Giant Snake! Teaching Kids About Reptiles! SnakeBytesTV – Ep. 410

this is a btv animal Minds television so I'm here at an elementary school with a menagerie of cool critters I'm here to educate cool kids on how awesome reptiles are with guys like tusks here my ivory ball python I get so excited to be around the kids and just see them kind of get excited about the animals oftentimes there's kids that are a little afraid by the end of the presentation they're always just incredibly interested in the animals I really encourage you guys to go out there and do these in this show I'm going to try to give you an example of what the best practices are and how you can do it even if you just have one or two snakes my name is Brian partridge I'm the geologist just guide with a passion for animals and that passion often takes me on animal adventures around the world this week I'm at an elementary school with a group of sixth graders teaching them how cool animals are you're watching snake bites the first thing that's really important is pick a group of animals that really work for your educational show even if you only have one or two pet snakes as long as they're really awesome looking it's enough to get kids interested in the subject now that was actually why they were called milk snake and the reason was is way back in the day farmers used to think that these milk snakes will climb up and attach to the utter of cows and suck the milk out so the farmers were always upset that they were stealing their milk the truth is it's a complete wide sale no snakes drink milk whatsoever okay but that's how these guys got their name it was just literally an urban legend and does anyone have an idea why people think they're slimy go ahead what do you think well what is guys is that they kind of look shiny right and that's the way that their scales and all that pigment comes out so they have this shiny texture to them and a lot of people think that that they're they're slimy but the truth is they're almost like a leathery feel and snakes oftentimes people think that they're really mean the truth is the snakes are typically very very docile and at best they're they're more defensive than aggressive okay so first off guys does anyone know what this is I or albino but what else you think it is it's a Python that's exactly right this is actually a leucistic ball python so it's not really albino it's actually what they call leucistic now by know is basically lacking the black pigment okay this is lacking all the pigment and and leucistic comes from a Latin word named Luca which is white okay being interactive is really important no one really wants to be taught things but if you can get them involved by asking questions kind of letting them dictate where you're going with things that always works best keep their attention you don't want to lose your audience so make sure you keep it exciting fact full and again ask a lot of questions does anyone have any idea what this is a salamander close but not right yep it's a gecko right this happens to be a leopard gecko and these guys are from Pakistan and India area okay what leopard geckos eat any idea what do you think crickets that's right they'll eat any kind of bugs exactly they like crickets mealworms anything like that roaches and so on like that now now this is actually an african spur-thighed tortoise his name is speedy because he's so fast as you guys can see right okay now the thing that's interesting about tortoises again we talked about defense mechanisms what do you guys think a tortoises defense mechanism is exactly they just can go inside the show and take a look at speedy here watch this get in there speedy see he can go in there and you can never get to him he's got these really spiky spur thighs here and he can go in and you can even see the underside here it's completely protected right now let me ask you guys what do you think that this is made of what kind of material what do you think okay it's similar to a bone but actually believe or not this is the same material that our fingernails exact same material right okay what you guys think is in here a boa constrictor let's see I try look it's not a boa constrictor what you guys think a monkey where you guys think about this one he's my buddy as you can see he hangs out with me all the time and he's super super cool now American alligators are going to get really large okay so he's still kind of a small animal he'll eventually get maybe 10 or even 12 foot long when I'm going around with animals I'm always careful even though I might have a super tame animal oftentimes I don't want to take any risk so I'll often hold the head towards me and let them pet the tail hey listen with the exception of sunshine my albino Burmese python I never want to trust anything because we don't want negative press if something bad were to happen even if you have the thymus animal still it can be kind of stressful in this type of situation so always keep that in mind does anyone have an idea the only predator of alligators what it is anyone have an idea of go ahead tiger line but they're not from that area what do you think hippos well if they were in the area but believe we're not hippos and crocodiles live together pretty well one last one question go ahead humans exactly the only predator for alligators happens to be humans I always think the most important thing when doing an educational presentation is to have fun enjoy yourself you don't want to walk in there and act like a stiff act like you love these animals and are just having the time of your life because after all this is an absolute blast so does anyone know what this is what do you think that is iguana that's really close exactly it's a bearded dress what's your name Sara you're doing a great job I'll put this on your shoulder instead okay ah there you go now bearded dragons the thing that's cool about bearded dragons as you can see is they're really chill animals you know so a lot of times when I'm working around my shop I'll just take and hang out with my bearded dragon just like this I'll put them on my shoulder and I can walk around with them and stuff like that well they don't really get angry too often but they'll show their dominance and they'll actually puff their beard up and believe it or not they'll bob their head and that basically tells the other animals around them to stay away the truth is there's one thing that I am a little bit scared of and odd who wants to who wants to help me out with this one okay you can come up here okay I want you you can hold that and you can take that around and show it to everybody okay you could all right guys so this is a jumping jam being spider it can jump up to six feet no no I can't jump it's I'm kidding it's actually a Mexican red knee tarantula you can touch it just be very gentle be very very gentle all right I need all five people I'm going to take you you you you and you okay come up here I come here here here here here okay guys I want you you guys trust me do you guys trust me oh you guys don't know me well enough that's okay you guys don't know me well enough all right this way I want you guys to I want to look that way and I want you to close your eyes peer I don't want you to peek no close close right are they closing their eyes all right make sure that they keep their eyes closed I don't want anybody okay guys hold your arm out hold your arms out okay you can open your eyes guys okay guys this this is an albino Burmese python her name is sunshine she's been around she's been around kids her entire life and she's the tama s– animal that i have and you never have to worry about sunshine ever doing anything to anybody although i think it's important to always be very careful in trusting animals around anybody the fact is sunshine has been around kids since she was a baby she has never tried to bite anyone she is the only animal that I completely fully trust when it comes to letting kids kind of have a good time and as you can see they're running around the school showing other kids this awesome animal this is a great ambassador to get people to start loving reptiles so guys I had an awesome time teaching all these amazing kids about reptiles and as you can see they're a great group and they just love it so much I really encourage you guys to get out and try to do something similar whether you have one snake or fifty snakes get out there and teach people how amazing these animals are and as always I was facebooking and tweeting my way through it so make sure to follow me over at snake bites TV and on instagram at snake bites TV until next week you've been watching snake bites what do you guys say yeah hi I'm Peter birch and all you blokes who loves wildlife my respectful nature started when I was a young boy in room since then it's exploded into an obsession new episodes every Thursday only on animal bites TV

