Great Minds: Leonardo da Vinci

Few people can rival Leonardo da Vinci for the title of “Supreme Genius of the Ages” perhaps known first as an artist. His paintings: The Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man are amongst the most famous, recognizable and parodied works of all time. But Leonardo was the very definition of a polymath renaissance man. In addition to being a visionary painter, he was an engineer, an atomist and
chronicler of science. In fact, so vast were his innovations that today, some argue that he should
be thought of as a scientist first. Unfortunately, most of his scientific work documented in at least seven thousand pages of notes he left behind; remained hidden,
lost or scattered around various collections for years,
even centuries after his death. And because he didn’t have a lot of formal training, Leonardo didn’t know Latin! So even during his lifetime he wasn’t able to converse much with the academic world,
such as it was back then. So the weird result of all this is that despite some really pioneering research, Leonardo had a minimal impact on the science and technology of his time. But today, thankfully we have put
enough of the pieces together from the ‘Leonardo Puzzle’ to really see how ahead of his time he was in many ways and in fact, we’re still learning from him. I mean looking back, it seems like naming a ninja turtle after him, was the least we could do… [♪Intro♫] Leo was born in 1452 in Vinci, Italy. Yes, his name means “of Vinci” He was born out of wedlock to a prominent notary and a young peasant girl and was raised by his father on the family estate. Despite what you might expect from a genius, da Vinci didn’t receive much of a formal education beyond basic reading, writing and arithmetic. As a budding artist, he apprenticed under the famous Florentine painter and sculptor, Verrocchio, with whom he remained until he became a master in his own right in his mid 20s. But to understand how scientifically brilliant and innovative he was, we gotta understand what was going on during his time. In the late 1400s when Leonardo was coming up as a young artist, Europe was essentially devoid of most real science in the modern sense. Much of what we knew about the modern world was garnered from The Bible, or passed along from ancient philosophers and physicians and a lot of that, was just laced with superstition or totally wrong. But Leonardo, wasn’t hearing any of that noise. He was influenced by the ancients, but he was also all about systematic observation, experimentation and reasoning. While Arabic scholars were way ahead of the rest of the world in their scientific methods, Back in Europe, Leo was using an empirical approach to science a 100 years before Fancis Bacon and Galileo started to spout in their ideas. Just listen to this passage from da Vinci’s notes This sounds pretty obvious now but at the time in europe It was unheard of. But probably the most brilliant thing about leo was his ability to both observe and really meticulously record in words and in beautiful illustrations The natural world

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  1. didn't buddy jus disappear into a cave for a few years lmfaooooo I very distinctly remember one of the greats did tht lol

  2. Planes don’t have fly because of Bernoulli, if they did how do they fly upside down? How does a balsa glider fly? Do a SciShow on the real science of flight.

  3. Emanuel Swedenborg [1688-1772]
    Is often compared to DaVinci with the distinction of having made important discoveries in the sciences. Swedenborg was also a mystic revelator who wrote profoundly on spiritual subjects. His writings have a far-reaching impact in spite of the blacklisting by the established church and academia of his day.

  4. Happy Birthday to the revolutionary, inventive, smart, future man known as Leonardo Da Vinci! 🎂🎉🎁🎊

  5. Hahaha! he took most of his knowledge infact Euorpens stole Muslims reserch and all many times and now claim and dramtize they gave the concept! hahahaha! such a funny world!

  6. So fast and very efficient.
    Good job.
    For all those that wish to go deeper and deeper on Leonardo's knowledge I invite you to the discovery that I made long time ago Leonardo da Vinci painted the Giza pyramids in the Madonna of the carnation and this, contrary to what was commonly claimed, numbers him among those who participated in that historical-cultural-cognitive-sapiential field known as Egyptology.
    The you tube video is – Madonna del garofano Leonardo da Vinci
    Massimo di Gennaro
    Thanks for the attention

  7. Wasn’t he named after an ancient katana wielding turtle?

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m getting the time lines mixed up.

  8. Currently doing a class presentation on him and this video helps out a lot, thank you! Can't help but to find that he's actually a really cool dude 🙂

  9. Imagine if he had a wealthy patron to fund his projects. The world we know would most likely be way more advanced.

  10. I wonder if this idiot presenter realises that his 10-words-a-second monologue doesn't actually help anyone remember anything. What a useless video.
    Slow down and be more discursive, otherwise you are just showing off.

