Hey what's good and in squad welcome back you guys we are finally back with another video Jing monkeys how to dance in Mexican music as you can see down below on our title you guys she's gonna teach me how to dance to Mexican music when we go to parties and stuff do I dance what you pay like to your family party I don't know I don't dance what I know how to dance in Mexican music don't get me wrong you guys I know how to get down with it but I don't think I've ever danced that you had a family party ever no I haven't heard whoa today we're gonna see how good my skills are you guys I think I'm pretty good before we start you guys we have to say that we did not forget about her even when we will be doing our giveaway May 31st you guys so we are keeping an eye out on where winners gonna be I've been seeing well so far I see two people that I already know that I wanna pick we're not gonna be able to pick you directly we're gonna do the raffle and all that I am whoever wins some neared I think I'm ready to do some Mexican nice awesome oh we got a dance to salsa one day oh let's go are you guys ready are you guys ready so Eileen is about it really teach me how to dance to this music right now and I'm ready I don't know if you guys are ready before we start if you guys are ready smash this up with the lights right now with you guys right now click that like button if you're not subscribed to our channel subscribe to us right now because you know what we're doing this for you and we love you guys don't need it yes we love you guys so much so let's get into this dancing class right now let's go Elena's not it hit the music right now and what songs you gonna play that song number 1 this is Sebastiano sapphire yellow so how did this dance go you show me [Applause] next song [Applause] [Applause] let me start the song you did that dance call again grizzle choreo next Oh [Applause] [Applause] no no she said no bueno okay that's like that and I'm tall my knees is over here hitting her her thighs and stuff I can't do that one but next song let's go this one by now because he always sees me do this much don't be bumping into me you this [Applause] oh my god well that's the challenge no get some of it well I tried you guys you gotta give me more practice that's like this video please smash yourself with the lights right now you guys comment down below what you think if you guys think this was funny but the Laughing emojis and T Marquis you guys you guys seen hi hear hear if you didn't see that video we will had a video link down below and we will have the video right here so don't forget to watch after this video please post notifications shout out goes to Teresa love congratulations home girl thank you for showing us some love wanna post notifications shout out I have to comment down below and show some love that's it you guys we'll see you guys in our next video bye guys


  1. “these are coridos” at least roll your damn r’s boo ,like how are you gonna teach someone if you don’t know yourself

  2. that's what's up mija keeping the Mexican style in ur heart..esta chingon el corrido..keep it going..u cute to..👌👌👌

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