GMAT Best Practices (To Score At Least 600+) Part II

Sport friends family or job? Forget
about it – it’s the time to pass GMAT this is life if you want to pass GMAT
really well in the indicated timeframe there is something you need to sacrifice (or
someone okay I’m kidding) you have to compensate life is all about balance and compensation so
life is all about balance GMAT will occupy a lot of your time and lot of your
physical mental powers so you have to be fit you have to be ready to dedicate a
lot of time to GMAT when you’re studying for it you should totally disconnect
yourself from social media from the internet because GMAT is a test that
tests your stamina the test tests your time management so if you’re being
distracted you cannot fully prepare or do the mock test so please do yourself a
favor and just turn everything off when you’re at least doing this mock test
when you’re preparing for GMAT you study for it turn it on after nobody
would die I always advise my students when planning for the ideal score or
applying for the GMAT preparation is to use the SMART goals if you didn’t study
in the business school yet you probably do not know what is SMART goal S – specific M –
would be measurable A – achievable R – realistic and T – timely it means that
when you’re setting yourself goals they have to be realistic it’s okay if you
need to study 100 hours throughout six months it’s okay if you need to study hundred
hours within two months you have your own learning style the
difficulty with many students is that they set unrealistic goals and then when
they can’t keep up they get demotivated and they totally drop it all off forget
about this we’re grown ups so I mean if you are taking GMAT then you are probably a grown up make sure to do a strategy behind your planning that you dedicate
this amount of time to the studies and this is how your schedule will look
like it’s fine everybody has their own path and learning style you do not have to jump over hoops just to do it your study plan must be a strategy in a routine
with study pattern consider today is 1st of October and I want to pass the GMAT
test 15th of December count backwards if I want to pass GMAT on 15th of December it means my last trial test I have to do on 12th of December it means that until 12th of December every week for the last month I have to do the mock
tests it means that I start today it means I have to dedicate out of hundred hours two hours per day to study so do the count backwards from the exam date and
this will really help you out do not hurry up after someone else. This is your
future this is your test and this is your investment in time consider it
project management in the future in the company you might be working in project
management with a lot of short-term goals long-term goals short term projects
long term projects and nobody will be there to drag you and tell you what to
do you have to organize your own time correctly with a lot of project running
simultaneously so consider this your live project what is so peculiar about
GMAT formats and this is very important for you to know the GMAT test will
confuse you this is nothing that you’ve learnt in school or in other tests the
way it is being analyzed and your result is being deducted is absolutely
different so it will confuse you be ready for this this is an adaptive test
it means that the better your score in the first ten answers the more difficult
for you it will be because the computer will adapt to your pace and to your speed and to your mistakes so the first ten questions people say are the most important
however you know what is important everything is important don’t disregard
any part of the test the moment you do the mock test and you realize you’re
weak at some point at some specific part of the test make sure to be perfect
at this – this is your test this test is about time management you have to work
under stress you don’t have enough time to think so you have to be used to solving
this test often at home as mock tests and to do the adaptive tests alone you
need to practice on adaptive tests do a lot of mock tests at home and do it often
yes it requires a lot of time but then it’s an investment in the future
adaptive tests will help you define your timing it will help you understand the
time restrictions focus on the weakest points it’s like in life if you’re
coming from mathematical background if you’re coming from engineering
background the possibility that you need to train your soft skills is very high
same story here if you take a GMAT trial test and you understand that you are really weak at math study the books study the materials prepare yourself for the
math part because every single part is very important you don’t score well in
the real test you can always take it again the majority of business schools
across the globe or in Germany have two starting dates per year
September and January or October and March so if you don’t make
it now you can make it a little bit later but you know where you stand
so everything in life happens for a reason if it was not the best result the
first time you took it take it again nothing will happen everything happens
for a reason I guess then it was meant to be this way when
you’re doing the test make sure to manage your time & set yourself a
timer when you’re practicing the mock test the time again is the most
important part of your examination I also recommend when you’re practicing
for the test that you answer your question in two minutes first time try
answering 20 questions in 20 minutes the moment you’re good with that try
passing the 20 questions within 17 minutes and then 20 questions within 15
minutes so this way you train yourself to be up to speed
do I have to focus on the math when passing the GMAT test yes I would say to
practice mental math because there’s no calculators so you have to be able to
process everything in your brain really really fast just like fast just
like as fast as I talk so yeah but I mean it’s important it’s also important
for you for the future you have no time to reach for the calculator and in the
test approximate GMAT mostly uses the reliable numbers in GMAT you have to be
comfortable analyzing the graphs and different visuals literally go back to
school books and refresh your geometry refresh your algebra so this is
something you would need again (who knew huh) GMAT is about time it is about
efficiency and attentivity make sure just like in IELTS to read the tasks
carefully sometimes the answers are hidden in there do I have to read
thoroughly the tasks in GMAT? Yes you have to GMAT is about attentivity read the
task sometimes the answers are hidden in there just like in IELTS and make sure to
read a lot of business literature when preparing for the GMAT like New York
Times Financial Times to read the articles make sure to read them daily to
be comfortable in the literature do not skip anything
learn to read diagonally to be able to determine what is an important point or
the message of the author. You are not there to learn the text by heart
you’re there to understand the reasoning you need to understand what is important
which topics are there for you to help you answer the certain statement
are some GMAT tasks more value than the others well there is a belief that the
first 10 questions are the most important but the last 10 are as
important because they all influence your grades but since it’s an adaptive
test the system will adapt to your first 10 question answers and determine your
path further on so I would say focus on everything but make a crucial
influence all aimed to pass the first ten really well when you’re preparing for
GMAT make sure to focus first on Quant part and only when you have like 80%
well established answers and you know the structure only then proceed to the
Verbal part and practice for that when you have accuracy of 90% on your
Verbal part and your Quant part only then proceed further and prepare for the rest
of the parts how do I mentally prepare for the GMAT class right before the exam
the last few days actually sleep first of all prepare all the documents
needed for your GMAT test like passport and what not then make sure to have really
good night’s sleep distract yourself from the test
watch a movie listen to the music solve a few questions more but not many not to get anxiety understand that you’re at the point that this is it you cannot
control the outcome 100% but you can control it 90% do your best practice
but then again you always have a safety blanket for the score you always have a
safety blanket of taking it again so you studied well you’re good to go and
you’re just gonna do fine don’t worry and the best advice is on the GMAT
test day don’t forget to breathe this is the most important advice you can choose
the order which you want to take a test with so make sure to take something that
you are comfortable with two of my students already passed the GMAT and
they applied to MBA programs in Germany in the best schools so they
shared with the future students their tips and tricks so why don’t you go
ahead and click in the article and take a look what Harman and Debapratim
tell you what do they advise you because they already scored average of 650 GMAT. Let them help you so these were the main important points
and the best practices for the GMAT test I hope it will help you out best of luck
with everything and if you would like to know more tips and tricks and on passing
the GMAT just click in the article because two
students that successfully passed the GMAT with average 650 points shared
their experience I’m happy to share it with you have a good day let me know if there’s
anything and stay tuned

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