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what's up global citizens and welcome to this edition of global voices I'm Maya Albanese school it's where you might make your closest friends where you've learned trigonometry where you practice on a sports team or have one of those awkward slow dance moments but for 124 million children and teens worldwide school is not part of their everyday that's two million more kids out of school now than in 2011 thirty million of them live in sub-saharan Africa and ten million are in South Asia meanwhile a recent UNESCO study revealed that international aid to basic education actually dropped 11 percent from 2010 to 2013 so why are so many kids out of school I'm gonna leave you to think about that for a second I'm thirsty Oh about seven hundred and seventy million people worldwide lack access to clean water that's two and a half times the u.s. population or one in nine people in January of this year the World Economic Forum announced that the water crisis is our number one global risk but today I have an inspiring story to tell you there is a village deep in the mountainous region of Eastern Nepal known as nam J Peace Corps volunteer Rajeev Goyal was assigned to teach there in 2002 he found that women and children were waking up at 4 a.m. every morning to go on a 2 plus hour Trek 4 to 5 times per day to find clean water a lot of kids couldn't go to school because of this laborious process to get their most basic need and the kids that were in school were thirsty they'd ask Rajiv for water and he had to send them out of the classroom in search of it because the village was so high up Rajiv identified that they needed a gravity flow pump to bring water to the village so he went back to Washington DC raised 45 five thousand dollars over 16 months and he ended up building the first ever two-stage water pump system owned and operated by a village and school in Nepal the water pump now supplies a hundred thousand litres of water each day to Nam Jai and the results are in women and children are free of the burden of carrying water all day which has created economic progress gender parity and improved graduation rates when rejuve was a teacher in nam J 2 out of 18 kids passed high school two years after the pump started working that changed to 32 out of 38 case in point one person with an idea and the will to raise awareness and funds can revolutionize a village the progress resulting from this one water well continues to grow to this day but watch out climate change is now threatening to increase water deficits for many more people living in mountainous regions worldwide so bringing water to these communities is now more important than ever to help their youth stay in school you can take action now to water conservation is a big piece of this puzzle count how many times a day you use water try to reduce the amount you use each time set goals reward yourself and to take action sign up on global citizen org and subscribe to global citizen on youtube to learn more about this issue thanks for listening

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  1. Walmart employed millions of people and brought goods and services to impoverished areas of earth. Thank God for free interprise!

  2. ..maybe we should all sit at our computers and sign a petition to force the climate to stay the same! go hipsters!

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