Getting men back to work | WHAT IF?

Robert: 7 million American men are outside the
labor force. It’s a problem we have to address. So, it used to be that virtually all men between
25 and 55 worked. But now we’re down to about 88%, which means
7 million American men are outside of the labor force. Which made me think, what if we got those
men back into work. How would we do it? Harry: So, the question is, what causes so many
men, especially less educated men to drop out of the workforce? Probably the biggest factor is that a generation
or two ago, these men faced good paying manufacturing jobs, but most of those jobs have disappeared,
and if they remain, they pay much less than they used to. They are either gonna find low-wage jobs available,
but very unattractive, or the jobs themselves won’t be available because they’re living
in depressed communities where so much of the employment has disappeared. A lot of these men are now on some kind of
public benefit program. Now, these programs do a lot of good, but
the downside of these programs is that they can discourage work effort. In addition, a large fraction of them have
opioid dependencies. A lot of them will not be able to pass a drug
test to be able to take a job. There is a quite large population of men with
criminal records, employers are very reluctant to hire these men. And on top of that, a lot of these men have
children of whom they don’t have custody. A lot of these men fall behind in their child
support payments. Once they are in arrears, the tax rates on
their earnings are very high and they have strong incentives to disappear from the formal
labor market. They might work off books for cash. Brent: It is critical from the standpoint of
construction, manufacturing, other heavy industries, that we American workers who are sitting on
the sidelines back into gainful employment. We need hundreds of thousands of new construction
workers to address a housing shortage. Where are we going to get those workers? If you talk to those who know the construction
sector, they will tell you we are already using every available worker. So it’s one thing to say to men, “You need
to go back to work.” But then you have to actually create jobs
for them to go to. Harry: Men, who have only a high school diploma
or even less than that, simply don’t have the skills that employers value. We wanna be improving the skills that these
men bring to the labor market, and there’s a few different ways of doing that. One answer is what we call sector based training. Industry representatives come together with
community colleges to create training programs and curricula, to train workers for those
jobs that are in fact, available. The other approach that we have a lot of confidence
in is apprenticeship. In these cases, they’re being paid while they’re
training, and they can see the direct relevance of the training to the work. And employers like it too because you’re training
the worker exactly for the skills that the employer needs. For those who can’t find jobs, we favor some
expansion of tax credits paid to the workers to make those jobs more attractive. The best example we have of that is something
called the Earned Income Tax Credit. Robert: One other way to increase labor force
participation among men is to help those who are non-custodial parents, both work and pay
child support, by supplementing their wages with an Earned Income Tax Credit. It rewards them for working and supporting
their families. Raising men’s skills is not the only issue
we face. We also have to address public assistance
programs that encourage men to stay out of the labor force and not work. And the way we do that is, we make those programs
say to their applicants for them, “How can we help you get a job?” One of those programs is the food stamp program,
which does a lot in America, reduce hunger and lower poverty. But it also has an increasing number of adults
who are receiving food stamps and are reporting no earnings. And they’re not disabled, and they’re not
elderly, and they’re not children. They’re able-bodied adults who could be in
the workforce and aren’t. In order to make these assistance programs
more effective at moving people into work, there has to be an understanding between the
agency and the recipient, that the recipient needs to do something to advance their economic
situation. They need to move toward work. And if they don’t, there have to be consequences. Brent: One project that’s going on right now
in Baltimore, Maryland is the redevelopment of Port Covington neighborhood. The city of Baltimore is putting in $535 million
worth of tax subsidies. A development group is matching those funds. But in order to get the tax subsidies, the
developers have committed that 30% of the new jobs created will go to residents of the
City of Baltimore. Some of those jobs need to be reserved for
people who are currently out of the workforce. The reality of our labor market is that, over
the last 40 or 50 years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift, where jobs involving heavy industry
work have been off-shored. We’ve experienced deindustrialization, and
the president made a commitment during his campaign to bring some of those jobs back. Members of the House, and Senate, and the
president ought to consider the creation of a requirement for community benefit agreements. That entities receiving federal tax subsidies
would have to set aside a certain number of jobs to be created for people who have exhausted
their unemployment benefits and present to the government their plan for bringing these
people back into the labor force. Robert: It’s not just the economy that will be
strengthened by getting men back into work, it’s the men themselves because when they’re
working, they’re much less likely to be poor, they’re much less likely to be unhealthy,
and they’re much more likely to be strong providers for their families and their children. A good way to illustrate the inadequacy of
our public assistance programs is when I went out and talked to people who are receiving
benefits. I talked to a man who said, “That program
is very good at getting me an EBT card, but it does nothing to get me a job.”

