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welcome to the bamboo nanny series every child has a right to quality education and teaching inclusively can contribute to achieving that goal this series of videos illustrates how teachers are teaching inclusively in South African classrooms the videos focus on teaching numeracy and literacy in the foundation and intermediate phases to support participation and learning by all learners the teachers in the clips differentiate their teaching methodologies content and assessment strategies and classroom environment let's join hands to teach every child hi my name is mr. house I teach they react bossman primary school today I totally stand on the past it's irregular verbs the reason why I told the lesson was because I feel that it benefits my Nana's facility because they don't necessarily speak English as a first language about some of them struggle a lot with pastels good morning grade threes today we're going to do a lesson on past tense and we're going to start like you're reading a story okay so I started off with the shared reading exercise and the children even making my own thank you we don't recognize what we were teaching because some of the words were actually in the story so it kind of gives them some insight into what we do so when we started with the shading and then moved on to doing some actual examples of the and from there we will practiced those irregular verbs using the sentence structure and then they basically do their let's read together one way mr. ho started off his lesson on the carpet as a whole class shade reading lesson he made accommodation for the large class size by giving each learner their own piece of paper to read from instead of reading from a big book he also allowed for learners to follow with their fingers as they read along with him this promoted kinesthetic involvement in the learning process since the learners have already discussed past tense in previous lessons mr. house was able to draw on their previous knowledge and build further on this he introduced the naughty postings words which was a fun way to discuss irregular postings these are the words that do not follow the regular rules of past tense so we played a game with children to use Denson structure to ask and answer questions so basically like if Center structure would say what did them did yesterday and would each one of them would have a flashcard that would say gang the foul yesterday or ate an apple yesterday and so as we went with the question cards and if you turn them around I've also given them the answer so that keeps them your support so just in case the child doesn't recognize they can always flip it over get the answer and then answer this rule was emphasized during each step of his lesson which provided the learners with repetition repetition was also evident during the court game where learners had to interact on a peer level and use irregular postings to change a sentence from present tense to past tense each time they came across a new peer it was then repeated again in their consolidation of a worksheet why I play the game and why I like playing with it is because when they ask and answer they feel more comfortable speaking to each other a lot of times you'll find that some of the learners are scared to approach the teacher but what I do is that I also roll around to make sure that I can actually hear what they're saying and make sure that they say the right thing and then as well just check with the learners will struggle a bit more and out in Austin as well today peer work is a fun way to practice a new concept especially when it is in the form of a game as the tension and and anxiety of being called up to the front or having to answer to the teacher is eliminated this also gives opportunity for stronger learners to gain confidence in helping others and we can learn us to learn from their peers once we were done with the game we then went back to our guests and you'll see that I had three different worksheets for what we started with was when one of the worksheets was where the man is just had to look at the picture and circle the collector the other worksheet was where the lens had to read the sentence and then circled correctly and the stronger learners we then have to be like the safeties so they would have a question and answer this group let's have a look at your worksheet right can you all see the pictures on your worksheet you look at the picture and you decide which past tense but we are going to use the first one there is a girl what is she doing she's eating right so if we say today I eat yesterday I ate is it 8:00 or eat it the eight five because we remember we said these other naughty verbs and they change we don't add in D but you can begin Circle your answers mr. heiss differentiates at the worksheet so that each child could have a sense of Independence and apply their newly learned concepts these worksheets ranged from circling the correct answer to completing full sentences for homework because we introduced the story first what we've done for home and learns how to take have to take their story homes and encircle all the herbs that we've learned today this provides great consolidation for what we want entrusted so for today's homework the story that we've read in class we need to take it home and then you circle all the verbs that we've learned today all of them are in the story so the naughty verbs that we've learned you'll find them in the story and you circle them right do we all understand mr. house ended off with explaining the homework task which was further consolidation of understanding irregular postings

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