GKA EDU 2019 – 8th International Congress on Education and Learning

International education and learning congresses are itinerant meeting points across the world. But our goal is real and remains unchanged: to be the alliance of an educational community, a teacher at an international level, to exchange knowledge, experiences and proposals, and to advance, build and grow together. Thank you very much. My talk is entitled ‘Gamification in the didactics of teaching mathematics in the Faculty of Education at the UIP’. Above all, it is about how we introduce competition in gamification into the curriculum. We understand that gamification should not be confused with video games. Gamification has the same objective as playing video games which is to have fun. To have fun, while introducing mathematical content or recent experimental content. That is the big difference. Yes, the pupil has a good time. They learn, but they learn mathematical content. In Brazil we are currently working on this perspective of education from an inclusive perspective. When I say “from an inclusive perspective”, I’m not only referring to reducing the number of people with learning disabilities, I’m also thinking about the millions of young children and adolescents in circumstances of exclusion in the world today: refugees – children of immigrants – who don’t have access to education. Coming to an arena where there are diverse people from very different backgrounds and experiences together, as scholars to share our work, is not only exciting, but it does build learning because it pulls you out of that comfort zone where you’re used to seeing all the things you’ve always seen and the people you’ve always worked with and you begin to think of new ideas in different ways and how that might fit into your own situation. So, it’s a great learning experience, but it’s also very energising- you kind of get some new, refreshing ideas and think about how you could bring those back to where you are.

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