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hi and welcome to the Google for education training center a site for professional development built by educators for educators this video will give you an overview of the site show you how to navigate it and how each part works let's dive right in the training center has three main sections the courses are available under the training menu information about certifications is located in this tab and we also have a collection of resources for now let's get straight into the courses so we'll click on training the training tab takes us to the training landing page on this page you will find details for each course we have two main courses there's the fundamentals course we recommend taking this if you are new to Google tools then there's the advanced course we recommend taking this if you already routinely use Google tools in the classroom of course if you sit somewhere in between then you can take lessons from both courses below the two main courses you will see the devices training this is for teachers who want a deep dive on using Chromebooks or Android tablets and finally we have a course for trainers that's hosted on a different website you can access that course from this page as well before we move on let's walk through signing in signing in let's the system track your progress so that you can see what you've already done and what you still have left to do you can sign in from any page and you must sign in in order to view lesson content but don't worry you'll be prompted to do so we recommend using your Google Apps for Education account as some schools will be offering professional development credit for completing these modules now that we've signed in let's get into a course let's start at the fundamentals training course by clicking on the fundamentals box this takes us to the fundamentals course overview page content and the fundamentals and advanced courses is organized by three themes engage in professional growth and leadership increase efficiency and save time and facilitate inspire student learning and creativity within these three themes we have a number of units for example you can see that two of the units in the third theme are teach students online skills and captivate your class with video each unit is then made up of multiple lessons each represented by a dot which turns green once they've been completed you'll need to be signed in to see these dots and track your progress let's jump into a unit to look at the lessons in more detail you can go back to any unit by clicking on the title each unit is divided into three parts the introduction the lessons and the unit review the introduction gives an overview of what you will learn it mentions the products you'll use and the skills you'll develop as you take the units Help Center links are provided but you don't need to review all the content prior to taking a lesson the lessons will teach you what you need to know you can navigate to the next lesson by using the navigation bar on the left or at the end of the introduction here's an example lesson each lesson is different and contains several learning models to help you get the most from the content some lessons have video and audio others have cards that you click on to expand and reveal more information many lessons have a notepad feed to reflect or jot down ideas this text isn't saved but it's used to organize your thoughts most lessons allow you to see responses to the prompt from other educators after coming up with your own ideas you can click on the right arrow to reveal these responses other lessons like this one have an activity for you to complete in order to open the activity in a new tab you'll need to click on the Google Docs icon to the right of the activity button click on make a copy and you can work through the activity knowing it's automatically saved in your drive every lesson ends with a lesson check designed to reinforce a few key points check your answer after every question if you don't get it right the first time try again you'll need to complete the lesson check in order to get credit for the lesson this check is just for you and answers are not stored after completing all the lessons in one unit you'll want to complete the unit review you can access it through the left navigation bar or from the bottom right of the last lesson in the unit the unit reviews test your knowledge across an entire unit gives you a score once you submit your answers incorrect answers will be marked in red and you can always resubmit if you'd like to change any of your answers unit review scores are not recorded but you'll need to answer each question in order to get credit for completion if we jump back to the course overview page you'll see the unit is now marked as complete as denoted with a green checkmark you can also click on progress in the left sidebar to track your unit completions the progress page allows you to see how many units have been completed an estimated time spent on the course and certifications you can print this page as evidence of training progress to submit to your administration once you've completed either the fundamentals or advanced courses we have comprehensive exams to test your knowledge and skills click on the certifications tab to learn more about becoming a Google certified educator level 1 or level 2 also if you need more resources to help you along the way or if you'd prefer to browse the training center by a Google tool click on the resources tab for more support that's the training center we hope you enjoy it and that it helps make your life as an educator a little bit easier

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  1. In this video it says that when you sign in… "We recommend using your Google Apps for Education account as some schools will be offering professional development credit for completing these modules". If I use my school account can I then transfer my records to my private account when I leave the school?

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