Google+: Catlin Seaview Survey Underwater Hangouts On Air

Richard: I’m Richard Fitzpatrick, I’m
a marine biologist and underwater cinematographer. I’ve got to see some pretty amazing, cool
things over the years but the good thing about my
job is that there’s still so much more to see. The Catlin Seaview Survey is for the first
time taking three hundred and sixty degree panoramic images of the Great Barrier Reef
so we can look at how reefs change with time and to allow people to experience the Barrier
Reef from anywhere in the world. An important part of the whole survey is public
engagement. The idea is that we don’t just want to be static. We want to be swimming
around the reef to allow people to come on the exploration with us. It’s like a virtual
dive for the people at home, without getting wet. Girl: Hi Richard! Richard: Hi guys, how are you today? Guy with child: Hey there, how are you? Kid: We want to see some fish! Guy: Look at that big green coral behind you! Guys: That’s pretty spectacular! Richard: There’s some species that can live
for over a thousand years! Richard’s Mate: I’m thoroughly jealous
of your diving but this is definitely the next best thing. Kid: What’s that? Richard: It’s like your garden-worm at home,
but it’s a squashed up, flat one! Girl: It’s yellow! Richard: Sometimes you can make ’em swim!
Oh look, there it goes! Richard: Look down, there’s a maori wrasse!
I’ll see if I can tease him out. Come on, come
on! Ah here he is, look at this! Kid: Whoww! Girl: Oh yeah! Richard: That’s the maori wrasse I hope you’ve enjoyed this hangout from
underwater. Facing the camera head-on makes and I hope to see you guys his goodbye address
all soon! So, have fun down there ‘ay! Group: Bye! Richard: We’re facing an uncertain future
on the reef, but to be able to communicate on what’s going on under there, it’s an
amazing thing to do.

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  1. BIG DADDY RECORDS MUSIC loves this ''Catlin Seaview Survey Underwater Hangouts'' on-air video!!! What a PLEASURE for ALL to VIEW! Thanks for sharing GOD's BEAUTY with the rest of US, y'all!WOO-HOO! :-). USA Love and PRAYERS from:Tamra Preston-ChairmanBig Daddy Records Corp/USN Chaplain ACTIVE/CATHOLIC Mother of JOAN, HEZEKYAH y YOSHIYAH-KROGER CORP Employee, too!!!! AMEN.

  2. estos vídeos me gustan mucho son todos muy bonitos tanto del mar como terrestres son preciosos (otra clase de vídeos no me gustan no ponerme ninguno )

  3. Is there an lcd that can go over my glasses that is bluetooth and connects to my smartphone or computer relay to the screen in which I have a bluetooth keyboard or interact with the interface by blinking or eye movement?

  4. This is amazing I had no idea Google was so involved in animals conservation or all these fantastic programs to help educate and preserve the Earth Awesome!!! God bless each and everyone of you who are able to help these projects! in the Wonderful Name of Jesus Christ King of Kings and LORD of all creation <3 Amen

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