30 thoughts on “Giant Snake! Teaching Kids About Reptiles! SnakeBytesTV – Ep. 410”

  1. When I was little… Somebody at my county fair (rice county fair) had a ball python on her shoulders, and a baby one in her hands. She let me hold both of them, and from then on I would go outside, catch snakes and show my mom. I loved snakes ever sence πŸ™‚

  2. Very good video, I wish one of my schools had done this because I would have gotten into reptiles much sooner. I didn't really even know they were pets until I went to a friend's house in 6th grade and he had Bearded Dragons and Sulcata Tortoises. Then I got me a Blue Tongue and later a Russian Tortoise. Great Job anyway love the video and what you are doing.

  3. i thin its amazing how your giving back to the community and teaching kids about different reptiles and showing them the good parts about them and kind of debunking the negativity surrounding them

  4. the reptile store I go to has a sunshine too! he's a byrmess python that is about 10 frrt long and his name is tiny, he's just as tame as sunshine and is brought to all the shows

  5. Brian from snake bytes of I were to come to your guy's shop/home for reptiles do you give tours and let people hold any of your guy's reptiles?

  6. I think you do a very nice job in showing kids the awesomeness about reptiles since they've been known to be very scary especially to younger kids. Keep up the great work Brian!!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  7. i feel so happy whenever i see kids being completely relaxed around reptiles or cuddling up to big snakes like they did with sunshine.
    ah, i'm getting emotional.

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