Grandparents essential to kids’ education, says principal

A principal of a Kawerau school says
that without grandparents, the school would be failing
their students. Ngahuia Wade was at Te Whata Tau
O Putauaki School today. Many of these students are raised by or spend a lot of time
with their grandparents. Our old people are the backbone of what we do in this school. Before the school was opened
at the start of the year, teachers met with the families,
including grandparents, to ask their advice. If you look at our school charter, you will see the influence
of the grandparents quite clearly. They also keep coming back
to check we are doing a good job. This is Kawerau’s newest school
Te Whata Tau O Putauaki where staff say they’re tired
of Wellington bureaucrats dictating what they do. Wellington decision-makers do not come and consult
with kuia and koroua in Kawerau. If you start replacing grandparents, what an expensive exercise
for the government. Who are Wellingtonians to say
this is best for us in Kawerau? Ripeka Lessels is a principal,
but also a nanny. Only one thing made us
look after our grandchild – because we are family,
the child is mine. That’s the opinion of one school
who wants bureaucrats to realise that grandparents
teach grandchildren everything. Ngahuia Wade, Te Karere.

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