Gospel Literacy Program Launched in Sierra Leone

a pilot program designed to improve literacy while teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ has been launched in Sierra Leone reading opens up a world of ideas that you can't even imagine Relief Society general president sister Jeanne B Bingham and her husband Bruce traveled to the West African country in early June to help implement the church's gospel literacy program the pilot program was created by the church to teach reading and writing skills while teaching gospel principles in countries where literacy rates are low for some years I taught English as a second language and some of the students that I worked with were not particularly literate they really struggled with reading and writing and it was such a joy to help them open that door to their possibilities learners meet with gospel literacy teachers on Sunday and are given manuals to study they're also encouraged to practice their reading and writing skills throughout the week women participating in the program are encouraged to teach their families what they're learning in their homes in the Relief Society we are a worldwide sisterhood I would love to see in the power of the Relief Society harnessed in the gospel literacy program to help each one of our sisters reach their full potential learners become leaders and you know leaders influence an entire community sister Bingham also participated in training for local church leaders and ministered to several Latter day Saints in their homes during her stay how do you share what you learn with your family in Kenema she met Juliette Numa a Relief Society president and single mother in a local congregation who was participating in the gospel literacy program she did not know how to read or write Juliette was invited to a join a gospel literacy class wonderful to see her progress the gospel literacy program can be life-changing I've seen how women that I've observed here have become leaders and I've learned how that may fortify their communities with faith and they can really truly change the world

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