Grays Point Public School Healthy Canteen – Making great choices, together

[Music] We have a wonderful school canteen at
Grays Point Public School. It’s essentially the hub, if you like, of
all the things we do. Everything in our school is all about the children and what happens in our canteen really reflects that. I’ve been in the canteen
for about six years now and I’ve seen the menu change quite a lot over those years. When I first started a lot of the food was processed and frozen and we made virtually nothing on-premises. Now everything is made from scratch. Though the transition from the old menu to the new menu was quite easy, because I’ve got a really good coordinator I think it was an incremental approach. Started with a survey out to the parents to see what they knew about the new strategy, what they were nervous about, what they liked about our canteen currently, what they felt needed changing, and then I think it was very easy to implement the changes of the strategy because everyone felt like they had some ownership in it. [Bell Rings] [Music] The feedback we’ve had from the parents
has been very positive. Especially the ones that know that their kids are getting healthy food made on-premises. We try our best to do the healthy lunches every day, but it’s nice to know that you can get some healthy food from the canteen on those days when you order. Knowing that, you know, you’ve got a
healthy choice of a canteen, it just helps out parents so much. I get lunch there, um, about two times a week. My favourite food’s the garlic bread. Chicken wrap with lettuce and cucumber. It’s really good. [Music] A number of different things have been added. We have crunch and sip so that if parents are rushing and don’t
have a chance to do the fruit break for them, they can get fruit and water from
us. We have vegetable sticks with hommus, yoghurt with fruit on the top or yoghurt with muesli. A lot of vegetables are incorporated into recipes that the kids don’t even know. And we have tried some things and they have not been successful. And we’ve sort of, you know, sort of gone “oh okay, well it’s not for them.” My advice for other canteens is to take it slowly, don’t jump in all at once and try and change everything at once. Ask the children, ask the parents, put
out a survey. Moving forward now, this has just been the beginning of our journey. I’ll be really interested to see in the next couple of years just how much we’ve changed the eating habits of children in our school.

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