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I'm extremely excited today to announce a new app I have developed just for teachers that you are going to just love love love it is called Google teacher translate the ultimate comment helper and it's like Google Translate where you say something into English that translates it back into German ish or something like that what Google teacher translate you're going to be able to say comments that you're struggling with what to say and what to write for come on a plane or a report card it's going to translate it for you it's real easy once you just open up the app and you use your Suri and you say what it is you're struggling to write and it will translate for you so let's say you're saying this your child keeps licking a bunch of other kids out on the playground what's that all about so you just say that in there and then you open up your Google teacher translate and you push the button that says translator and it will well there you go right there your child has unique way of making friends in that a great way of saying your kid keeps licking a bunch of other kids let's see what about if you had to say um Billy ain't paying no attention in class he's looking all around he's not getting any of the count car the things I'm trying to teach because he's too busy looking all around well how you gonna say that that didn't seem very nice so you just open up your Google teacher translate and you just push the translate button like that give it a minute or two and it will there you go Billy's curiosity about the things going on around him often obstructs his ability to grasp certain concepts in that a great way to say Billy and pay no attention in class I think you're going to absolutely love Google teacher translate it's going to help you to write them comments in your planners and your report cards

24 thoughts on “Google Teacher Translate…..”

  1. +Gerry Brooks I hope this works better than Google Translate! (Check out my first two videos; you will probably get a laugh out of them.)

  2. I LITERALLY laughed out loud!!!! This is by FAR your BEST video! My husband just shouted from the other room – "is that your favorite teacher guy?" LOL

  3. I love your content for many reasons, but largely because your tips for teaching Kindergarten also apply to my middle schoolers πŸ™‚ Keep on keepin' on!

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