GKA EDUTECH 2019 – 3rd International Congress on Technologies in Education

In building a community of educational technologies at Global Knowledge Academies, what we have tried to do is to make a very specific space, above all for innovation in education. What interests us most of all is the capacity to innovate and the capacity to develop new strategies. When we speak about disruptive innovation, very advanced innovation, we need many examples and we need many cases,
to view many experiences, so we can then adapt those experiences to our context. The fact that we have lecturers from many Latin American, European and Asian countries here allows this exchange of experiences
and allows us to see that certain strategies – ones which may seem too radical for our own environment – really have been applied and have been functional in other places. I’m going to talk about ‘The Virtual Learning Environment and Extended Classroom’. That is the title of my presentation. What I’m going to cover is: today, because of technology, is it possible that a student can learn from anywhere, anytime. So, the classroom becomes virtual rather than physical. And technology keeps changing every day, so I think there are more and more opportunities for people to learn. It is very important for educators to be in touch with each other and to be aware of which technologies other universities, other individuals, other teams, are using. Generally, technology has been very, very important in our lives these days. The kids we are actually growing right now, this generation is a technology-cool type of generation. And if we do not think ahead in seeing how best we can make use of virtual learning and things like that to help our kids, we might end up not being able to provide adequate education for this type of generation.

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