Germans React to Weird Sex Class in America

What kinds of things did you learn in
sex ed at school in Germany? We learned about the genitalia. We learned about the
menstrual cycle. We learned about contraception. And about masturbation. I think the usual stuff. Just about the bodies in general. Like the differences between female and male bodies. In general, I mean in Germany I think there are just
certain things you have to learn in school during sex ed. So I think we covered all
the basics. Condoms and birth control. How sex works, I guess. Well we did, obviously,
did have to play around with a condom and the banana, or the condom and
the cucumber. And we talked about contraception. But we didn’t really talk
much about STDs, for example. It was very medical. And also they never covered
anything about like same-sex couples or something. It wasn’t really the
relationship aspect of sex ed. Just really the scientific aspects. Did you learn about condoms? Yes. We had one class where we were
divided into groups, and every group had to talk about certain contraceptive
methods. All from like temperature to like the pill and all these other, and
condoms obviously. No we talked about it, but it was just…it was a bit basic I
think. I wish we had a bit more of a comparison of which one is the most
effective, for example. I think what I never really learned was, you know, that
sexuality can be really nice and it can’t be fun. There was always this, “Don’t get pregnant.” We, like, I never heard in school or anywhere else something, like, I think American kids hear a lot that you shouldn’t have sex before
marrying someone. Because I never heard that, no. In the US a lot of schools teach
abstinence-only sex education. And this often means teaching nothing at all
about condoms or other birth control options, and instead teaching the students
that not having sex at all before marriage is the only safe sex possible. What do you think about this? as far as you know do they teach abstinence-only
sex education in schools in Germany? Was this taught at your school? No, not at all. No, it wasn’t. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the term abstinence in school. I’ve heard of this, that it’s in a lot of countries…countries? In a lot of cities in the US like this. Well I would say that German schools are more realistic,
assuming that adolescents actually do have sexual intercourse. And I would say
that it does more damage not to inform them about anything else, because you
know not knowing anything is kind of dangerous, and it guess it leads to
unwanted pregnancies, diseases, etc. because the people just don’t know
better. I think it’s sort of a little bit ignorant and silly to say, oh yeah
well no, just don’t have sex at all. That is the safest thing to do because I
don’t think that students will say, oh, well my teacher said to not have sex so
that’s what I’ll do. And I think it’s much safer to educate everyone correctly. So, in Germany it’s totally different. I think our teachers are very much
concerned to really look at the real world of the students that they are
living in. I think they’re very concerned to really give them a good guideline on
how to use contraception. Like I said, it was very…our sex ed was very science-based. So teaching abstinence wouldn’t really work with that concept. I think it’s really dangerous to teach that because it takes away the possibility to
learn about contraception, about birth control, about how to act in these kinds
of situations, about your rights and the wrongs you can do. So I think it’s really
dangerous to just make it easy and be like, okay they just don’t have sex
because I think a lot of people will just ignore that and have sex, but
without the knowledge they need. And also just no safe sex before marriage…
I mean maybe people want to have safe sex after marriage. It’s not, you should
still teach kids how to…about contraception and STDs.
So no, we didn’t learn that. In Germany abstinence isn’t discussed at all. I think maybe people say some people wait until marriage, but that’s not taught at
all in our schools. I was at a public school of course. I think all the public
schools in Germany are teaching the stuff I learned. So there’s no abstinence-only
education. I don’t think that’s happening. But I don’t know about maybe Catholic
schools or something. Maybe it’s different there, but then it’s not really
huge in Germany, you know. We really have a really good system of public school.
Normally if you’re going to normal public school, you’re not learning about
abstinence only. And I think that’s a good thing. Have you heard that in the US some people get the abstinence-only sex education? Yes. I’m from California so this is not the case. But I do know of
other places where that is the case. And it’s, yeah, pretty terrible. I had a very crappy sex ed in my school. Not good, no. Very…we basically learned nothing. As a lot of schools in America, they did not talk about safe sex. We did not learn about
condoms or…it was pretty much just, it was drilled: just don’t have sex. And that
is just not a realistic thing. Studies show that this doesn’t work, you know. In
places where there is abstinence-only sex education, the rate of STDs is
higher, the rate of – that’s sexually transmitted diseases – the rate of
pregnancy is higher. And just a lot of misinformation for those young people. It is kind of crazy though that you… yeah, that’s the only safe option.
They don’t inform them about anything, though. Hm. What I like in Germany: they’re
more like, you know, you’re going to have sex either way, so be safe. And I think
the idea behind abstinence only is really, you should never have sex only if
you’re married, and sex is really something very bad, and you should, yeah, evade it. and just get into it if you want to get
pregnant or something. And I think it also creates a lot of bad
feelings actually. Because I think then children are afraid to have sex. Which you shouldn’t be, you know. It can be a great thing. Yeah, then you have the
impression that sex is something forbidden, and I think personally if
something is forbidden it gets more desirable. So I think it’s then not a
really effective way to teach contraception. To just say, yeah, you
should never do it. Wait until you get married and then do
it. That’s not working. I mean, that’s the thing: for me it’s so funny because it’s
obviously not working. Young women are still getting pregnant and stuff. And you
you know this, and then you keep on doing it. And that’s for me very strange. But,
yeah, it’s more about the idea I think then about real effect it has. you

