Gloria and Stuctured Literacy (and Orton-Gillingham) Lesson Overview PART #2

okay so the next part of the schedule is our lesson of the day so our lesson of the day happens to be something we don't really talk about we let the students figure it out so let's see if you can tell me what is that the beginning of all of these sounds well actually what's this it's wheat wheat for sounding wheat what's this a whistle whistle for Sam oh let's put it over here with wheat where would you put this wish what so right here how about this well you know what wheel I think they're all so there are different ways to spell what's the one way you know how to spell w h w you a do you know WH already know that's what we're gonna talk about today wheelbarrow starts like wh what's that on the cap whispers whispers I like shout out to L Fred my my bird oh yeah there we go chat up okay so we've got oh we usually start with a card sort where we sort to do pictures but with WH we're just going to say it's every H so now what are we going to do we're going to do our our small words so we're not going to use a with WH because when you have W a it changes the sound of an egg – oh like W a is always gonna be wah we sort of don't want to get that mixed up we could do whale and it's not always this case with WH but let's use that one alright so they're getting to this STI ready lip wick leg less lip when Wow creep blending your blending like a pro like a boss blend in like a boss like a grumpy cat he's like take my glasses underneath boss you're blending like a boss okay now what do we get like tartar sauce now we play a game so we need our game pieces you grab our game pieces this is mine and we're gonna play a little game and then we're going sunny she's feeling good she's standing okay we have all these game pieces dirty we've got a nice cool dice you feeling white okay hmm I usually like perch oh I like that one cuz I'm I make a little pig face out of my buttons nice yeah and I'll put it on the start oh yes right and we've got our little mascots in there who do we have today Claire we have the scientist okay let's see Oh Despicable Me scientist what else I have drew close up we have the bad guys son that's who that is and and rs dope and a rap sheet okay I don't think that they help us don't they all right so we're gonna play a game then we're going to spell some words write some sentences and read books we're gonna today we're gonna read spire a spire has a fantastic series I love spire because they have nice decodable readers that we can read with some words that are too complicated where we don't have to too much that we haven't already learned so much provides success for the kids and then that's it channa

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