Grantee Spotlight @ the TIF Cafe: Jennifer Tuttleton – Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE)

♪ Music ♪ Good morning. I’m Maureen Yoder. I’m part of the TIF team, and
it’s a pleasure to be here with Jennifer Tuttleton, who is
the Project Director for the Louisiana
Department of Education. Good morning.
Good morning. Could you tell
me, in a nutshell, what are you hoping to
accomplish with your TIF grant? You have a lot of
neat moving pieces. Yes, Maureen. We are extremely
excited about the
opportunity to leverage our TIF grant to really propel the
work around some of our major priorities in the
State of Louisiana, and at the same
time, work with 14, 16, 20 rural districts in order
to expedite some of those policy pieces around preservice
redesign through residency
programs. We are using this funding to
strengthen our leadership and talent pipelines throughout
the State of Louisiana, as I said, through preservice
teachers’ talent in and within school systems around principal
development and teacher development, all around
increasing the quality of teaching in the
State of Louisiana. What are the most
unique pieces of your grant? One of the pieces I’m most
excited about is the work with our rural districts. Historically, we have a set
of districts in the State of Louisiana who don’t have
access geographically to
preparation providers. And so traditionally, it’s
been very difficult for them to recruit and retain
high-quality teachers, given their exposure or their
ability to be exposed to new teachers to the profession. I also believe the reform work
that we’re going to be doing around performance-based
compensation gives everyone who’s involved in our TIF grant
the opportunity to redesign, take a step back and
redesign and look at, more holistically, how can we
take advantage of this reform again to recruit and promote
career ladders within the teaching profession. Okay. What are some specific
objectives that you hope to complete by the end of 2017? Wow, big question, and
lots of opportunity there. Immediately, we are working
with our rural districts to help support them through the
redesign of teacher preparation programs through a
residency model. We will have accomplished
that within the next 18 months. And we are also in the process
of working with our districts to evaluate, assess the
current compensation models, teacher compensation models. And moving into the
’17-’18 school year, we will employ different models
for compensation and throughout the life of our grant. But we’ll see some really
big changes in this
upcoming school year. Although it has not been very
long since the project started, what’s surprised
you the most so far? Wow. It’s interesting, because I
would say that although our districts are incredibly eager,
there’s also a lot of challenges in the uniqueness of
all of our partners. But what’s most exciting is the
enthusiasm around this body of work, and the opportunities
that it’s bringing to our state, with the TIF funding. The opportunities it’s
bringing to our rural districts, and also the opportunity to
engage our teacher preparation providers in a different way
than we ever have before in the State of Louisiana, in
partnering them with rural districts in and across the
whole State of Louisiana. So that’s most exciting. One of your unique pieces
is your year-long residency. Could you tell me just a
little bit about that? Absolutely. This is a piece that
we are very excited about. And the State of Louisiana
have been working toward a 2018 implementation, with lots of the
work happening most recently in the past year, and
with our TIF piece. We have policy in place
that in the year 2018, all cohort members of a teacher
preparation program will be enrolled in a
year-long residency program, partnered with a district and
working together with providers and districts, local LEAs, to
redesign their entire curriculum based on workforce needs
in the State of Louisiana. And that’s an
exciting conversation. Although new, it has really
promoted change throughout our system in the
State of Louisiana. Good, thank you. All right.
Thank you.

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