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Welcome to the jungle, Ed. A kingdom for wild animals. Bouncing bananas! Look at that! “That”, Ed, is a gorilla. I’ve read about them in stories. Oops, I think she’s seen us. She’s okay, Ed. Just relaxing in the treetops. And having a bite while she’s at it. Why not! The food’s good, the view’s excellent.
Life couldn’t be better for her. There’s a lot to munch around here. Gorillas spend most of the morning and evening
eating. That’s half the day gone on food. It takes a lot to fill their stomachs. Leaves,
branches, stems and fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What a life. Eating and I suppose snoozing
in between. Sure. It’s hard work eating, so naturally,
they want to finish off by sleeping. Easy does it. Here we are. Look, one’s right behind us. Pay attention, Ed. Time for some basic gorilla
information. What was that? What? It’s… Oh, hello. They’re just exploring, Ed. Hi, fellas. Gorillas. Not your average monkey – certainly
the largest primate around. They live in forests, sleep in nests, interact with one another
and have human-like fingerprints. Come on, let’s get some fresh air. Are you telling me gorillas are close to humans? Very. Just like chimpanzees, we have a lot
in common. Wow. Look at the size of those arms. Their arms are actually longer than their
legs. Now that’s weird. Not really. Think about it. They swing around
and climb mainly with their arms. Right. And we move around mostly on our legs. Nature’s smarter than you think, Ed. Look at that face – full of expression. And feet almost like hands. Very useful if you’re a gorilla. Hey! Hi! I’m Ed and this is Eppa. Ed! Let’s not interrupt their meal. It’s bad
manners. Come along. Bye! Whoa….. Ta-da! Very impressive. Look, there’s one. And guess what – she’s eating! Surprise, surprise. Another one eating. What’s this chap up to? Bouncing bananas! Just playing, Ed. Those two, however……
are sizing each other up. I thought they were peaceful characters. Well, every once in a while they do have a
little argument, like most families. Now, this is what I call monkeying around! Ooh, ooh, ah, ah. Hey, Eppa! Onwards and upwards. Oh dear, here we go again. It’s a treetop circus! Woooah-ohhhhh-oyeeeeee-ohhhhhhh! Eppa, where
are you? I don’t know about you, Pip Ship, but I
think this could get out of hand. I’m at the top of the world! Careful, Ed. You’re not an acrobat. This is so easy! One arm in front of the otherrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Woooah-ohhhhh-oyeeeeee-ohhhhhhh! Eppa, I’m flyingggggggg! Woaaaaaahhhhh! Epppppppaaaaaaaa! What goes up must come down. I had it under control. No, you didn’t. Just don’t try that again.
You could hurt yourself. Hey, look at that. He’s got a silver back. That’s why he’s called a silverback. Really? Yes. He looks serious. Well, he’s the main man of the jungle so
he has big responsibilities. Now, let’s find a spot to land. Ed, no more antics, you hear. Both feet on
the tree at all times. Aye-aye. Hey, look. I don’t know how she stays balanced! With her strength and agility. She’s been
doing it her whole life. Even so, look at the size of her and the size
of that branch. The trees are very supple, just like their
inhabitants. Look at that, not a care in the world. Relaxation’s the key. Oh, he-he-hello. We were just leaving. On our way right away. Sounds like our cue to go, Ed. What do you think’s going on? I don’t think it’s anything we’re doing. Look, it’s a silverback Oh, fantastic Come on, Eppa. Looks like a family picnic. Probably is. One silverback, several females
and their kids. Look at that chap playing the drums. Play is an important part of a young gorilla’s
development. I’d like to get a photo of that little one. Let’s keep us and the gorillas separate,
okay. Too late. Perfect! Ed, I’m not going to jump in and save you
this time. Hey there. My name’s Ed. Ed, your friend. And you are just amazing! Bouncing bananas! What was that? Bouncing bananas indeed. They’re tearing
down the trees! Why? For food of course. Why else? Come in, Pip
Ship, come in. It’s time to say goodbye, before we get
the same treatment as they’re giving the But his silverback daddy might. Look how cute he is. Ooooh. He is, isn’t he? You are, aren’t
you? So adorable. Cute cute cute cute. Okay, Eppa. I think you’ve had enough jungle
air for one day. Bye-bye now. Cheers. Hang tight. Very sweet. I’m ready for the next adventure. You can say that again!

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  1. My Son is 2.5 years old he hates all cartoons, but learnt so much from the cartoon characters talking. He picked up phrases like I'm flying and of course bouncing bananas- something about the way these your characters are gentle that draws him. Keep it up

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