Goat Who Couldn't Walk Teaches Herself To Run | The Dodo Faith=Restored

we would go out in the grass she just couldn't balance herself well alone had the strength to hold herself up when I first got her she was not able to walk it just wasn't a clear-cut diagnosis as to what exactly happened I never wanted to give up hope that she wouldn't walk again I just felt like I got to do this I just have to go help her I started to just lift her up I reached out about trying to get a cart for her it was just what you call a game-changer there you go good girl you could just see each day the legs were trying so hard to move and make those steps it only took a couple days and she started to push off and then all of a sudden she just kept putting it all together the front legs and the back leg make the journey there you go good job Jesus would fly up and down and cart my dogs would walk back and forth with her and it was just unbelievable she had completely mastered the cart was going as fast as she could possibly go I knew that if she could do this she was just going to keep on going and keep on going I wanted to let her take the next steps which was see if she could do anything without the card I was and her up and she all son just started to stay upright and she would stand you could tell if she knew she couldn't move very much like she couldn't move her head very much a room would throw it all out of balance she had the wobbles a little bit but she was standing upright go good job every day she hit a different milestone it was standing next day a step sure enough and she just started to move that footboard that's good job the next day of walking a tiny bit good really good a good catch and then all sudden she's just walking and then when she got the walking thing down it wasn't very long that she was just she was literally running it was just unbelievable I just couldn't stop smiling because he just was like running down our driveway and just so happy her body does look a little awkward when she's ready but it is just pure joy and happiness of being able to do it she just looks at me like thank you thank you for giving me this chance like comment and subscribe

43 thoughts on “Goat Who Couldn't Walk Teaches Herself To Run | The Dodo Faith=Restored”

  1. I'm happy that she finally learned to walk, and bless this kind women who didn't lose hope in her and proved that anything is possible with enough determination ❤️💛💚♥️🖤💚😾💘💝💗💗💞💕💗💝💗💞💞🖤💕💕💛❤️💝💜❤️💛💜🐐🐐🐐

  2. This proves miracles could happen.Nothing is never impossible in this world.The world may be cruel,but don’t let that take you down.

  3. Man, imagine being a such heavy set animal on frail legs. She had to build those muscles and tendons. Good thing these sort of people exist.

  4. Put this I'm try not to cry cuz I'm crying. Hearted trying not to cry right now so please put this on try not to cry

  5. Animals, especially domestic animals (pets) are SPECIAL,
    They are highly intelligent creatures that God gave to be our companions/ helpers and friends,

  6. So,beautiful so sweet great video I love baby, goat,thank,uou,for,helping,baby,you,are,so,king,i,jope,she,is,doind,better,i,love,her,god,bless,you,and,her 😎😂😄😍😙💙💙💙😁

  7. This brought a happy tear to my eye!! Thank-you for taking the time to help this precious soul…….<3

  8. OMG what a tear jerker ! on both fronts…for the owner as well as this sweet little creature. So beautiful. Thank you for this heart warming moment !

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