5 thoughts on “Global Education Challenge – Issues”

  1. I honestly learn more online then a teacher trying to teach me…
    I remember studying last minute and actually learning something for the upcoming test, than the teacher teaching me for almost 2 terms or so.

  2. True. With the advancement of technologies in today's world, the need for a better educational crowd is must. In the current scenario, we find a child well aware with each and every application in a mobile phone but still he lacks the ability to read and write correctly.we need to look towards our future generation towards improving the basic education academically.

  3. Please have a look at this competition. I guess your video makes the perfect entry for the same:

    EduDoc is an International Short Film Competition organized annually, to celebrate the field of education! EduDoc is back with its 2017 edition, having an over- arching theme of “Education: Challenges, Innovations and Celebrations”. It provides center stage to those working towards facilitating quality education to students, despite the scarcity of resources.
    To applaud this priceless effort, EduDoc is opening its gates to one and all! All entries have to be sent on or before 15 September 2017, and should be within the stipulated time period of 05:00 minutes (including credits), accompanied with English subtitles (in case the spoken language is not English).
    Application Deadline: 15 September 2017
    To apply, visit: http://jeevika.org/edudoc-2017/

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