Global reach, human impact

At Immigration,
Refugees and Citizenship Canada, we have a mandate to build Canada’s future. We are the first face of Canada, welcoming hundreds of thousands
of newcomers each year, building vibrant,
dynamic and inclusive communities. Some are refugees escaping chaos, others are chosen for their unique skills, but they come here for the same reason: the opportunity for a better life. We are a diverse group of people,
helping people. We are foreign service officers,
working overseas; doctors; nurses; and lawyers. We are tech experts and policy innovators,
working to reunite families and attract top global talent
that will contribute to our economy. We are cutting edge, finding new ways
to decide who comes to visit, work or stay. We are clerks, HR, finance
and communications people and, of course, migration officers. We are a workplace that embraces change,
thrives on innovation and unlocks potential. Together we help
settle people into Canada, and with that,
we have a mission to grow Canada and share the bond of citizenship. Our family, building the Canadian family: that’s how we see it. Come join us!

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