GMAT Best Practices (To Score At Least 600+) Part I

You hear a lot about the GMAT test and you do not know what it is, so let me tell you What is a GMAT test and how do you pass it at least with 600 points Oh Hi everybody, this is me again My name is Yana Immis and I am helping international students to get admission in the German universities So today we will talk about GMAT the minimum in the top-notch schools in Germany is at least 600 points GMAT so we will talk about how to make sure you have at least 600 and then the rest is Your practice so basically from the books You can definitely get yourself ready for 600 and the rest is your best practices reviews hard work out of the box thinking and I will base today my video on two of my students Harman and Debapratim who already took the test and they share their Advices and I will give you mine on average it takes two months to get ready for the GMAT and I will share with you the best practices from my students and From the collected data, and I’m sure it will be of help So there is a few reasons why you would take GMAT test in first place First of all, you would like to study in the business school and it requires it secondly You would like to study in the best business schools and they require really high points and third you probably would like to confirm to the employer or to the University that you’re serious about your application and that you have the all the necessary skills in order to be considered Studying abroad is a very rewarding experience and if you’re looking to study at the top-notch MBA programs example in Germany, you have to have Minimum 600 points GMAT. So the average for Otto Beisheim School of management is around 670 for HHL Leipzig is around 630 GMAT In EBS university is at least 600 points So basically you can’t dodge it if you would like to aim for high ranked schools you have to be high ranked yourself and since the salary of MBA graduates on average is much higher of the Bachelor graduates and Especially in the well ranked schools, this is an investment You have to do – investment of your money, investment of your time and that’s how you show seriousness to a business school that you are a worthy Candidate to be considered for a program. GMAT is one of the prerequisites to do so. Let’s start off with: take the GMAT only when your English is good because it is a test in English It’s a very complicated read. This is a very complicated English language and you have to be able to provide fast solutions logical reasoning in this case You only have to aim for GMAT when you’re is at least 6.5 – 7.0 IELTS and above So first if you don’t know English now, well learn English first, pass IELTS first and then go for the GMAT Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and tell me if you have any comments questions concerns. Let me know I will be happy to help out all international students Write in comments your experience with the GMAT or your advice for students taking the GMAT We’ll all will be happy to hear your opinion & your advices. Thank you so much. In this video I will talk about best practices by students for students Let’s all help each other pass GMAT really really well and get secured admissions in the top-notch universities Abroad. A good GMAT score just like “Made in Germany” is the seal of quality So you show Business School that you are good at critical thinking that you’re good with time management and that Assignments in the future will be completed in time. And basically you confirm that you’re willing to go an extra mile & you Have what It takes to succeed in the business school afterwards and I wish best of luck with everything If you already know what is a GMAT then skip this introduction and go right away through the best Practices from my students for you. First, few facts about GMAT. What is the GMAT? So the GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test. It’s the most widely accepted test alongside with GRE For the MBA programs or in some instances for the graduate level programs as well Like M.A. or M.Sc. It exists already for approximately 60 years. You can take GMAT in 114 countries 200,000 students take it per year. So you’re not one of the few – you are one of the many, so don’t worry about that You can always retake GMAT approximately twelve times. You can take it again in case something goes wrong. My students on average take two times the last two scored 620 & 650 so They’re doing pretty well. There are approximately 2,300 schools across the globe who require you to take the GMAT (with 7,000 of their programs), so That’s quite an impressive number Passing GMAT can guarantee you a place in some really great schools and you should consider first if that’s worth your investment Your time & your money Generally, I would say on average it’s worth your investment Because think long term! GMAT is like SAT or GRE: it consists of three parts: verbal Mathematical and written parts. It’s heavy with math, and it’s super time restricted It means that the success factor of passing the test is not only about the knowledge It’s about the possibility to dedicate to tasks a certain time frame So the majority of students I have talked to tell me that they had problems with the restricted time of two minute per question If not less, so this is something you have to keep in mind! Knowing that that structure is very important Taking a test costs you around $150 but if you schedule an appointment and you have to reschedule lit, you have to pay extra $50 So don’t do that only take the test when you’re ready and I’ll talk about it a bit later in the video (of when it’s a good time to Actually register yourself for the test). There is no such thing as passing GMAT or Passing it really well. There are scores 200 to 800 and there are different parts of the test You have a total score of 200 to 800 points. You have critical thinking you have math subscore You have verbal subscore analytical writing and reasoning in subscrores so as I said There is no such thing as failing or passing. There is a dream Score and then there’s a minimum required score for you to get admission in a certain school how to find your dream score and where to aim I will talk about later in this video if you would like to know more about The percentiles of the test takers you can always check my website for an article You have your own score to aim for and keep on thinking about that score and aim even higher The test takes around three and a half hours just like IELTS – something you already used to and if you passed IELTS already, you know that this is not only about Knowing English. It’s about knowing the test structure. And here we go the best practices of GMAT tests so we start with the most important: GMAT is about time and GMAT is about the Test structure! If you know this, you’re already 20% successful You’re 20% more successful than the rest of the students. How do I know if I’m ready for the GMAT test? Why don’t you take a trial right now to see where you stand?! Don’t get demotivated It’s just a matter of time So download – find the test – take a trial version and let me know where you stand So this way, you know whether you lack knowledge And this is the good starting point. If you are a fresh graduate from the high school Take the test. It’s advisable to take the GMAT test as early as possible and if you’re fresh high school graduate You’re totally fine because the majority of the math tasks in the GMAT are actually from the high school So if you’re serious about taking GMAT and you took your mock test already, Get used to taking the mock tests every two weeks and the closer to the admission date of the GMAT test The more frequent your mock tests should be Once per week and then once per three days the closer to the date of the exam. The second important point How do I set the desired GMAT score? Well, you should always aim high. This is the practice I always tell all my students – you can and you should always aim high Don’t be shy – you can always settle for Less But when you’re aiming low or you think “I’m not good enough”, then you cannot jump above your expectations So always aim high. What I advise you to do is to choose the best business schools that you really want to go to realistically take five schools. Five is a good amount to apply to and Take your favourite bet on the market. Take the best school you really want to study at – then you can look at their minimum GMAT required and Take this score as your desired score So if I want to start studying in EBS university in Germany. Let’s say they require six hundreds GMAT points So If I want to be one of the best candidates I would take 620 as my aim, so it means that I have to score GMAT 650 so I have a safety blanket. When and how do I start the preparation for the GMAT? Start now If you have plenty of time start six months before the actual intended test date The intended test date should be at least a month before the Final offer letter for university. So make sure to have your timing Set for the visa, for the blocked account, for the university admission offer letters Let me know if you need any assistance with the timeline I m always happy to consult you. The average candidate preparation time for GMAT is at least 100 hours From eight weeks – the majority of applicants say that they prepared two to three months for the test Don’t forget to have your life. Don’t forget. You have your friends your family your sports your career So think! GMAT has to become the middle of your life. There is no single right or wrong way to study for GMAT We’re all very different. We have our own learning standards our own learning patterns Some of you learn from writing someone learns from listening So it is up to you to find your unique learning style and follow it. You to know the best of how you should study There’s a lot of advisers out there who can give you different Tricks and tips but you are the decision-maker you are learning and you know yourself best

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