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  1. In the last video ( ) we talked about the awful sex education I got at my school in the USA. Now in this video: what do Germans think? And what do you think about this kind of sex education program? Did you know it existed? What topics do you think schools should cover in sex ed classes?

  2. Even though I had quite a good sex ed in Germany, multiple times throughout my school years, I had to google how to put a condom on. As we were seperated during most of the class, us girls just weren't taught about the procedure. I mean we were told "That's a condom, it protects from STIs and pregnancy, use it", but the exact how to was never mentioned until 11th grade, when we got a presentation from an outside doctor. At that point I had already had sex and informed myself about it, in case my SO at that time wasn't so sure about it anymore, even though the boys actually did the whole condom on a banana thing.
    I just can't understand, why something so vital was never mentioned earlier. That's important for all genders!

  3. I'm German and we DID learn about same-sex relationships, transsexuality, non-traditional family models, all sorts of contraceptions and their pros and cons, etc. It's kinda weird to me when others say they didn't learn about that.

  4. Level 2: German type of sex education in school, informative and useful. Level 1: USA type of sex education in school, based on moralism and scaring people away from sex. Level 0: our italian type of sex education in school… oh, wait, we don't have that.

  5. I’ve learned so much in this series! It’s so interesting to see the differences between Germany and the US. I feel like the US has this reputation to be so far advanced than some other countries, but I feel like we still have so much more to grow.

  6. In Frankreich haben mehrmals Unterricht darüber gehabt. Das erste Mal war in der 5. Klasse. Wir haben über Menstruationzyklus und wie man Kinder gebärt. In der 6. Klasse haben wir mehr über Periode gelernt, Mädchen und Jungen waren nicht zusammen, und ich glaube, dass wir nicht das selbe gelernt haben, aber mehr was uns direkt "betrifft". In der 8. Klasse haben wir mehr über Verhüttungsmittel und Geschlechtskrankeiten gelernt, und letztlich, weil ich Biologie als eine meinen Hauptfächern gewählt habe, habe ich noch Unterricht in der 11. Klasse über alle Verhüttungsmittel gehabt, sowohl für Frauen als für Männer, was sehr interessant war, wie sie funktionieren, was die Vorteile und Nachteile sind, und auch wie die Reproduktion funktioniert. Es gibt auch manchmal Organisationen die ins Gymnasium kommen, um Prävention zu machen. Es war also wirklich anders als in den USA, und ich finde das wirklich schockierend, dass man Schüler lehrt, einfach kein Sex zu haben, und ich bin mir sicher, dass es nicht was die Schüler helfen wird.

