Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership

Somebody wants to call our program the save-the-world program [music] There is a very very strong sense that we want to fix education The schools have always been seen as a place where you can either reproduce or break down barriers to a more equitable existence I believe that if you believe in what you’re doing if you love the people that you’re trying to serve, the change can happen Training leaders for schools and educational institutions is a key part of our mission There’s a history in this country where we’ve really left out disregarded the education of poor and working-class people of all backgrounds A lot of times we talk about issues like social justice but we don’t get practical enough to say what does it mean that you do Our program’s trying to help our students understand what it means for them to work for social justice We’re not here to give them answers or some party line NYU more than other programs that I looked at we’re really interested in practitioners experience and value that When I started thinking about graduate programs NYU came up as being a program that was not only really thorough in terms of theory but also in terms of practice Specifically the idea of needing to develop leaders who are capable and understanding what it means to advocate So Steinhardt is actually the oldest university based School of Education, School of Teaching and Learning in the United States [music] NYU was the first school really focus on diversifying and bringing in African-American students [music] We have really been interested and actually executed on being diverse and so we look at population You know vast majority of our students are coming from New York City public schools Over 40% of our students are people of color coming from different parts of the world from Asia from Africa We have a significant population of folks who English is not their first language So you’re in a vibrant dynamic city you have the biggest school district in the country the biggest community college in the city biggest private university in the country A growing thriving education technology sector A robust nonprofit sector you know bridging health and welfare and education there really isn’t a better place to be than New York City [music] The Educational Leadership program at New York University has two masters programs Our focus here is on training teachers who are aspiring to be principals principals who were trained to be superintendents of schools We also have a master’s degree in educational leadership politics and advocacy And that program prepares people for leadership in non-profit kinds of settings The reality of being a leader in the 21st century and educational organization is you have to understand the relationship between K12 and higher education and the private sector you need to be able to deal with the media you need to understand finance The other thing that we were really passionate about is finding a cohort of leaders who can collaborate because it’s not an individual act to make the change that we want to see in schools Unlike many other universities we offer a very personalized program And It’s the personalized program of study means that students can come in here and find their advisor, find their faculty member they drop in, they hang out And we welcome that there’s a lot of learning that comes just by hanging around one another You can pop in on professors all the time I’m sure that if you bring up my name They’d be like she’s here every day It’s a really nice surprise given that NYU is huge I’m around my professors all the time I could talk to them Sometimes you know we walk to the train together I remember when I earned my master at Columbia Teacher’s College And I couldn’t ask any faculties for a reference because I didn’t know any of them well enough right Our students get to know the faculty very well and we get to know them very well I couldn’t be happier with my doctoral program I meet with my advisor once a week I’ve had the opportunity to publish and be involved in several different research projects I presented at conferences there were 13 people in my cohort when I started and I really stuck by those people In the same classes with five of them pretty much the entire way through still keep in touch with them They’re part of my professional network. They are also my friends. We all talk to each other It wasn’t one of those like really competitive type of environments and vibe We all wanted to make sure that we did really really well And we all support each other in that process I feel like we are really close-knit group And a lot of people that I started the cohort with We still talk to this day We still check in with each other We still see if we can support each other The reason I chose this program over the other programs I was accepted to was that I had the opportunity to do an internship which I thought was really important in terms of being able to connect what I was learning in class and reading about to real-world application I’m currently interning at Hetrick Martin Institute which is actually right down the street on Broadway And it’s a LGBTQ youth advocacy organization Specifically, I’m in their Center for Capacity Building and Youth Advocacy We’re the nation’s oldest and largest LGBTQ youth nonprofit organization it’s kind of cool to see that that my role is shifted from being student head Steinhardt to interning at Hetrick Martin Institute and now overseeing interns from Steinhardt at the Hetrick Martin Institute is really kind of An awesome feeling to to pay that forward The potential that we see in the educational system now Is that we are able to have very direct conversations around topics that we 20, 30 years ago We were just very uncomfortable talking about or were unclear what it meant for us to engage in that dialogue We are committed to transforming education that means that organizations be they k-12 schools or nonprofits need excellent leadership We’ re reformers, and I think part of the work of reform is that it’s never done But that’s kind of what’s exciting about it, too

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  1. I need to know where can I go to do my Education Leadership Certification without having to pay a large amount to do so…HELP!!!!!

  2. Is there any online programs too…that I will be interested in also since I work full time and I would like to start asap!

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