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  1. The thing is that there's a difference between what people feel they're doing and what they're actually doing.

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  3. I am definitely trying to improve my golf game! I've tried many of different videos. This YouTube video was good but I found a few tips that helped me beat my friends consistently out on the greens.

  4. All great bunker players were flippers, Trevino might think he does not flip on bunker shots but he does, feel is often is not real.

  5. "Isn't that Simple? Anyone can do that." — Hogan, as he just performs a practice swing.

    Beautiful! But no, sorry Mr. Hogan. Even as just a practice swing, one can already hear the distinct swoosh of an extremely talented athlete producing effortless power. If it was easy, golf would be as interesting as fishing; still fun, but not difficult.

    Thanks for the compilation btw….very inspirational and certainly a source of enthusiasm for practice.

  6. Wanna see the key move that defines the perfect golf swing? The move that's almost impossible to achieve? The move that every amateur is trying to emulate? The move that all pros secretly make? The move that takes years of practice to achieve? Watch the right elbow from 0:23 to 0:26 your welcome

  7. moe has the feeling of greatness and he's the only golfer in the world that has "the feeling of greatness". Every time I hear him say that I laugh my ass off. What a fucking moron this guy must have been. Can u imagine that for your entire life all u did was swing a fucking golf club. My god what a waste of time. But, he had the feeling of greatness. lol

  8. Today was the first day in my whole life I was able to drive straight consistently. Still a bit tentative, not full tilt, and only driving 220-230, but straight at least. They keys were to fix my stance so I was bending knees more, reduce body rotation to stop turning left too early, just swing the club not push to hard, lower my distance expectations for now, keep my head on the ball, monitor impact so that my club head hits the ball, and stop overthinking all the rest, and just go by feel. Lotta trial and error to get here… I'm sure I'll have to start over by Spring.

  9. MSE and anybody else passionate about the great game of golf, I need a favor. I am looking for anybody that knows where I can get the Ben Hogan brand full cord grips for my clubs. They were not like any other full cord on the market. I can't seem to find them. I use to have several Beryllium Copper wedges/ Equalizers made by Hogan Golf before they were sold to Callaway or whoever. MY 60 degree lob had the grip I want for all my clubs. It was full cord and it had the BH initials I believe on it with a sun looking image by the initials. Perhaps now that the Hogan club company has been bought privately and is going back to its roots I could contact them. I have seen the Hogan, I thinkt Ft Worth irons on their website that have just recently become available in 2015. They look like beauties, except the soles look just a tad to wide and rounded, with the leading edge not be as pronounced as I would have liked.

  10. Mo couldn't have said it more clearly.  "The first move is straight down.  The club moves farther behind my back."  That flattens the shaft and pushes the clubhead behind the right shoulder and down.  It's like if the club suddenly got very heavy at the head – too heavy for you to hold up.  It would fall to the ground and you'd have to drag it around to the ball.  This is the same feeling.  When you let the clubhead drop lower, without pulling it around, your right elbow has to bend and tuck.  The same move Hogan told us about.  Like Mo illustrated it'll feel like you're approaching the ball with the club upside down and backward because the clubhead has dropped.  Try lowering the club to the ground behind you from the top of the backswing, now turn until the clubhead reaches the ball.  The only thing needed now is a slight rotation of the hands to square the clubface and that happens without conscious effort.  Now try the opposite, from the top of the backswing rotate the arms and wrists to bring the club up and over your head toward the ground.  The clubface will be backward – facing you – there's no way to strike a ball from this position no matter how you rotate your body.  So, it's clear which way the club needs to move from the top of the backswing to strike a ball.  Although, it feels like it's moving in the wrong direction at first you'll soon realize it's not.  Once the clubhead nears the level of your hands you can turn the body through, dragging the club and let it fly out to strike the ball.  Relaxation in the hands and forearms is what's needed instead of muscular control.  Engineering and physics causes the club to turn over and strike the ball not timing or effort.  We're only pulling the club around on an imaginary hoop to the left and letting it fall, fly out, turn over … the only effort we exert is to the left in a circular motion.  

  11. 1.27 – Hogan's grip is alot stronger in this video,  than the images in his five fundamentals of golf!

  12. Great set of clips. Trevino is my guy. Found his book and it's now my golf bible. I lack the flexibility to make a swing like hogan, but a Trevino push, that I can do!

  13. lee Trevino thinks the ball climbs up the groves
    the guy who owns moe's vid usually copywrights all unauthirised copies

  14. As Tiger said – two people who owned their swing. Hogan and moe Norman. Other guys would stop to watch Moe hit balls!

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