Globavasity Literacy Day Celebration Match- September 8, 2018

for me DVD DVD DVD DVD DVD varsity books and DVDs programs on DVD varsity books and DVDs this is suppression why part illiteracy in Angela by 2030 global versatile the regional readiness parts an accredited NGO forum as literacy in Algeria by a MEK an Nagas Abijah now Eagle yeah so novel brother help me right no more sister had married this summer and eager reading right away within two three months notice is a zoo contra people are isettas day everywhere Epis fifty leader pea backyard cholera numbers now 0h0 3514 CTE Tianjin 0h0 35 40 sister 1800 26 2015 9 again zero eight zero three six six twenty five nine you can also toggle global varsity for more details you one day for business Duvall University nagoba varsity Beleza lives much more aware as much more nagoba varsity Bonanza in Ossipee at annatto nah worry ya'self nah global varsity bonanza tell your friends tell your brothers tell your neighbors and even your enemies in a quarrel you again global versity now Bubba for reading and writing as bad for regional writing I will be global versity Niobe Baba reading and writing as parts we will use our Africa well organized and dramatized method to teach them reading and writing within 2-3 months then Galatia option at each with a struggle effortlessly no climbing and you go surprise well as contra people Sonia I were well because while your people I mean falafel people don't foot down but remember if you know big low-velocity in everyday life capacity we are inspired by God and have been accredited already start from Abuja we get a need books and DVDs for reading a writing project our books and DVDs now one in town in order for market in eternity this kind of books I tell you University before Papa renews my mother used between the use and even graduated illusion to planta planta teens the inside o op Allah make you sweat in the high country people equal icon well if you not get money to buy borrow from your neighbors in a great Amato lotto this opportunity Hong Kong you don't call a true true abilities global varsity our mana read Appa to read on command this book now 365 pages and with a seller for 1500 only group of ICD manual part one Dawa Novartis an era of Angela to guna 500 and other plant ability books will be 200 or 300 for each one our video for mathematics and English 3 and 1/2 hours video for 300 each by for a family now by fire neighbors and also by fair friends did you thank you well well stop pretending and stop deceiving yourselves country people because when please go blow Douglas it with open for public noble icon you wonderful kitchen dear cook Noah Halle Joslin reading and writing if not you go use the wrong Maggie learn how to read and write today with into tremens granted our Santa's day everywhere need a few backyard so sauna magic we deduce onsen America poor for us nabob 'god night inspire us call our numbers now 0h0 3514 sister Jane needed 0h0 3514 sister 10 or zero eight zero three six is twenty five five nine again zero eight zero three six six twenty five five nine you feel goo goo global a city for more info country people this fight against mass illiteracy know before one person who they are for net we join hands together as we copy this number and news and irate or help our people for the adults to programs for every one person you bring group of a city will give you one thousand IRA if the person daily for the step for opieop o or pottekkatt city but if the person desta for or Dan Akaka Flint or any local government invested or aside estate we will give you 500 naira remember to thank you everywhere you go CT results and DVDs city don't approve DVD teaching a varsity where you were for e-books and DVDs for a family University students of San DVD sort of this entire varsity vision 2030 books and DVDs literacy master a varsity issue by groups and DVDs teaching a varsity originality books and DVDs TV programs or by varsity whereas we outs and DVD CD diversity books and DVDs yes it is through that global varsity's inspired empowered and commissioned by God for mass literacy in Angela yes it is true yes it is true that global versity have the best teaching methodology ever a pedometer to teach that illustrates how to read arrive within to tremens guaranteed yes it is true yes it is true that global versity has experience of over 19 years of math literacy projects yes it is true yes it is true that global varsity have published water 10 unique books and DVDs that are very cheap easy to understand d'Alene regional registries yes it is true yes it is true that drove of acid in a bubble as bad for teaching reading and writing within two three months and not CCS yes it is true DFO formato rico 0h0 3514 sister team again 0h0 3514 sister HT o 0h 0 26 25 5 9 a tagalog ay 0 H 0 26 is 25 5 9 you can also go google velocity for more details yes it is true that global versity have been accredited as an NGO for math literacy in Angela by Nagas and MH Abuja yes it is true yes it is true that global varsity have tread water 50,000 people graduates for reading and writing skills within 19 years and have spent over 300 million naira without any support from anybody yes it is true yes it is true that global versity have more than 50 adult literacy centers across river state and beyond and I'm making more effort to train more than ten thousand people adults each year in Nigeria yes it is true yes it is true that global versity have achieved school fees of $1,000 per person per month for rural dwellers and the 2000 era per month per person for obeah poor people witnessed a phobia and protocol City yes it is true yes it is true that the velocity went around 3 literacy programs for our people but with partners and sponsors to achieve these free literacy programs yes it is true therefore global varsity reading and writing expands installing on our amiable governor his Excellency cheap baristas the Vimanas wicked Lester project and our dear mother first lady Rosalynn see horrible Josie said average we came to call as support math literacy programming reverse stood by global positive this is because no empowerment with past literacy regional writing reading and writing not the mother of all impairments enough religion without regeneration enough Atlanta low enough adrenaline I tell you literacy is like teaching person how to fish rather than to given fish your Excellencies our people need literacy programs to set em free from bondage of illiteracy so that they can use GSM cell phone send message receive message and have their privacy they can use ATM machine put'em only with Romani keep records give correction to numeracy somebody they say something either give over change in oh good prescribe an admitted drug correctly for children reduce rumor-mongering they say you say you certain say in no good country people reading and writing will improved the National Skills any walkway delay reason electing to help you do a while accident go reduce but has road anyway at all understand Occidental reduce because the feet reach science and maps Road science and Mama's governance gotta easy because the people understand wedding day the arrives from the Ireland for participation in community and state development good day Nanomech roba varsity need partners and sponsors to wage war against illiteracy in Nigeria and Weaver said to be precise for the taxes animals noble work for one person therefore I use this medium to column and EDC shell SBDC and total energy local government challenge no kanakam partner with us so that we were on programs for local government to help our people Metin sabe chills and youth leaders common partner with universities so that idea community will go wrong program for your people Netherland multiple illiteracy como for River State pastors and other well-meaning and Gillian's especially pastor socio members the neutral original writing so that and refuted Bible when go talk to them them Bahia support this wonderful projects of literacy Department and make our country better for all and sundry Macau you

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