if the shooting was at his grandchild school or Byron's school?
    Not even talking about his relative being one of the victims.

    Wouldn't he be pissed too? 😏
    Of course, he wouldn't be on his best behavior for sometime, I guess.

  14. It is liberals fault. They wont put crazy peoples reports in the computer. So they show up on back ground checks. Not Trumps fault. President Trump has tried fixing the problem. Liberals vote against every solution All liberals want is to ban all guns

  15. Rifles are meant for citizens to fight against the government not simply home protection. Gun ownership is why Americans have a country. The citizens fought their government's army "Britain" to gain this country. If corrupt American government throws away the constitution like other countries and governments have before and imposes some new system of control….we want 400 million Americans to take decent guns and take back America. 150 years ago this country owned, raped and killed slaves, 80 years ago a man killed 50 million people and tried to take over the world. this is not forever ago this is the threat of human nature. we hate an active shooter, and ask cops to take them down, but what if the active shooter is the leader of our country? who takes him down? We have the privilege of living in a protected isolated bubble surrounded by wealth, fun and entertainment, so when violent stuff happen here like it does in the rest of the world, we get upset, but we've been long over due to share the same struggles the rest of the world suffers that we don't worry about because we have so much privileged life. but that life we inherited from people who gave their lives fighting for these rights. why are we so willing to forfeit those rights whenever our cage gets rattled? we forget if not for those freedoms we wouldn't have this country. yes its tragic when we lose the lives of our American brothers and sisters at the hands of a lone loser but we must accept their lives lost as part of a sacrifice and expense of having freedom. lone losers exist and will continue to harm people no matter what measure you take even if they make their own guns. Guns keep and preserve the freedom earned by our forefathers, if this country falls or loses guns it loses its insurance. A terrorist can kill hundreds but a tyrant can kill millions.

  16. He has the right to be pissed what if it was Donald trump son their his pressios kids he will want guns of kids

  17. His kids losing their baby sister buring her is just sad if the president dosnt fix it I hope this father fix it he should be the president not trump

  18. I am pissed about FDR murdering many thousands of Jews, by his actions and inaction, as he took some of our guns. To "save lives." And, him having Nazi-style master-race medical experiments performed on black men! And, FDR doing zero about his party's KKK. I'm pissed that this was allowed to happen, has the government planed! Just as the Casino shooting was allowed. And, the Dems allowing guns into Mexico. To get gun crime up in the US. To push for more gun laws. Pissed about the woman who was shot in the head as she held her baby in her arms. Was she wanted for murder? Her husband? No. Her husband was tricked into sawing a shotgun barrel off, one quarter inch "too short." By and ATF agent. One of FDR's laws. Their little boy was shot in the back. And I'm pissed about FDR setting Pearl Harbor up for a fat target. To get the US in the war. To save the UK. Not, to save a single Jew! I am pissed they couldn't make Prohibition work. Over the many decades, it would have saved millions of lives! But, the Kennedy family just had to get wealthy, pushing a dangerous drug. His son killed a woman with his car. 130 million gun owners have killed no one. FDR killed many tens of thousands of Jews! He punished farmers for growing "too much" food, as people were starving to death! He had crops plowed under. He learned that from Russia.

  19. The last time a government tired to take our guns, there was a war. America's first war. Now, there are 130 million gun owners. A good rifleman can kill a tyrant 1,000 yards away. Anyone can practice and get to the point he can hit a coke can at 100 yards, with a .44mag revolver. 130 million freedom fighters against pussies who throw bags of piss at cops. And, hit girls over the head with chains.

  20. Look at Betsy Devos' and Trump's faces.
    They don't fucking care about this.
    Their egos won't allow them to.
    And their children don't attend public schools.

  21. What's been decided or accomplished since this meeting? Let the public know. Let moms and dads know if it's safe for the children.

  22. The father was right we need to make school safe. It has nothing to do with guns. Take guns away crazy people will find another way.

  23. It’s not that that easy to buy guns. If the person used an expired I’d that’s not allowed. Everyone that buys a gun from a dealer is required to have a background check. The dealer calls atf gives the persons name drivers license number and expiration date of that id. ATF runs a check to see if they are allowed to purchase the firearms. Then gives the dealer a confirmation number for approval.

  24. trump and our government are still turning a blind eye to the problem. why is nothing being dunn ? they have the top thinkers of our country and they've done nothing. its there worst crime they've done to us. they need to fear us !

  25. Lord forbid we forget about the free marketplace of ideas. From Rave Dubins pathetic mind to this kids mouth.

  26. First step is … the clueless, unsympathetic President must step down. Let another who has a heart in the right place take over.

  27. FDR and LBJ both took some of our guns. Both, were racists. FDR was a Jew hater/killer. He had the blood of many thousands of Jews on his hands.

  28. Why wasn't it Obama's fault, every time some one got shot? Trump has not removed a single federal gun law! Not one! He did say no more "bump-stocks." But, anyone can make their own bump stocks, at home. Easier than making a good knife.

