Good Teachers Vs Bad Teachers

>>Good morning, Cherylene.>>Hi, Miss Sherly.>>Hi, JianHao.>>Hey, Miss Sherly.>>Hey, good morning Vincent.
You’re in such a good mood today.>>I’m always in a good mood
when I see my favorite teacher.>>Five, four, three, two, one.>>Do you always have
to scare them like that?>>Well, if they don’t fear you,
then, they don’t respect you. And the sooner you learn
that… the better, honey. [TEACHERS WE LOVE VS
DRESS CODE]>>Vincent, your collar is up again. Do not let other teachers
just catch you, okay?>>Okay, thank you,
Miss Sherly.>>No problem. Hamza, your hair is
getting too long. I mean, I personally like it, but you’ll get into trouble for this. So here’s something for you. This is why I always carry it,
for students like you.>>Thank you.>>See you in class. [TEACHER WE HATE
DRESS CODE]>>Hamza, go get a haircut. Vincent, collar. Blond, blond,
dye your hair black. Vicky is fine. Go get a haircut.
Your new style looks stupid. Abby, stop right there. Why is your skirt so short?
Who are you trying to impress? Is it Ben? Is it Trev?
>>No, Madame Soot Beng. I think I’m just getting taller.
>>Oh, so you’re talking back to me now, huh? Principal’s office,>>But, I have to go to class.
GREETINGS]>>Good morning, Ben. Hi Vincent, oh something for you.
>>Oh, what’s that? Huh?>>Good job. Hi, Hakim.>>Thank you so much.>>Hi, Vicky! Yeah, maybe not that. [TEACHERS WE HATE
GREETINGS]>>Class stand.>>[ALL] Good morning, Madame Soot Beng.>>It’s the first class of the day! Yet you guys don’t have the energy?
Don’t have the enthusiasm? Back in my days, we used to greet our teachers with respect.
Sit down! Abby, late again.>>I just came back
from the principal’s office. You sent me there, remember?>>And you think that
that’s a valid excuse? Go again to the principal’s office. [TEACHERS WE LOVE
HOMEWORKS]>>Did you do the homework?>>Nope.>>Where is Denise? Oh, she’s not coming, man.
But, I’m meeting her later. Besides, she won’t let you copy
her homework anymore. She’s pissed at you man.>>Okay, class. Can you please hand in
your yesterday’s homework?>>Um, Miss Sherly, I actually wasn’t able
to finish it on time yesterday because it was really difficult. So can I maybe get an extension
and hand it in to you tomorrow?>>Well, all right, sure. And you know what, class?
I think you can hand it in by the end of this week instead.>>[ALL] Yehey! Whoo!>>And JianHao, you know what
if you need help, with your homework just
as your classmate, okay? [TEACHERS WE HATE
HOMEWORK]>>JianHao, Where is your homework?>>Sorry, Madame Soot Beng, I’ve been really busy with
my extracurricular activities and volunteering at
this animal shelter. These animals really
need a lot of care.>>And let me guess,
a dog ate your homework? You students treat me
like I’m such a fool how many times have I
heard that excuse? All right class. I want everyone to write me
an essay on the importance of doing your homework, since one
of your classmate thinks that doing your homework is not important.
>>Wait, Madame Soot Beng! This is wrong. It’s only right
for me to confess that it’s not only one
who did not do the homework. It’s 2. Me, I did not
do my homework too.>>Well, then… two essays on
the importance of homework. I expect it to be handed in to me
first thing tomorrow morning.>>I didn’t think it through.
I’m sorry, guys. She didn’t get it. [TEACHERS WE LOVE
how was your weekend?>>Well on Saturday, I actually checked
out this new cloud with a bunch of friends
and it was really fun. You know what, when you guys turn 18,
you guys should check it out, because it was really, really fun. And then on Sunday,
I really didn’t do much. So I was just looking
for shows to watch on Netflix. I think I found this show
that was really funny. You guys should check it out. If you have Netflix account, if you don’t
that, you know, maybe you can steal
from your mom or dad. You know, that’s
about it, I guess. [TEACHERS WE HATE
CONVERSATIONS]>>Hey, Madame Soot Beng,
how was your weekend?>>That is completely unrelated to the curriculum. Jian Hao! Why are you
using your phone? Hand it over!>>So do I get it from you
after school? Only after 20th September. [TEACHERS WE LOVE
RECESS TIME]>>Hey class, seems like we still have
10 minutes to recess. So why don’t you guys go ahead
and have an early lunch? Such nice students. [TEACHERS WE HATE
RECESS TIME]>>So if let’s say N is to be
a hundred and fifty-five, what would P be? Does anyone have an answer? [school bell rings] Ah-uh-uh-uh-ah!
Sit back down. The bell doesn’t dismiss you. I dismiss you. So back to question 27, P three
equals to N one… [TEACHERS WE LOVE
MEETING PARENTS]>>Uh, Miss Sherly,
Miss Sherly Excuse me. Is this true? Ah, my son only got this get 100
for this latest math’s test?>>Yeah, it is.>>Hao Hao,
how can you do this to mommy? Do you know how much
I spent to send you to this very prestigious school. How many LV bags
I’ve had to sacrifice, huh? Uh, he’s really horrible, I tell you!>>Please don’t worry about it. I mean, JianHao
has a very positive attitude and all he needs is
just more affirmation and support from you.>>Ah, is that true?
>>Yes.>>Okay, I will take note.>>Have a good day.
