Getting Hired: Teacher Interview (Middle School)

hi I'm Jeff McKenna hello Jeff Jennifer Barrera so much for your interest in our school district thank you for absolutely so it looks like you just finished student teaching so from that experience tell me what's the one or two most important things you've learned from student teaching that you're going to take when you're the classroom teacher and use in your classroom that's going to make it more effective one of the most important things I learned in my student teaching experience had to have been how important it is to develop relationships with your students when first entering my student teaching experience was quite overwhelming having your own classroom of children and I realized little by little as I started to get closer with my students talk to them 1 1 develop those relationships my classroom management went from down here to up here so that rapport that relationship those connections is something that I want to carry on to my classroom when I become a teacher next year excellent so when you're building those connections what are some things you can do instructionally to make sure that you address the needs academically of all of the kids in your classroom one of the things I love to do to have that one-on-one time with my students is to have personal conferences whenever we're writing a composition whenever doing editing and make it a point to meet individually with each student talk to them about their composition and talk to them about their life in general a little bit and that really establishes a connection with those students excellent so as you're doing your activity based instruction how are you going about informally to see whether the kids are getting it or not well my informal assessment usually takes place at the beginning of my lesson when I present the lesson I want to know what the students already know so we form a KWL chart we have a class discussion I see where the students are at from there Imoh lesson and I carry out the assessments to file follow the formative assessments and what would you say when you are doing your informal assessment what it was what's been the most effective way to informally assess where your kids are at the most effective in formative assessment would have to be having the students share with each other having group discussions and joining in on those group discussions I happen to year to see whether the students grasp the concept that I'm about to teach or whether they don't grasp that concept excellent if I were to walk into your classroom on any given day generally tell me what specifically would be going on with the interactions between you and your kids well when you enter my classroom you'd immediately feel a burst of energy you'd see learning happening perhaps we need to be doing centers rotations you'd see some students at the computers utilizing the technology you'd see students at the desk using manipulatives to master the concepts and you might see me with a small group practicing my guided reading skills and reteaching concepts for that specific group that were not aware that we're not mastered you see a print rich room lots of vocabulary words word walls for each subject and as I said lots of energy very positive excellent Jennifer what are some things that you think your role beyond instruction is as being a classroom teacher educator in our campus would be in reference to the student life or students working with parents okay one of the things that I've also realized during my student teaching experience that I learned for a mentor teacher was that connection that you develop not only with the students but also with the parents it's essential to make contact with the parents once you make that contact and once you have that Parent Support you can do anything you can do anything with the support of the parents with that relationship that ongoing relationship it's incredible the results that you can see you know we're very fortunate to have an amazing School District and one of the things that having an amazing School District allows you to do is have plenty of applicants what's going to set you apart from the other people that are going to be interested in a position in our school district one thing that I believe definitely sets me apart is my enthusiasm and my positivity for the career to reach the needs of all learners it's essential and I do that I did that every day in my student teaching as much as I can through my differentiated instruction my enthusiasm my positivity pours over to the students and then they become enthusiastic to learn as well Jennifer you are very impressive my last question would be if in when we talk with your cooperating teacher what would they say about your potential class a success in the classroom my cooperating teacher would say that she is that I will be very successful in a classroom with what she has witnessed through the lessons that I've carried out because one a lesson isn't the best or it doesn't function the way it should have I adjust and I do it a different way well let me tell you a little bit about the process at this point if you haven't already done so please make sure that you fill out the online application okay what we're going to do at this time is take a look at all of the applicants that we looked at find the right piece of the puzzle for us and then most likely we'll follow up with another interview with a group of our teachers because they're part of our leadership team but you are very very impressive and I hope that we can get you back at our campus and get you the opportunity to talk with the teachers that we have very excited and hopefully have you join our team so exciting thank you thank you very much great tacos nice to talk with you

32 thoughts on “Getting Hired: Teacher Interview (Middle School)”

  1. I like your enthusiasm and positivity for the career points taken for my upcoming interview. Thanks a lot.

  2. This was cringeworthy. The end was particularly awkward. Also, how is this middle school? She was talking about word walls for “all subjects” and manipulatives. This was for elementary.

  3. I was waiting for that one question: why should we hire you? she nailed it. did he ask her about class room management?

  4. Green screened and probably planned. Look at all of those green reflections. It is all I can pay attention to.

  5. I wish I could be this smooth during an interview. I have my 1st teaching one ever tomorrow, and also just finished student teaching.

  6. 1. It sounds natural to me to answer so quickly every time, even if prepared. It sounds like a cookie-cutter response when she didn't even take a second to think. 2. I dislike the idea of students who are at the computer to "utilize the techonology." There are many pieces of technology to incorporate into a classroom, and this response sounds like the extent of technology use in her class are computers where students are working independently. Just this middle school math teacher's take.

  7. ..'very positive, positivity, is positive'…all positive,lol… Clearly taking her time to answer the questions…hhmm…

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