  29. We Need To Fix This Not Make Things More Worse We Got To Fix The Weapon Laws For The Future Kids Sake So The Government It’s Your Choice Do Your Jobs Or Get Out Let Some One Else Do Your Jobs I’m Disgusted By Seein Innocent People Losin Their Lives The Second Amendment Is Not Workin The Founding Four Laws Needs To Be Rewritten

  30. So sad I am a father too he is so right to be pissed I would be so angry and look at that PIECE of shit you call a President sitting there he is not human look at this it has happened again twice since this and yet again nothing has happened

  31. Trump himself recieved 30 MILLION from the NRA !!! 30 MILLION ! Does this father actually believe Trump gives a fuck ? Nope he doesn't ! He is all show with the pretend caring and fake empathy ( not much of that either) .
    Did anyone else notice how Trump's eyed looked to the side and away when the son mentioned he thinks there shouldn't be any censorship and all people need to talk about all ideas ! Trump would love nothing more than to censor everyone but those who only speak his views , lie for him or praise him . He would love to censor those who call him on his bullshit and expose the truth about his FILTHY AND DIRTY DEEDS or expose how much money he takes from the NRA to do their bidding !
    I feel horrified and sad for what this family is going through along with all families of the victims. BUT stunned that he is in support of Trump..the very man who won't do shit about tougher gun laws because the NRA AND TRUMP are both co conspirators in these shooting deaths ! The REPUBLICANS are the very reason there are still mass school shootings today !!! Damn right ! Obama wanted desperately to pass tougher gun laws when he became president after a school shooting but the damned Republicans BLOCKED IT !!!!! I hope this father finally comes to the real truth about Dirty Donald and his NRA 30 million $$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!! Yes protect the schools now with better security.
    – security cameras in parking lots and any entrance ways
    – scanning anyone coming in for weapons
    – actually doing something when students comes to report other students for threats, strange behaviour etc..
    – better mental health watch and services
    – Safer classroom doors with bullet proof glass windows and metal doors that lock securely
    – intercom so every classroom etc.. can communicate with each other. Thry can warn other classrooms if shooter is coming there way etc..etc..
    – a safe room at the back of every classroom so when there is a shooting taking place the students can get into it, shut and lock the door. It needs to be bullet proof and have an emergency phone line and stocked with first aid, water etc..
    – cameras inside hallways etc..
    -Smaller bullet proof Safe rooms ( like in the classrooms but the size of a small closet ) but in hallways etc..in multiple places for a quick and safe place to hide if shots are heard and a students are out of the classroom.

    These are just a few ideas that I believe could save lives in shooting.

    Hiding under desks etc.. is not safe. TRUMP CAN USE THE FUCKING 30 MILLION HE GOT FROM THE NRA TO DO ALL THIS TO CLASSROOMS AND SCHOOLS TO PROTECT STUDENTS !! Do you think Trump the greedy, corrupt and lying sociopath woild do this ? Probably not.

  32. The US has neither the courage or morol fortitude to significantly change the gun laws. After-all the President does not run the country, he or she will only ever be a figure head. So…show some courage!

  33. Donald Trump is an asshole. The NRA has bought him. He is not going to do anything, not until his son is shot in school.

  34. Trump doesn't care about this father grief or his loss. To trump it didn't happen to his kids so he doesn't give a shit. Since this shooting we have had many more that could have been prevented if this so called president would have done his damn job.


  36. Can we just ban the ar15 like yeah everyone can have whatever other gun they want but that weapon of war has got it go🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  37. Still nothing has been done to fix this, how hard is it to pay a few armed security guards and train a few willing and able teachers to be armed?

  38. The solution is simple. Armed security in our schools. Metal Detectors at every door. Very very Simple solution. No parent should have to bury a child. 😢😢

  39. I just want to vomit! I’m so sorry for everyone effected by gun violence and I’m so sorry this administration has taken part at the same time! You will get help but it’s going to take time! We have awful selfish people in power right now! Any other Republican Party would have stood up for us! But our time will come and we will fix this issue! Don’t turn to Betsy because if your not rich your a #!

    School safety is a human issue not a political one! Gun manufacturers shouldn’t be able to pay for political refuge! The NRA has no place in discussing our overwhelming gun violence issues!

    It will happen people! But let’s fight 2020 first and stick up for those who are gone! Love one another please

  40. I'll tell where the whole problem started,when the government stuck there big nose in correcting your kids.kids today lack ass whippings back when I was a kid I got my ass whipped and I deserved it.but I had respect for my parents and elders where kids today dont.i had my first hunting rifle at 16 never once did I ever think of killing anyone.hell we took our guns to school to go hunting after school never no school shootings.90% of the kids today are a problem just take a look at how they act.and schools arent teaching them what we were taught.there all turning out to be entitled little brats.and people wonder why all this shit is happening.the government created these monsters now they can deal with it..its never been a gun problem it's a people problem.end of story..

  41. You’re more likely to commit suicide than to be killed by a gun. It’s called life…..we all have problems 😁

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