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I already received my payment of $75 usd with additional fee from paypal of $3.78 usd and the total profit i earned is $71.22 usd! Do you want to earn $75 US dollars over and over just by posting articles? Hello everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back again to another video where we can earn $75 us dollars over and over! The good news here this is available in website (which is any devices can do) it has application too that you can download this on IOS and Android phone! Let me share you first what happened on my Channel that can’t be access 3 days ago… I have never been suspended, i even not got any community strike, specially not copyright strike because i upload original content here in my Channel. What happened is that, i accidentally clicked a settings that hides my Youtube Channel and when i wanted to undo that settings thats settings are not available… Its a glitch from Youtube that my videos are still accessible but my Main Channel are not available… But anyway! Now, my Channel is very alive You can now subscribe and ofcourse, you can visit and watch videos again. You know the drill, before we start my Youtube Tutorial much appreciated if you will like now this video and if this is your first time on my Channel please consider subscribing because i upload videos where we can earn extra money online. Any form, like free Paypal earnings free Bitcoins, free prepaid loads, reviews on HYIP investments, and many more so please, consider subscribing! Lets start now! The name of this website or this application is called “Kiki Time” Sounds like nasty but yeah! We can earn money from this name! It says here “Kiki is a social network for artists, creators, photographers and storytellers to share their work. and i have mentioned earlier, this is available too in Appstore (IOS) and Google Playstore for Android phones. This two are applications and it also have a website. What we we will do here, simply share articles share photos (its up to you) but the policy here that the photo should captured by you, created by you, and the description of that article must be written by you. Alright? I will be showing you how to sign up, how to post articles with photos, and also, my proof of withdrawal. Now, for signing up we will use our mobile number to sign up and sign in here. For us filipino, search for Philippines and you will see the “+63” then enter the rest of your mobile number. Next, your first name and your desired password. Once filled up, you can now sign up. And now, i will be showing you my demo or dummy account. First things first, here in my profile i have created our own page… We can all join here in “Make Money Online” and don’t worry coz i will be putting the link in our description below so you can join and post here your articles and photos. In my settings, i set my viewing to “All Countries” so people from all around the world can see my posts. You can select Philippines but i prefer “all countries” so international user can see and we can make more money! Now, i will teach you how to post articles. Alright, now click the “+” sign and enter here the title of your article. In the description, enter here the context of your article. In page, what page you wanted it to post. And you can add images too. As for me, i will post here the “ads clicking” i made. By simply uploading the image file search it on your gallery. Now, enter your title so for example In my asimi (hashing ad space) I will type “Make $100 in ads clicking job” In the description, i will type “How to make $100 in ads clicking job? You can visit my Youtube Channel for more details” In page, you can select Make Money Online and you can now click the “Add Post”. Its now posted! Now, how to earn here? Your articles must receive views and must receive this “hot icon” (fired up). Pretty same with “like button” on facebook. You can give fired up to some interesting articles. We can also do Firedup 2 Fired up and View 2 View on articles so we can make money. So its like a community group to interact with but the same with, we can make money out of it. As you can see, the post i made i got 3 fired up and 2 views. Let’s try again to post a different article. Take note: Kiki Time only pays for original content. If they sees your post stealing from other articles or the photos are not from yours they will not pay you for that. So much better if you will create your own content, your own articles, any photos can be attached as long as you captured and made it. Then in the description, its optional to post long texts or not that short. Lets post again, with the brave browser. You can post any language, it does not matter. Lets type “How i earned $2600 for free?” In the description, you can use repetitive words you can advertise here too. In page, select Make Money Online. Then click add post. The more post, the more views and fired up we will receive. Thats how easy to earn money here in Take note: There are 10 limits post per day. If you now have receive views and fired up on your posts you can check your earnings here in ($) and i already earned $0.48 USD with that 2 posts what more if i post more and more? Its very easy to earn money here and i suggest to visit our page Make Money Online and post here in our community so we can exchange Fired up 2 Fired up or View 2 View. In ($) icon, you will see here your counted fired up in, views, and your total revenue. Good news, when you signed up now you will receive free $5 us dollars. And the threshold here is $75 us dollars so meaning, that minimum payout here is $75 usd. Quesion: where we can cashout our payments? You can select Paypal, Bitcoin, Western Union, Debit/Credit card, or Google pay. With my Main Account, i already made a withdrawal and selected Paypal as my mode of payment. Now, i will be showing you my proof of payout You can see that Kiki Time already sent me $75 us dollars with additional fee from paypal of $3.78 usd and the total profit i earned is $71.22 usd! I must say that this is a legit app and site whew we can earn $75 us dollars over and over and it is all 100% free! Thats how easy how we can make money online, how to make $75 over and over just by posting photos and articles. I hope this video helps you to earn money online please do like this video, comment down below, share this to your social media accounts to help more people how they can earn money online and subscribe to Youtube and Telegram Channel. Thanks again for watching! My name is Aiza Mercado and see you on my next video!

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  1. Tips and tricks:
    If you want to earn more revenue, make atleast 400 words in your description and articles. 400 words are equivalent to $1 USD! Join our community here:

  2. Salamat sa channel mo mam Aiza suki na ako dito. At sa mga beginers po. Sub po tayo plus 1- like , 1- comment. Lets go andGod bless you all

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  4. Hello! How are you?

    I loved your video and I registered on that great page, but I have a question.

    When I withdraw my "KiKi" balance to My "PayPal" account, do I have to have My Verified PayPal account?

  5. Gan Yan din ako kaya totoo Ang sinabi ni ate Aiza kaya subscribe na kung gusto niyo tumaas ang subscribe ninyo ponta ka sa channel ko and subscribe na at ikaw subscribe din kita

  6. Hi ate aiza nkakapgupload ka pa ba sa kiki parang ang higpit na nila di ako mkpagupload may na violate dw ako kahit wala naman

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  8. Hi po miss Aiza sana mabasa nyo po lately ko lang po narealize na mali pala yung mobile number na nailagay ko nung nag register ako sa Kiki. Pero maayos naman po yung account ko, ang tanong ko lang po pag mag pay out po ba via Paypal need ng confirmation ng mobile number? Para idiscontinue ko na po yung pag popost dun sa mali kong number na account at gumawa nalang po ng bago habang maaga pa po baka po kasi di ako makapag cash out.. maraming salamat po :)))

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  10. Hayss Grabe in just one day naka 10$ ako hahaha Wow Na wow Naiiyak ako hahaha Ang bilis lang ng pera guys promise Bukod dun sa Community ni ate aiza Sali pa kayo sa Iba tapos yung Description nyo is 400 letter tas post lang kayo ng post dami mag Fire up Wow Na wow talaga hahaha Easy πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ thanks Ate aiza

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    Halimbawa westernunion .. paanu ko po makikita ung refferel code halimbawa kapag kukunin na ung cash out sa wu

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    I've already made my own page "love, happiness and everything nice πŸ’Ÿ sana po follow nio ko guys. Thanks again, Godbless.

  20. Maliban kay Ms. Aiza, may naka cashout na ba dito? If so, mga gaano katagal bago ka nakapag cash out? Nasa $30 na ako at need ko ng 500 views para makapagpost ulit πŸ˜‘.

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    pa notice po, pede din po ba pa post ng page ko? follow niyo din po Humming bird.
    Thankyou po ng marami.

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  30. please any body have this ideal about uploading image on kiki but image instead to upload, what could possibly go wrong

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