Golden Tee Golf (iOS/Android) | Impressions

It’s no secret that this channel has a long
history with the classic arcade golf series “Golden Tee”, so you can imagine my surprise
when I found out that a mobile Golden Tee game was coming to Android and iOS this month. Well, thanks to our friends at Incredible
Technologies, we got to try out the game a little early, and we wanted to give our impressions
before it launches next week on October 28th. When you first start the game, you’re brought
in to a tutorial where you quickly find that this is an authentic Golden Tee experience. Besides swapping the trackball for flicks
on the touchscreen (with all of the various shot-styles intact), nothing seems to be sacrificed
from the gameplay. This becomes even more clear when you start
your first 9 hole course and start to really get into the game. While it does take a bit to get used to flinging
your finger back and forth to swing your clubs, once you get a feel for how to control your
shots, there’s nothing better than executing one exactly how you planned it, and when you
need help, there’s always the shot guide to show you how to better control your shot
at any point. The one thing I will say is a little rough
is putting. Without being able to feel how you’re following
through (like you can with a trackball) you’re left to kind of fly blind during your short
game. Full disclosure: I’m terrible at putting
in the new Golden Tee games anyway, so this could just be me. We do have to address here that this is a
free-to-play mobile game, so like many others, there are various types of in-game currency
that can be spent on various upgrades, consumable power ups, and cosmetic items. As you play the game, you earn levels to your
clubs, but by paying cash, you can get those early, or get special clubs altogether. There’s also one-time use upgradable tees
that provide you an advantage on your tee shots, as well as balls that give you a special
ability on your shot, such as backspin or stopping right on impact. These are unlocked in various loot-box-esque
cases. In my play, I never really used any of these
(besides upgrading my clubs as they became available organically), although I do think
that those playing more competitively could easily work these into their repertoire. The one thing I did find very useful were
mulligans, which give you a do-over when you mess up a shot. I unlocked these organically, so I’m not
sure if they are purchasable, but that’s where I feel I’d be spending any microtransactions. That or in the cosmetic shop. Besides playing through the campaign, which
just takes you through the various courses in regular solo golf games, there’s various
modes that were a great addition to the game. There’s the “Daily 9” which gives you
one shot on 9 holes, where you have to get as close to the pin as you can on your first
shot (or second if you watch an ad or pay up). At the end, you get pitted against other players
and the best score wins the best prize. From what I can tell, this is the only mode
that gives you a mandatory wait period between rounds (unless you pay to play right away,
naturally). This isn’t too bad, since it’s an incentive
to come back to the game throughout the day. Contest mode is the classic Golden Tee tournament
where you play 9 holes against other players, putting your currency in the pot to try to
walk out with the most. Besides experience and various other loot,
this will quickly win you the silver currency used in the various activities and upgrades
in the game, provided you play better than the rest. Now, Challenge mode is where the boys become
men. This was by far the most fun I had with the
game. Each challenge provides you with various conditions
and a goal, with three shots to get the most points you can. You’ll start off breezing through, but eventually
get to some that you’ll be playing over and over to try to perfect. Besides being a super fun bite-sized challenge,
these stages also have the side effect of forcing you to really learn your way around
your clubs and shots. I actually got way better at the game just
from a couple hours of challenges. Because we got the game before it’s wide-release,
I was unfortunately limited to playing the game in isolation. I feel that with the addition of other players
to compete against, especially in the Daily 9 mode, there will be a lot more entertainment
value, but I obviously can’t speak on that now. While I loved playing Golden Tee Mobile, there
are a few minor things that I would have loved to see. One is that the game feels like it would be
so much better suited for portrait mode. It’s a bit nitpicky, but when I hold my
phone with two hands and try to reach over to swing my club, it gets a bit cumbersome. I pretty much have to play with my phone on
the surface of a table. Another thing that would have been nice is
a hot-swap/pass-the-phone multiplayer mode. I’m not sure if the full release will allow
private matches, but the best part of Golden Tee is huddling around the machine and trying
to one-up your friends’ last shot, and I think that could really work here. Although that does complicate things considering
the player progression and power-up systems. I give Golden Tee mobile a final score of
4 out of 5: download it. Special thanks to our channel members and
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  1. You're telling me I can play the best barcade game of all time on my phone now? You realize I'll never leave my house anymore right Josh???

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