>>You too.>>I don’t like this new teacher! [TEACHERS WE HATE
>>Sylvia.>>It’s been so long!
It’s good to see you.>>Oh my god, babe.
How are you? How’s the baby doing?
When are you due?>>In a few months.
And by the way, you didn’t reply to me about JianHao.>>Why would I reply, when I can
see you here in real life. How is he?>>He’s failing. Chemistry.>>Don’t worry, Mommy
failed chemistry too.>>Yeah, but he’s a very special student.>>Wow.
>>Very creative… at coming up with excuses.
>>Oh.>>But, don’t worry.
He’s always first in class.>>Wow.
>>To leave for recess.>>Okay, I don’t wanna talk
about him anymore.>>Just get rid of the PlayStation.>>Yes, I agree.>>I don’t know why his dad
bought it for him. [TEACHERS WE LOVE
SURPRISES]>>So class I have sensed that some of you
are really tired and haven’t been performing well. So today I have a surprise
for you guys. I brought some pizza! Come and have pizza. Well, I hope this will give you
the energy that you needed. Tuck in, guys. [TEACHERS WE HATE
SURPRISES]>>All right class T1T5, recently… I’ve noticed that you guys have
been getting from bad to worse. And since the exams
are coming really, really soon… I prepared a little
surprise for you! A surprise quiz! Anyone who fails the exam,
will not get to attend this year’s field trip. [TEACHERS WE LOVE
can I go to the toilet?>>Um, the students toilet is
a bit far though. How about you go to
the teacher’s toilet? Here’s the key.>>Thank you, Miss Sherly. [TEACHER WE HATE
GOING TO THE TOILET]>>Madame Soot Beng, can I go
to the toilet toilet?>>Toilet? Again? Why is it that every time I’m having
a quiz somebody just has to go to the toilet? Okay, maybe I have
to go to the toilet.>>Wait, does that mean I can go now?>>Guys, this is where Madame Soot Beng
hides all answer sheets. Pass it on. [TEACHERS WE LOVE
AFTER CLASS]>>Bye, Miss Sherly.
>>Bye, guys.>>Miss Sherly, I just want to say
that you’re my favorite teacher. You’re way better
than Madame Soot Beng.>>Thank you, but I don’t think she’s that bad, right?
>>Oh, trust me. She’s bad, she made us write
two essays about writing homework. What kind of homework is
about homework?>>Well, I’m sure I wouldn’t
do that to my students.>>I wouldn’t do that
to my students as well. One day, I’ll be a teacher just like you.
You’re my inspiration, Miss Sherly. I wouldn’t be like Madame Soot Beng.
Go to the toilet, and all the students cheating during the test. What kind of teacher is that? Horrible, just horrible. Anyway, I’m going off.
Take care, Miss Sherly.>>Ahh, you too. Have a good day.
>>You too. It was JianHao
It was Vincent. It was him as well. So basically that’s
what happened.>>Soot Beng, look at this.
It’s today’s quiz. Somehow the worst class in
school all got full marks. Sherly is well aware and has informed me on
the students who cheated. They will be punished
and expelled from Titan Academy immediately.
Our school takes this very seriously and will not tolerate
any dishonest behaviors from our students.
>>Wait, expel? But they’re just kids. Where are they going to go?>>It doesn’t matter. As teachers, we are supposed
to focus on students who have bright futures.
And not waste time on those who don’t. They are the ones who are
going to bring shame to the school.>>These are the
letters for the parents. Please hand them
out immediately.>>It was me. I gave the students
the answers to the quiz.>>Soot Beng, you should know
better than anyone.>>They’re just kids. They cheat because they feel the pressure
of the education system. They cheat to survive. What’s expelling going
to do for them? How is that going to help
them in the long run?>>It’s not our job to help them?
>>Then what is our job?>>To make them like you?>>To be the most
popular teacher in the school?>>Well, Soot Beng, I hope you know
what this means. Pack your bags. Our school doesn’t tolerate…
>>Yeah, I get it.>>Oh bye, Madame Soot Beng.>>JianHao, Kevin. What are you guys doing in school?>>Oh, we were just in the library
studying for next week’s exam.>>Yeah, we don’t want
to fail these exams. We really want to go on this field trip
with you Madame Soot Beng. We are so
looking forward to it.>>Well, looks like I
won’t be able to go for that field trip after all.
>>Why not?>>The baby’s due soon. I think it’s time for me
to take my maternity leave.>>Well, okay. See you in three months. Okay, bye.>>Wait. You guys are gonna do just fine. You’re the best class
I’ve ever taught.>>What?
>>I think it’s just the hormones.>>Bring it in.
>>Oh okay. Left, okay go.>>Your left? My left?>>My left, your right. Go.>>My left, your left, go.>>Sorry, can you help us? Okay, I mean.
>>You know what? Forget it. Hugs are weird anyway. Yeah, I mean congratulations.
>>Yeah, thanks. Go, bye.>>Students, as some of you may know the school has terminated
Madame Soot Beng’s contract. And in her replacement, class
T1T5 will have a new form teacher.>>Does that mean I’m
not getting my phone back?>>Hello, hello, hello. It is I, Pablo Diablo
Lakosa and I have given up my photography empire, to pursue
a journey of knowledge dreams and virtue.
Now, for our first lesson, let us open up our books
to chapter 69 where we learn about the history
of Area 51. And how we shall invade it.
Open 69, chapter 69. [Subscribe now!
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