Greedy Williams is Learning from Defending Beckham, Landry, and Callaway – MS&LL 6/27/19

always you know think about stuff a heating you know I just try to work towards that goal like I said I gotta get through this first season you know you know hopefully know things that stand out for me like I wanted to go but today and I'm just no ready to get through this first season you know have fun with we haven't talked to you about signing your contract yeah it was a great experience you know it was hard because I thought sorry my grandma was sick and you know when uh when I signed like a later that night I got a phone call you know she passed away so no it was it was hard but you know I know she was smiling down on the Neue that you know I finally you know accomplished one of my goals know a dream come true and I know she's sending this guy know just smiling big for me you know it was just it was a tough moment but it always is I always remember a lot of emotions yeah dream come true right so it was a lot of emotions going on throughout that day there no just going back home no just hooking on my family and you know everybody just you know cheering me back up you know just to come back out here and they'll be great for her Erma weeds just a little bit but you know what the impact is it going to have on you to go against like I said just going against top guys and those just no juice oh dear you got Calloway you know you got hot-air guys no and no that's just making my game a lot better you know just matching the speed of know how fast receivers really going to be in the game and no but don't guys you know they just critiquing me and knowing you know I'm just trying to know break every weak spot that I have so you know just to make it visible on film and I go in family only fix you so you know it's a definitely upper hand for me and you know give me a great opportunity know just to know do great against great receivers and when the time comes you know then I'm just finding my weakness you know just alright I see he weak right here so we're gonna take this and me and my culture going in and fix the weak spot and they'll come back out and you know try to find another week's Brian know so it's just like an ongoing machine and you know just got to keep finding the things that you need to fix to be ready for the season and he didn't talk about going to the Hall of Fame oh you know what though I like what I've heard from greedy Williams and I like what I've seen in the limited stuff we've been able to see out of the you know the old TAS and the mandatory many here's the other thing you don't think about this you just think about the players here's a kid looking to the NFL his entire life and all of a sudden he signs the contract that day and that night he gets a call there's grandmother died yeah it's almost not fair no you're absolutely right it's tragic but listen not only greedy Williams but this rookie crop that they brought in certainly looks and sounds the part the you hear taki taki talk I mean he I could listen to him for hours red wine you know the safety out of Miami I've interviewed him once on T a.m. Wilson the linebacker from from Alabama yeah I like what I've seen from her from this crop right so last year especially and maybe the year before I I hadn't recalled how any camp that has been as quiet as the bronze camps were the last couple of years did you get that same sense pretty much okay because you're going one in thirty-one and there's nothing to be excited about it we didn't know about Baker and all correct the outset of camp Lester this year there's gonna be an excitement level that we haven't seen since the Browns came back in 99 correct and what did they saw out the first wave they did and by the way you know I I mentioned it how can they how can they charge for practice this that's all going to Browns charity so it's okay and people will be willing to pay I wonder how it's gonna work in terms of the mass of humanity that's gonna want to see this hi I'm that little slice of land there how are they gonna do this I know you let shuttle buses what do you girls 5,000 people it'll fit a day I was that too high I mean I don't know let's say doesn't seem like 5,000 could be accommodated there but maybe they figured out ways it'll be packed I can't imagine it not being packed any day other than if there's a terrible weather day yeah

6 thoughts on “Greedy Williams is Learning from Defending Beckham, Landry, and Callaway – MS&LL 6/27/19”

  1. Didn't I see this exact interview with Greedy a few weeks ago? If so, it's all good still. Let's go Browns!!!

  2. Les your a beast bro I like your reporting with player interviews and your analysis Greedy gonna be a lockdown corner feel for him as a human I lost grandma too its not easy Cleveland's got your back Greedy

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