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  1. Hi everyone, as many said, there are a lot of greats moments and sports missing (cricket, motorcycle, badminton, MMA, waterpolo, not enough tennis ….), there is maybe too much France in it and not enough women.
    I just wanted to make a video that describes my admiration to all athletes and the motivation they gave me.
    Thank you all for you comments 🙂

  2. 13:06 video about the greatest sports moments of HUMAN BEINGS, while less than 5 seconds is about Asian athletes. Bravo!

  3. Idk why this made me emotional, my favorite part was watching the athlete women, they’re all so strong and dedicated

  4. If you;re such a fan of soccer: you should include at least one impossible goal by Falcão. Hands down the Best Futsal player in all history and has more creativity than most Brazilian soccer players.

  5. Imo there were some better moments in f1 than shown in this video (beside mansell Senna that was sick) maybe Schumacher winning his 6 championship in 2003 or Hamilton equaling Sennas Pole record in Canada 2017 and getting a original helmet from him. That were some true goosebump moments

  6. I see as much French moments than American's, dont be too cocky americans ;).
    There is plenty of greats sports moments which are missing but you can't put all of it.

  7. Last digit of like is who u are

    1. Muhammad Ali
    2. Usain bolt
    3. Michael Jordan
    4. Messi
    5. Christiano Ronaldo
    6. Kobe Bryant
    7. Lebron James
    8. Pelle
    9. Serena Williams
    0. Tom Brady

  8. the commentators of 3:27 were incredible… I'm pretty sure they're the reason I get chills every time I see that video

  9. Not sure why this includes Michael Johnson's 200m World Record from 1996, but not include any of the 2 times Usain Bolt broke that 200m record.
    If your world record was broken twice by the same person, I think either of those are greater moments

  10. so u gonna call this the greatest moments in sports but only include like two football plays like do you watch football. Football has made some of the greatest plays in sports history like common.

  11. We will never see the greatest sports moment of history due to the fact that such a moment is just one small step of some overweight and obese individual getting up out of the couch and taking that first step or jog around the park. That is the greatest sports moment that almost any individual can have if they just get up and walk, run or jog around the block.

  12. Iam not disappointed about things that were not included. Most of the clips were new to me, but it brought me the chills which any sports fan would get…. seeing through the eyes of the compiler..

  13. Even tho this was an awesom video and probably took lot of time to make,
    there was no equestrian sports in there AT ALL, even when u said '

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    10 months ago (edited)

    Hi everyone, as many said, there are a lot of greats moments and sports missing (cricket, motorcycle, badminton, MMA, waterpolo, not enough tennis ….), there is maybe too much France in it and not enough women.'
    U do realise equestrian is a sport 2, and its one of the hardest and is one of the the most dangerous, u literally included almost everything but no sign of horses what so ever.

  14. If this man included every single highlight in sports history then this video would be at least an hour long, so chill out with the," OH YOU MISSED THIS AND THAT". Just enjoy the fact that he did an Amazing job at including the ones that he thought were cool and a great highlight in our sports history. I also got to give props to the editing and music choice, this was a truly inspiring video to watch.

  15. Great video compilation, bought back some great memories, whose your favorite sports star ?? Mine has to be Jonah Lomu

  16. Man let me tell you this is probably the best sport video I’ve ever watched, truly wonderful man. Included a lot of different sports and I loved that

  17. This is mostly American events man – would be nice if you provided a more global approach to great events.

  18. WOW, what memories. I am older and although most are fairly recent, I remember most of those, Ali the Greatest. I could not believe it when I saw the runner flipped over the defender, landing on his feet and scoring a Touchdown. I only wish it had shown the third leg of the triple crown when the greatest horse of all time won the triple crown by 25 lengths or more.

  19. Greatest sports comp. Ok.

    Has american football, ok.

    Not one clip of Thomas Patrick Brady, the greatest to go on the gridiron. Damn.

  20. This video on its own would be enough to convince aliens not to kill us all if they decided to. We're used to hear about bad sides of mankind, but his video shows how great we all can be as a people.

    Cette vidéo seule serait assez pour convaincre des aliens de ne pas nous exterminer s'ils le décidaient. On est habitué à entendre parler des mauvaises penchants de l'humanité, mais cette vidéo montre à quel point nous pouvons être un grand peuple quand même.

  21. Missing in this video :
    LeBron James , Tom Brady, Sachin Tendulkar, Lee Chongwei or Lin Dan just to name a few.
    It's a great video overAll

  22. Ils sont casse couilles dans les commentaires… T'as pas mis ça, t'as trop mis ça, mais bordel on peut pas montrer tous les grands moments de sport en une vidéo.

  23. Wow …I Believe in everyone being ok before we invest anything in anything else but this is incredible none the less. Humans are indeed incredible, beautiful beings.

  24. Thanks for doing this video!! It's So Motivating And Inspirational!!!!And
    Remember The great moment's in Sport's and Life and I really appreciate seeing this video 👍👏👏

  25. You cant just include usain bolt and one of michael johnson (who isnt even the record holder) i know there some of the best ever but by that logic hardly any of these would be included.still sick though

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