Graduating with an MSc from the University of Edinburgh

So yeah.
Uh. I graduated? Yeah. Let me tell you about that. So let me tell you about
the time I graduated from the University of Edinburgh. It was a lovely, crisp but sunny day. On the day itself the 1st thing you do, when you get to campus
is to get the robes. I was very excited. Firstly, because we don’t get to
wear any robes in the Netherlands. Secondly because for
me it really signified that I got a degree from a university I thought I
might not ever attend, initially. But I did and I was going to
graduate wearing those robes, those swooshy robes with the white and
green hood. Everything. I was going to do that and
I was very excited about it. Then hopefully you have some time on your
hands because you didn’t get your robes last minute. and we spent that time
taking some pictures. Because with the ceremony at 3,
in the winter, in Scotland. It meant that when the ceremony would
be finished it would be dark outside. So we had a little photo shoot. Taking some nice pictures in our robes. Being very happy. Then it was a matter of figuring out
where the graduates had to go and where the family and friends had to go. For me and my course mates, we sat
down the middle part of McEwan Hall. That’s me. There I am. Waiting for the ceremony to start. [MUSIC] [Choir sings] Then you shuffle,
in a long line. You queue up. Waiting for that moment. And it can be quite stressful. [LAUGH] Even though it’s just
walking along the stage. You don’t even have to say anything. You can turn it into such a big moment
in your head because it seems like this is the moment I’ve been
doing all that work for. Of course, that’s not the case. That moment that you
get tapped on the head. And that you walk across the stage is
just to celebrate all the work you did. That was not what the work was for. So it’s important to remember. This is. This is about the celebration. This is about you and it can be very stressful to be
in the center of attention. With your family and friends
congratulating you and being proud. While you’re still very
confused about what’s going on. Not everyone is a natural at
being the center of attention. I am not! But in the end we had a good time. You walk across the stage,
you receive the red scroll. You receive. the thing. The actual degree and that’s it. Then you get to celebrate. Then all the stress is over. and you are out of the spotlight. We had a nice meal with course mates and
friends and family. It was also a special day because when
it gets to November there’s people you haven’t seen. and it is great to catch up again. and to see how everyone is getting along
with their new lives after graduation. So that was the day I graduated. and now I am officially
a Master of Science. and here enjoy some more footage of me
wearing, wearing the robes because. You know, it’s quite fun wearing robes. [MUSIC]

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