97 thoughts on “Getting men back to work | WHAT IF?”

  1. what if wall street got regulated and forced to pay taxes? wouldn't that allow some job creation instead of letting wall street rape your fucking economy? of course why would you give a fuck about that, hu?

  2. Reindustrialize the heartland, export goods not jobs!

    Subsidizing the low-wage sectors and killing social programs only hides the problem.

  3. If you can solve these problems you can get US males back to work: immigration both illegal and legal undercutting wages and reducing job availability; labor intensive fields (construction, manufacturing, farming) shifting over the past several decades away from right to work and towards union positions supplemented with illegal alien workers; widespread government incentives not to work, and which have the effect of financially punishing men who find a job which doesn't pay enough to replace their welfare-based income; a healthcare system which either affordably resolves issues, or at least medicates/manages them without addictive substances (many men can't find work because of being addicted to prescription painkillers which they're on because it's cheaper than fixing their actual conditions); reorientation and refocusing on males in education (females have been outperforming males for decades now thanks to tailor-made programs designed for that purpose, while simultaneously benefiting from special scholarships, grants, and mentorship programs), reducing/rolling back the negative social perceptions of "male" traits (assertive, aggressive, determined, forthright etc) that later waves of feminism explicitly targeted and marketed as threatening, liabilities, and negatives; and finally resolving/rebalancing the US male's role in the american judicial system, if we're going to decide that women and men are supposed to be treated equally in society it's far past time that we ought to be restoring equality of the sexes in our courts by removing the built in special privileges and outcomes that are provided to females.

  4. Not all men can work, because of age or disability. What about the massive age discrimination that exists against both men and women. The unemployed cannot pay property taxes, also. The government has to stop taking unemployed people's houses away from them, adding to the armies of the homeless in this "land of freedom and opportunity." Finally, the chief narrator on your program needs to enunciate better. He mumbles at times, and he also shows little realization that government programs are more necessary than ever, because of people being turned out of their homes, or because of age discrimination in employment.  In addition, people who would gladly work at something less are refused for "over qualification." Thank you!

  5. I love how this says it's never the fault of corrupt wall street, it's all the workers fault. Communist propaganda is all this shit is.

  6. "Where are we going to get these workers?"

    Why not ask women? They can do anything a man can do, except backwards and wearing heels.

  7. How about we get women to contribute more, why are we never discussing the merits of having women working gruelling jobs that require serious fortitude to perform, I'm sure it'd be an impowereing experience.

  8. the disposable male. fuck that – get women to do their share. Men are 95% of workplace fatalities, and make up the vast majority of suicides while women work part time or sociable hours in cushy jobs. Men should go on a strike, and women should implement that "equality" theyre always going on about – sewage work, refuse, roofing, mining – where are the women?

  9. One of the main problems is the amount of experience you need just to get an entry level job. Child support is also another big thing. You miss one payment and you're stuck in an endless loop of debt. Also better programs to help men with their problems, like depression and being homeless is needed. It's hard to find things like that for men.

  10. The jobs literally don't exist, you cant just magic jobs into existence, most basic jobs have been replaced by computers and robots doing the work for hundreds of men. There is just nothing for people to do any more. The only reason they don't use robots in china is they can pay people less than the robot would cost to develop. This is not the case in 1st world countries where we have minimum wage.

    Soon i expect to see even the grape pickers in France's vineyards to be replaced by harvest bots. There is no future in manual labor.

  11. In work benefits exist as a subsidy to corporate interests and encourages low pay. Sanctions on unemployment benefits breeds corruption, sanction quotas, and 'work programmes' that provide free labour to corporate interests. We suffer both of these in the UK, so speaking from experience. Also, this video emphasises child support, providing, etc. You are not a resource. Live your own life men. If you have to work, work only as much as you need to get by. If your country has failed you then stay off the system, you owe it nothing.

  12. Great that you want to get more Americans back into work and that you need to create jobs, so how about putting a heavy clamp on the HB1 Visas that companies used to create cheap labour and the immigration of more low/ unskilled people who will contribute nothing other than virtue signaling for lazy politicians.