  11. SciShow,
    I have to laugh!
    There is a string of references given here But they don't mention"Wikipedia" do they?
    "Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most diversely talented individuals of all time. His "unquenchable curiosity""……. etc etc etc.
    This is straight out of Wkipedia.
    I will watch, and see what else has been borrowed from THAT source without acknowledgement.

  12. i made this video showing some of his inventions

  13. ateries eh?! what are they,a bit dodgy eh? at least hire a proper proof put me right off

  14. Oh my god guys you were flat out wrong. Lift isn’t created by pressure differences. This is an urban myth. Lift literally just comes from pitch of the wings

  15. What I learned… Sometimes you don't need to make a tree bear fruit of wisdom, knowledge, facts, beauty, art, and science, but to begin planting seeds of ideas, thoughts, sketches, observations, explorations, and inspirations that future generations will hopefully further push towards bearing fruits which will have new seeds….

  16. What I learned… Sometimes you don't need to make a tree bear fruit of wisdom, knowledge, facts, beauty, art, and science, but to begin planting seeds of ideas, thoughts, sketches, observations, explorations, and inspirations that future generations will hopefully further push towards bearing fruits which will have new seeds….

  17. That's why I am really trying at my own to emulate or make Leonardo as my inspiration in studies. I love learning taxonomy, paleontology, religions, arts, culture, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, history, and design. I also love making and seeing connections and interrelatioms among different disciplines and fields, thus making me love multi and interdisciplinary stuffs too.

  18. Are you on a rap show tryna rap as fast as u can?? Or tryna make viewers understand what u actually tryna convey? Slow down boy..u nearly killed the video and da Vinci too

  19. Leonardo was the victim of the Heretical Persecution Campaign waged by The Catholic Church….The Inquisitions. A deal struck for his life and through a Secret Pact between the Church and the Institution of Science to not " lie in contradiction to the word of the lord" …… The da Vinci Code was struck.

  20. He obviously didn’t chase women. What a geek. Or homosexual. Perhaps Asexual. Amazing attention to detail. Wish I could be back there to see him. Here is some wiki -: Leonardo appears to have had no close relationships with women except for his friendship with Cecilia Gallerani and the two Este sisters, Beatrice and Isabella.[101] While on a journey that took him through Mantua, he drew a portrait of Isabella that appears to have been used to create a painted portrait, now lost.[28]

    Beyond friendship, Leonardo kept his private life secret. His sexuality has been the subject of satire, analysis, and speculation.

  21. Saying that "He was ahead of his time" is saying that he was a poor engineer. A good engineer is neither ahead nor behind his time: He is competent enough to recognize what it impractical to try, and thus will direct his efforts towards something that has a least a reasonable chance of working. Notice how different Di Vinci's "not workable" ideas (such as the spiral-copter) are from science fiction. Di Vinci was going for something that he believed possible to achieve.

  22. Leonardo taught himself Latin. It's not that different from Italian. The establishment knew about his ideas, but he was just too different and people discounted his ideas. Leonardo was homeschooled. He was raised by his grandfather, not his father. The grandfather got him tutors. So he had a pretty good education. I am pretty sure the families of the deceased wouldn't have consented either.

  23. What if Leonardo didn't publish his notebooks because he was afraid humanity wasn't ready to know that much at once like if someone invented a time machine but not sure whether we are ready for it.

  24. ''For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.'' -Leonardo da Vinci

    How much more then, than we who've straddled such a flight, & have chosen to jump from between it's wings? -Former U.S. Paratrooper Sgt. 9219

  25. This video is great, but it would be helpful if you could speak a little slower. You’re going at warp speed. 😂😂. Awesome information!

  26. Leonardo is just a small part of great artists throughout the world, Asia, India and Africa produced some of the greatest artist known to mankind, but because of Western discrimination these great men and women were discarded, but young Westerners are starting to realize they've been lied too, and kept from the truth about other cultures!

  27. Nobody has made the connection that the Mona Lisa is the same woman sitting on Jesus' right in the Last Supper. Its the same woman. And yes, it is clearly a woman sitting at Jesus' right.

  28. Can you imagine what that peasent girl would think today if she saw what her child became 600 years in the future.

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