  7. I went to a catholic girl school in bavaria and I noticed after school, I had the better education in this things than my friends, witch went to normal schools. We learned the technical aspects and all the other things young girls needs to know. Diseases and same sex relationships were also included

  8. I'm at a catholic school in Germany and we even spoke about non-heterosexuel sex and relationship-models.
    So I would say our teachers covered everything: STDs, male and female bodies, contraception possibilities also in comparison, how pregnancy-tests work, about abortion also with moral questions, and so on…
    We didn't start at high school but in the 4th grade (when kids are about 9 or 10 years) and had it in the 7th and 9th grade too. In some other years we talked about e.g. abortion in the subject religion…

  9. We had Sex ed in 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 grade. We talked about the stuff mentioned in the Video, but also about homosexuality, Sex Toys and a healthy sexuality

  10. I still vividly remember the time a young, female theology teacher tried to convince us (about 13 at the time) against abortion in any case (even rape, danger to the mother…). We were not having it, and it turned into quite the heated discussion. That was the only time I encountered anything like the stuff that seems normal in the US, and I grew up in a very rural part of Austria AND went to a catholic school. Our sex ed was quite good.

  11. If you don´t want to have a car accident, you just always stay in the house. If you don´t want to grow fat, you never eat. And if you don´t want unsafe sex, you just don´t have sex at all. That´s how we all do it, isn´t it?

  12. In my opinion, stating "the safest sex is to have none at all" is so wrong. Teens are exploring their bodies, their sex have their first love interest. So, only have sex when you are married will lead to a lot of marriages for all the wrong reasons – and what about after the marriage? Maybe the couple does not want to have a whole bunch of kids – so what about birth control then? I cannot understand this whole idea/concept at all.

  13. These videos are pretty interesting! I like it very much. I wanna see much more of these in here.
    Thank youuuuu ❤❤❤❤

  14. I’m from Germany, and while my sex ed wasn’t bananas as it is in the US, it wasn’t really great either. I was taught two very inaccurate things (that you can get pregnant any time of the month – in primary school I was even taught especially during the period 🤦🏼‍♀️- and I was not really taught about my own cycle, which is an important function of every girl’s body, and the risks of the pill were never even mentioned, it was really perpetuating this : girls, contraception is on you, take the pill because it is „safe“ )
    And consent wasn’t covered nearly enough. I mean yeah, we were told „you can say no“, but it wasn’t drilled into the students that you should never ever pressure someone for sex, that consent by pressure is not the same as enthusiastic consent and I think we could prevent quite a number of assaults if it was Drilled into kids from a young age what a heinous act that is

  15. I think another interesting topic is not only what we teach our children, but when we teach them. Like, I can't remember a time when I didn't know where babies come from (and neither I nor my parents can remember ever having an awkward conversation about it, either). We had out first 'round' of sex ed in 3rd grade, so about age 8 or 9 (obviously that only covered the biological basics, and wasn't focused on contraception or anything). But that also meant that when we got back to it in highschool about age twelve, I think) we all already knew what was going on, and could talk about details more (instead of being shocked by information like 'That thing goes WHERE?!').

  16. My middle & high schools never taught us about anything other than abstinence and our teachers always seemed uncomfortable as hell while teaching the topic so it wasn't really a learning environment. I'm pretty sure I learned more from Google/the magazine Seventeen than school or my parents. I feel like I educated myself pretty well 😅, but it baffles me how abstinence only sex education is still a norm here in the US.

  17. And I tough our Sex ed war grap.. in Germany

    At least we did learn about the menstrual cycle, when a woman can get pregnant, how safe sex, works, what kind of birth control is safest (eventough we didn't talk about the bad side effects of hormons on the female body)
    We did not talk about abortion, just that it is possible within the first 12 weeks, but we we're told where to go to (in Germany you need to talk to special organisations to habe an abortion, they're talking about the abortion itself, like how and were but also about different Solutions. In the end they give you a letter for the doctor)

  18. Well I found my sex-ed to be okay but I wished a bit more input at times, where it actually mattered. We had the subject "Sex ed" in third class but I couldn't really relate to it because (obviously) I hadn't had anything to do with sexuality. Then in 6th grade and above we just had it in a very medical sense, of course we learned about contraception and stuff but e.g. we didn't talked about masturbation or other sexual orientations. I wished we had this kind of input in a second "Sex ed"-class and not just in biology. Although I've always attended catholic school, I found the "stay abstinent" Sex-ed style in the US so archaich, I had to laugh when I've heard that the first time.