  14. Men don't care anymore, employers look for women, college's look for women, and the government caters to women. So when people say men should get back to work, why? They are kicked or prevented from college, its harder to get in non lethal jobs that pay well for men, and the government is every womens husband. Then women want men to make more, and any women who otherwise is a liar who will cheat on her husband and eventually hate him. A lot of these things just want men to keep chugging along and sacrificing themselves, and for what? A shitty job, a girlfriend who cheats when something better comes along, a government that demands blood for men to vote? Fuck that shit, society wants to give men all the responsibilities and none of the benefits, and women all of the benefits. Dont believe me? Seletive service is mandatory on your 18th birthday for a man, women nothing. Women who commit violent crimes, and sexual crimes have much less sentences on average. They also have more excuses in court, like post pardum depression for why they drowned the baby. When a man gets assaulted no help, women get white knights out of no where. Then on top of all that you want young men to work extra hard so more houses can be built? Why? Since the single mother rate keeps rising, along with child abuse, neglect, death by said moms, they are already takin care of by big daddy government. Only few men can compete with the government, and they are busy banging bitch's from apps to take care of any of them.

  15. Here's an idea; offer a livable wage and benefits to men who already here-and bonus tax credits and incentives to their companies-for hiring native workers, instead of jumping the barrel and offering bargain bin prices and easy ring around the rosies for hiring illegal resident aliens-and yes, I said it in PC terms, sue me.
    Also, whose complaining about all the automation and rising birth rates and lack of trade learning?

  16. A major problem in the US is that illegal Mexicans work for below minimum wage at $5 dollars an hour. They fire Americans and hire Mexicans. Most blue collar work is done by illegals. This happened to a friend of mine. He is a welder and he can't find work. BTW, don't bother calling immigration. The government will not deport them.

  17. I find it dubious the claim that the construction industry is using all of the available workforce and that has any impact on housing availability. If labor shortage had a significant impact on housing, then owner built housing would be booming, but it is minimal. The pay available for basic construction labor is not sufficient to buy the housing that they are building. Yet the average size of new home construction goes up year by year (with only a dip, but not signifcant correction in 2008 – 2010). Pay rates are low enough to discourage illegal immigration, yet new construction employs labor saving tactics like poured foundations, manufactured truss floors, offsite assembled roof trusses, and pex plumbing with minimal connections. Its easy to say that there are 100's of thousand of available construction jobs that are unfilled, but is that leading to increased pay rates? If not, then it is equally reasonable to say that there are no available construction jobs and that supply and demand are perfectly balanced.

  18. most of those companies that have 7 million "open " jobs; really don't want to fill them. i work in areas where a lot of homes are being build there is no shortage of labor.

  19. I love this how video addresses all the symptoms of this 'epidemic' (ie. Opioid addiction, lack of work ethic, children without access to fathers) but doesn't address any of the actual causes.

    Did you stop to think that maybe there's a key underlying pathogen to all of these symptoms and that is that we, as a society, fail to appreciate and value men on a fundamental level? I mean, come on, AEI, you can't afford to be this naive.

    Do you really think the decades of man-bashing in the media didn't have an effect? Do you really think men haven't noticed all those commercials about how useless they are? Do you really think men haven't noticed the increased expectations in order to get a sexual partner (which, by your own admission, greatly affects work ethic)? Do you really think the fact that young boys are going their entire childhoods without a single decent male role model isn't affecting their emotional development?

    But hey, that's not your area of expertise, right? You just focus on the jobs. That's all you get paid for, right?

  20. This video seemed to have some interesting ideas but I had a hard time watching it. The flashing images and quick cuts just aren't for me personally. I don't know if it bugs anyone else. You don't need all that to get your message across. Anyone who's attention span is that short probably isn't watching it to begin with.

  21. What they don't seem to understand is the reason that people who are getting welfare have no jobs is because the second they do have a job, the welfare is cut so badly that they are worse off than they were on welfare. Instead of punishing people who don't get jobs while on welfare, remove the punishments to people who do get jobs while on welfare.

  22. Lack of jobs are due to idiotic political decisions such as NAFTA, TPP and government regulations that send millions of jobs overseas. I would like to see American people getting together to fight against these democratic policies that hurt the working class. Thankfully the first step is that we voted for Trump.

