Go from idea to educational video w/5 tips from Nurse Bass

Are you ready to turn your ideas into an awesome
educational channel? Hi, I’m Brad and my channel is Nurse Bass,
where I motivate, uplift and inspire nursing students. I’m going to teach you five things you should
keep in mind when making learning videos on YouTube–whether your audience is looking
for answers to a specific question or tuning in to learn more about a skill or occupation,
like mine. Number 1. Let’s start with accuracy. When you’re making videos that teach a concept
or offer instructions on how to do something, you want to be sure the information you’re
communicating is accurate. I do as much research as I need to master
the topic before I make my video. Sometimes that can be a couple of hours to
a couple of days , it really just depends. And this is what causes vasoconstriction. Consult a couple of sources and, if you don’t
have all of the answers, collaborate with someone who does. You can build credibility this way and it
can be fun to work with other creators. Be sure to write your sources or give credit
to your collaboration partners in the video description. Number 2, authenticity. YouTube audiences respond to authenticity,
they can tell when you’re not being real. When you’re passionate about a topic, it
really does come out in your videos. I’m a nurse, I’ve been there and I’ve
done that and I know what these students are going through and these are the future nurses
that i’m speaking to. The third strategy is finding a video format
or a few formats you can be consistent with. This will create recognition for your brand
and give you a template to follow. There are lots of successful learning video
formats on YouTube to choose from, or just make up your own. On my channel I have a lot of different formats
like Studying with Nurse Bass, Nursing School Discussions and Advice, and #Askbass. I’ve also seen channels where creators sing
songs or make raps, use animation or a “Draw my life” format to teach a concept. The sky really is the limit! The fourth characteristic you should keep
in mind is how useful your videos are. If your content is incorrect or unhelpful
it may not go far. Consider exactly what you want to convey in
each video and what your audience will take away. Timing is also another consideration for some
channels. As you’ve probably seen, there are seasonal
trends when it comes to YouTube content and this can be true for educational creators
too. For example, for academic content, the demand
for videos on certain subject areas tend to peak around exams. Lastly, let’s talk about making sure your
channel is easy to navigate. Usually, YouTube creators make more than one
video in a series and this is especially true for learning channels. You want to make it easy for your audience
to find the videos that belong together. You can do this by putting them in a playlist
and titling videos in a series with consecutive numbers. You can bundle videos up into playlists by
topic, by video format or even audience level like beginner or intermediate. So to recap, try to keep your videos accurate,
authentic, useful, find a repeatable format, and make sure it’s easy to navigate. Thanks for watching and let us know what tips
you have to make a great educational content. Make sure to check out my channel, Nurse Bass
and don’t forget to subscribe!

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  2. There's a problem I don't have like any viewers so I cant use the tip of doing what fans want to see plz make a video on how to atract viewers

  3. Thank You for this educating video. I have a small question: Is it OK if my channel covers two very different subjects(Computer programming and English Vocabulary)?

  4. Go from idea to educational video w/5 tips
    5 tips from idea to educational video
    1- be accurate
    2- be authentic
    3- be consistent
    4- make useful videos
    5- make your channel easy to navigate

  5. my 5yr old kid uses the Oculus Rift to view sheet music and practice piano https://youtu.be/Tvo8MTH2eps . Now I just need to make a video showing how to set all that up

  6. Can you give any tips for starting an early education channel? (geared towards toddlers) haven't found any videos on this yet

  7. Tip: Use names like "the 5 more important facts…", "5 tips…", etc. Believe me. This would increase your views.

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  9. If you follow TIP 3 you might get demonetized for "Repetitious content". In fact, that's exactly how Sheet Music Boss got unfairly punished; they produced piano lessons with a similar template and their channel got exluded from the partner program. Fortunately, there were famous youtubers that protested and helped them get their channel monetized again

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