Grace Broadfoot–WINNER–2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education– Outstanding New Teacher

She’s got such amazing presence, and she seems like she’s been doing it forever, just a total natural. She has taken
learning way out of the classroom and out of the school into the community
into the wilderness. She probably set a first year teacher record of field trips that she took kids on. Students love learning, they love to be in her class. She’s definitely a go-to for a lot of kids. The trips that she takes those kids
on, and the passion that she has is so obviously shared with the students from
the way they talk about her. A big part of teaching is I hope to continue to grow as a
learner myself. Been really lucky to teach outdoor education, it’s my passion
and what I do in my spare time. We started the year with a multi-day canoe trip on Kootenay Lake, and then we ended the year with a big trip to the West
Coast Trail where we spent eight days on the on the trail hiking and that was
amazing. I love spending time with youth. I think they’re really fun and
funny they just are engaged, and they care, and they want to make a difference,
and that super inspiring for me.

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