    Government regulations create cost burdens that make it difficult to hire employees and grow the company. One way trade deals that benefit businesses to move overseas in order to cut cost.

    The mainstream media will paint anyone who they feel is a threat to the elites agenda. In fact, the mainstream media did the same to Ross Perot in 1992. Ross Perot predicted EXACTLY what will happen to the American economy after NAFTA and the only one that listened was the 19% of Americans that voted for him. We need to give Trump a chance because he knows what it will take to get these jobs back to America.

  23. Skilled industrial workers are still in demand, machinist, welders, industrial maintenance techs and machine operators make 10-40 dollars an hour. With little training or money. When I went to trade school there were other guys that were out of work two weeks in the program head got them jobs that pay at least 15/hour. Automation, for now, still requires humans.

  24. Men are going their own way. Why apply yourself when you just get demonized for it? The narrative is that women want to do all these jobs ( that is not true at all, but that is the narrative) men are more than willing to let women lay pipe in Alaska or Roof houses in Arizona. Have fun ladies.

  25. "employers like paid apprenticeship"
    Workers are incentivized to beg to get to work for free just to get a job in order to get ahead of all the other people looking for work.
    Something isn't right here

  26. The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.
    If you cannot or aren't willing to do this then to listen to you would be foolishness.
    Your apologetic of welfare, women, and the direction of western culture can only further the miasma surrounding the west.
    Get your T levels up, grow some balls, or however you want to say it and speak strongly with conviction. Forget the caveats and the feminized language. No one wants to follow the loser, you're acting as the loser acts.

  27. providing tax incentives forces the good to subsidize bad behavior. I don't have child support issues or drug issues, and I worked to learn a gainful wage. I've worked long and hard to make a living for my family, giving up what these people get for free (phones, healthcare, etc) so they can live better than me! You want me to subsidize the slackers and those that know how to game the system! Taxing the workers, lowering our standard of living to help someone that doesn't want to do what it takes to succeed! Why not end the freebies, force them to be responsible? Ants vs grasshoppers….

  28. Didnt feminism cause this, and the inequality between men and women. All the extra rights women have to milk the system?

  29. This is going to be an increasing economic problem the more equal we get.

    A woman who is out of work, or unemployable, can find a husband and have a traditional family life.  Obviously together as a partnership they may not have the money a two-income family would have, but they can remain above the poverty line and be relatively happy.  You might controversially claim, that the woman's desperation, and willingness to please a man who will support her, might be a huge advantage to her finding a husband.  A women's attractiveness to men is almost perfectly suited to her needs.

    Due to Hypergamy the same is not true of men.  No woman will marry a loser, no matter how willing he is to have sex with her, or how pretty he is.  So society must support these men, or kill them.  Even if society supports them, they most likely will not find a wife, or achieve anything close to what men consider success, so they have a very high chance of becoming criminals and rapists, in an effort to be "successful", depending on how civilized you think men are.  A man's attractiveness to women, is perfectly unsuited to his needs.

    I think as the destructive nature of this model will make itself apparent to women and even feminists. Young women leaving school today are quickly learning to hate their feminist teachers.  The harsh realities of having to repay their vast education debt, and work 40-60 hours a week for 5-10 years, until they can afford a family, are hitting them.  Particularly as most work is boring, stressful, very competitive and not satisfying.  They are quickly realizing that competition for employed, desirable men is intense, and a seller's market.  Their dreams of "Having it all" are just dreams.  An ambitious girl, is a girl most likely to end up with nothing.

    I don't know what the conclusion will be, but I suspect that young women will start to prioritize their goals in life, and realize that spending 4 years in University, working up a lifetime debt and then reducing the number of men they find attractive, and to whom they are attractive, by 90% is furthering none of them.

  30. People need to do better than their parents in order to feel positive about the future. If your dad was a welder and his dad was a farmer then you either need to be a foreman, or an engineer, or at least an operator of an automated welding robot that you supervise for quality control, basically a job like George Jetson's job where you push a button and kick back but it is still a job and far better than having a population on welfare.

  31. Well, both sexes are competing for jobs, having women, plus immigration causes labor subsidization, perhaps patriarchal structure will resolve job dilemma for men.

