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  1. I believe in the Godhead and think we return to it when we leave this time and place. We are all playing a game in this life in which we play hide and seek with ourselves. We are each and every person the true God. We are on a quest for knowledge which we return to the Cosmic Awareness to share.

  2. 1st of twelve . They say they were burned one reason they dint believe in havin children . But i think they didnt want to have children with other tribes. An considered heterics the men were burned leaving all the orphans in 1800s. Whats left is broken an stolen.

  3. Reading the comments seems like ppl are more concerned about the race of the actor playing Jesus than the actuall message of the video. Its really quite sad.

  4. Muhammad said he killed his father and ate his heart , did I hear this right? Then he got 12 pounds for the most valuable documents ever discovered. ? Is this what Yeshua meant by a man that will never know himself ? Odd life we live here on earth is it not ?God himself must have saved the most important words written from Munni Muhammad s bread oven, the Muslim devil's only regret was they were not all destroyed , ironic he was rewarded those 12 pounds for codeesi valued in the 200 million range today. Lol. Is this a man that may know himself as a fool ? Is this a man who could have been given 10 camels and a dentist to be just a little smarter , a little more respectful and patient for the Christian faith , if I stumbled apon ancient Muslim writings I would allow their scollars to examine and reward fittingly , and bake bread for all those hungry hands out , with that wiser more respextfull man reward .

  5. I examined myself, and gave myself anxiety and major depression. So I had to give my heart back to Jesus.

  6. Looks coincidently alot like pirate paper i used to make as a kid by charring in the oven… but wait noooo, these are the very words that support the definite living Jesus Christ and allow for yet more focus on an outer body of gnosis instead of inner…. jeez c'mon! Goota love the way these folks so impassioned by retelling the story of how he divided it all up, the dutch man goes over to see it, he reads the first words and BAM 'yet more true words of Jesus!! haha classic! I've read the texts and it's a whole lot more of dogmatic hugwash but heck it's not my journey, i'll leave the religious zealots to continue chasing that tail, gunna get it, gunna get it…

  7. Gnosticism is based on the lie of the serpent in the garden of Eden. That you will have knowledge and be as gods. This is the belief of the illuminati as well. They also want to blame God for this world he created, but the world he created has been destroyed. There was no death before Adam and Eve are the forbidden fruit. They were created to live forever. So instead of eternal life, they only lived 900 years. After the flood, the original creation was destroyed allowing us to now live no longer than 120 years.

  8. "my mum burned some papyrus to cook some bread."


  9. Gnosticism has nothing to do with Biblical Christianity but rather it was mingled with some Christian beliefs to create satanic hybrid religions like Bogomilism/Catharism(dualistic in nature in contrast to the Biblical view that GOD prevails over satan always), Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy and as an offshoot of Catholicism the main branches of Protestantism ( all full of Babylonian pagan sun-god worshipping religious practices incorporated as if they are Biblical)! The whole series is a twisted narrative to divert the simple minded people who do not have knowledge of the origins of those pseudo-religions! A satanic attempt to send more souls to perdition! Just compare the Biblical narrative with those pseudo-religions and you will realize the lies and false pretences of the gnosis!
    Open your minds and hearts to GOD and His Truth seek Him, and you will be set free from all evil hybrid satanic bonds coming in disguise as if they are the real thing! If Catholics fight Cathars, it is a fight between two satanic pseudoreligions, not between God's religion and the pseudoreligion as satan wants you to think! And furthermore, this twisted narrative suggest that the satanic pseudoreligion wins! Actually, as the Holy Bible says that the satanic kingdom divided against itself will finally fall! And the time is near! So repent of your ways people, seek GOD and His kingdom and you will receive all the rest! GOD bless all who are His!

  10. 2:45 knowledge of what? "He who knows himself simultaneously gains knowlegde of the ???" 
    I need to gno, you know?

  11. Nice documentary. But this is all balls. Pure nonsense. No one knows anything about god. And it is highly doubtful i god even exists.

  12. Gnosis is alive and well. It is not a secret. The information and answers are all around us, all one has to do is ask.

  13. Those preoccupied with color of skin are still experiencing the ego mind's Learned Insecurities and applied prejudices – Imagine him as brown, olive, black – It is in these varied thoughts, my statement proved. We must "go to the soul" and operate from this point with greater clarity and without human body experiencing prejudices.

    We are all one energy in identical type… Nice huh?

  14. …A description, so much more resonating, that as it was meant to be –

    This does not have to replace, rather to enhance one's understanding and at whichever view one is naturally "naturally" drawn to, from the first memory of one's attention to understanding God, the meanings and purpose of one's self in the creation –

  15. The knowledge is only proven through you, by you, for you. Its not enough for you to believe, only to you the secret is given to know. Love my All. 19:11

  16. 30:37.. you can see the exact moment he realises what he's done… betrayed his own faith by producing coptic Greek scriptures authenticating ideals held to a spiritual competitor.

  17. mystic text. it's not literal. neither is he. he never existed. he was nothing but an avatar. not important if he lived; more important that you OBEY what he said.

  18. The first bias revealed is the narration that Gnostics saw knowledge superior to faith. All Gnostics will say it is by faith of God within is how you find knowledge and understand that stories are a pointer.

    Gnostics know that it is by believing that the light is within and that argument will arise to beg difference. And the arising within to beg difference is evil and will promise you privilege.

    I'm thirteen minutes in, it's suggesting something but

  19. Sorry I'm two minutes in (Gospel of Thomas?) but didn't it start off like the old Kung Fu with David Carradine? very reminiscent and as an actor? David Carradine nailed it lol and I say that understanding the intention of the movie 🙂

    Jesus roughed it on the road 🙂 look at anyone roughing it and it's not the outward. Certainly not gleaming like an Egyptian of the time

    I'm gonna keep watching but not sure how long.

  20. look inside… use double arrow of attention when looking at external always anchored to internal or one will become lost in the world of forms..

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