  32. the male and female unemployment rate in the USA is basically the same

    why the frack is this video only discussing men?

    other than the note about men and child support, there is nothing gendered about any of this…the whole concept apply to everyone…not "men"

    what the hell

  33. Here is the fact they have over looked, men work to get money to make women happy. women are not worth it. If men are no longer working to fulfill their basic biological functions than there are bigger problems then there not being enough jobs. Women have always been the driving force behind men's success because men would do what they had to in order to get a woman to have their baby. between women refusing to have babies and stealing children through divorce there is no longer any reason to trust women to do their part so why should men do ours?

  34. Interesting, you go after men because they can't work or can't afford to work, because of social programs, school programs, and legal issues. You all need to look at the cause of the problem before you can fix it. With the current social and government systems currently in place, it will refuse to change without major difficulty, they would rather die than give up power and money. With the vast majority of unskilled work and manufactured goods in foreign lands, government needs to takes steps to bring them back. The natural resources that we have need to be developed smartly, and we as a nation need to work for ourselves. We need to spend our dollars at home in both infrastructure and job enhancement and development.

  35. You guys are really out of touch, you don't have a damn clue. It's not the government's job to make up the difference in wages so you rich a**h*les can continue to be the greediest generation ever.

  36. I find it very funny that they really don't understand why men are not working today. They must live in a cloud cuckooland .

  37. It makes little to no sense to work most of the jobs available anymore. The cost of living has reached ridiculous proportions and living wages just can't keep par. Why keep doing repetitive tasks that you hate just to barely eek out enough money to get one decent meal a week? Why contribute tax to a corrupt system that penalizes you for being a contributing member of society while the one percent get to put vast amounts of money away where the taxman can't touch it. As soon as we are born, we are in debt something to the tune of 67k. What is the freaking point? And that's not even getting into the whole mgtow movement, which is the only sensible thing men can do now in order to get ahead and cover their butts. The whole system is completely fubar in every country worldwide. The only way that change for the better is going to happen is to walk away from the money system once and for all. IMO.

  38. If immigration is cut, wages will rise, hiring of American men will increase, and corporations will invest more in on-the-job training and productivity-boosting technology. Mass immigration is the cause of wage and productivity stagnation.

  39. Don't get married! Don't have kids! Work only for yourself guys! Learn coding, learn computer networks, and don't waste money on women, or maybe move to another country. Become tax and finance literate!

  40. Lots of highly skilled jobs go unfilled in the US too.
    In India, it's quite the opposite. Men- highly educated, smart, motivated men, want to work. The jobs just aren't there and if there, pay low wages or are a quagmire of bureaucracy and ugly office politics that make decent folk leave or just ruins their health. These highly skilled Indian men, if working and living in the US, could provide your low and/or manually skilled men many support jobs.

    But oh no! We don't need more brown people, right? Pragmatic immigration and smart policies can save your nation.

  41. More people are realizing decades of meaningless work isnt worth it

    why does youtube keep suggesting idiots in suits to me? Are they tryin to tell me I’d be more successful if I just wore a suit an said dumb shit on camera

  42. Well what If I didn't see anything in your video that is going to get men to work. First these men are addicted to drugs and that ain't going to change. The rest of it is just BS. Income tax credit you have to wait until April to collect it and that sucks. So go back to the drawing board and come up with another plan you stupid college educated people. Maybe Mo Money!

  43. No one wants men … they want women … or the young among us … or immigrants, legal or not. Men need to feel valued by society … and society doesn't … nor women … nor leadership. And if you're a white man … you'll always be on the outside looking in … because that's how society wants it … and that's how the people that control employment want it.

  44. Tell you what society, [email protected] off & die! You didn't respect, love, & want me but, now that you need me, you think the old "bait & switch" shaming tactics are gonna work? Good luck with that. Here's a thought society, why don't you get all the dead beat single moms off their lazy a$$es & work them to death like you want to do to me? Women are supposedly my equal right? Do that & you'll boost the economy by not so many "empowered" freeloaders milking the tax system & getting non-taxed wages in the forms of alimony, child support, WIC, & welfare. I know, I'm a regular [email protected] Einstien here & your minds are blown by my logic. Here's the bottom line, & I'll be sure to explain it in a language even a 3 year will understand. I simply do not care enough to continue being a slave for you society. So long, & you can keep all your rotten "empowered" fish. You're going to need them if you are going to drag out society another couple generations before final collapse awakens you from your state of denial & blame. Either way, I can't be bothered to work myself to death for no beneficial gain. Bring something to bargain with of value, support yourself, or collapse & die. I don't care, you are not my problem. You like to steal my hard earned money with higher taxes & cost of living standards to "empower" deadbeats that's on you. I'll only give you the bare minimum legally required fleecing of my wallet. No incentive for me to work in a disrespectful, unloving, ungrateful society. Is that simple enough economics for you?

  45. Not a single word about the government empowering women, not men, affirmative action for women, not men etc. But the video would probably be removed.


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  48. These clueless talking heads never get it. And its waaaay more then 7 million by the way.
    Shadowstats puts out the corrected numbers and unemployment/underemployment runs
    an easy 20 – 23% now. I work as a contractor in a "modern" corporation right now and if
    you are a women its great…if you are a man your toast. Women are unreliable, lazy and
    can end your career with ONE trip to the HR…and pay for a man now if poor and getting
    worse. My boss is a woman to by the way…the mind games get tedious….

  49. Every 8 , to 10 years or so there is a resheion any dumbass with a computer can track this , they need people to go back two work and buy a bunch of shit on credit so when the next recession hits they can take all your shit and sell it again , you never own anything by the way, let's say you get hurt , and can't pay your property taxes , bam !! you get all your shit taken , and don't even get me talking about what would happen if you were married…………….

  50. how about talking about how to improve their lives, and not how to try to get them back for the sake of enslavement, putting these men first and the rest will follow… but this video sounds like prioritizing industry and labour over actual human lives

  51. Didn't you wanted to get rid of patriarchy? Hand those jobs to the strong independent women and we men sit back and cheer them. I'm sure they will make world paradise!

  52. the housing shortage is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard. 18.6 million empty dwellings in the US.

  53. What's the problem? From what I've read over the years, women wanted to make up at least 60 – 70% of the work force. The question is… why are so many men still working?

  54. Sorry stupid people who are doing this video, perhaps if men were actually considered VALUABLE in this gynocentric society, and the laws and policies in this country weren't so completely bias against men, then maybe, just maybe we might be able to convince men to go back to work. As things stand right now, men have NO incentive to go out and bust their asses 40 hours per week only to be considered "privileged" and "toxic" and disposable. Why is it that all of these so called "pundits" are completely blind to the facts of the situation on the ground in this country? Is it because there is behind the scenes funding in the media to continue to spout these useless narratives so as to brainwash our society into thinking that all the problems in the world are the fault of men? Could it be that they are working at marginalizing men so that our society will be weak and vulnerable? A society of weak men is much easier to dominate and control. Absolutely HORRIBLE analysis of the situation.

  55. Simple solution if cockeyed junior working at mc-d's is worth 15$ hr you are damn sure going to pay me much more than 15$ hr to do any type construction I have skills in and 17$ hr isn't even close and no I won't tell you how or teach anyone , fuck off till you are ready to pay me!

  56. I've completely aged out of the system waiting (not) for our economy to start producing again, instead of simply consuming. I am a 35 year tool and die maker. I watched in horror as the global elites exported entire industries offshore and reduced our money multiplpliers from 1.85 to -1.xx, what this means boys and girls is that you are a cash cow with negative economic value; every $1 you spend on products goes directly overseas, sucking the life out if our US economy.

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  58. Fiat currency, serfdom, usury, feminism, and the insatiable greed of worthless people sucking up all access to resources like a black hole in Washington D.C.

  59. Men have been thrown out the door and forgotten about. The laws have to change including the domestic relation laws to end the financial death spiral but that won’t and you brainiacs know it. Government society and the educational institutions did this so start there PHD’s.

  60. Reduce income tax, reduce/dissolve alimony (You are giving a financial incentive for divorce- lawyers love it and so does the government).

  61. Future is female. Women need a fish like a fish needs a bicycle.
    If im the bicycle, get off my back. Im happy to ride away.

  62. It's a gynocentric society. Everyone hates men, they want these men to just die. Women hate low-level men, women actually want to either enslave these men or kill them outright. Women have zero humanity or compassion for these men.

    Women, stop pretending you have empathy or compassion and get on with your Final Solution for these "undesirables". Dispatch these diseased men from society!

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