  19. ohh "we didn't talk about same sex" how horrible, you could live your whole live straight if nobody would told you that there is same sex sex. Come on read a bravo look in the tv at any time and you know that this exists.

    She don't generally thinks what comes to mind but she has a political agenda… Yes when people talk about sex it's not about relationships.

    Like when you make your driver lisence nobody talks about which car might be best for you.

  20. I was in a privat catholic school and we didn`t hear anything about being abstinent until marriage. I think our sex ed was pretty good actually, as we learned a lot about stds, birth control and even stuff like "when are you ready for sex", tel.numbers you could call if you have questions or trouble and our teacher also told us, if anyone would laugh in his class during sex ed, the student would get bad marks for that. so we all took it quite serious 🙂

  21. I went to a school run by nuns… In east southern Bavaria. Pretty conservative here. We learned about everything about sex. We even had outside people come into school to talk to us. I don't think there isn't anything we didn't learn.

  22. If I remember right our sex ed really coverd everything I can think of. I had Sex education 3 times. The first time was in elementary school where we learned about menstruation, puberty, pregnancy (how to get pregnant, how does the baby develope)
    The second time was in the 7th grade. We learned more about the anatomy of the female an mens body. We also learned about prevention, STDs, Abortion, menopause.
    The last time we had Sex ed in the 9th grade, we refreshed a lot but also covered more of the emotional part of sex. We talked about how we have to feel ready and shouldnt do anything we dont want, we talked about how porn isnt real. We talked about different sex practices, masturbation, fetishes, about gay sex etc.. We could ask whatever we wanted. Someone even asked if there really are people who like to drink pee etc. and we got an answer for this question. 😀
    I think its good to be open about the topic, sex is not a bad thing its totally normal and its totally normal to get curious about it.

  23. I would like to hear the answers of every women in this video. 🥰 But instead I really like those videos 🙏🏽❤️

  24. I am German and had sex ed the first time in grade 3 where they thought us about the differences between men and women. Then I was going to an all girls catholic school. My school used the curriculum of the public schools so we were basically taught the same thing as everywhere else in Germany. We had sex ed in grade 5 again and it was mainly about the menstrual cycle and different birth control methods. We should have had sex ed a third time in grade 9 but it was the last topic of the year and we just didn’t have enough time so it didn’t came up in class again. I don’t know about other countries but here sex ed is part of the biology class.

  25. My teacher told us, u all know how it’s done, let’s talk about how u avoid pregnancy and stds, and after that we all got a package of condoms, and it was a catholic school. Of course pregnancy and genitalia was also that was thought in biology

  26. I just looked up the Bavarian (Germany) curriculum fur sex ed in grade 3 or 4:
    They call sex ed “Körper und Entwicklung” which means Body and Development. They teach physical limits of others and yourself what is basically protection against abuse. Then they talk about how the body changes with the start of puberty. The last topic is the development of the human body from conception to birth.

  27. I grew up in the UK and am 64. The Pill did not come out until I was at school and my generation was brought up with the ethos of "Keep 'em ignorant, keep 'em frightened". Our "Sex Ed" consisted of a lesson on the reproductive system of the rabbit (apologies Trixie).

  28. So, I was/am at a catholic school and the sex ed we had was pretty normal. No abstinence only ever was said. But I do remember that the dude said that becoming a priest would also be an option(it was a joke, I think). Otherwise we were taught everything about our bodies, the female bodies and how to have sex(although the last part doesn't have to be taught theoretically since a human knows that bc of instinct or something) And it's very likely (I am almost certain) that they taught us about condoms, the pill and other anti pregnancy methods. I say most likely, because I don't remember anything about that. But as said by another comment, sex ed is directed by the respective department of the federal state the school is in, meaning that it was to be taught.

    The only thing they didn't teach us, or I just didn't remember it, is that the vagina, in comparison to the penis, is a little bit further back in the direction of the ass hole. I found that out the hard way, despite watching more than my fair share or porn videos before my first time. How that fact could slip past me, is a miracle to this day.

  29. I knew that schools in the US teach that don't have sex before marriage/ don't have sex at all bullshit but I was honestly shocked that this is literally the only thing those poor kids get taught about sex. How do they manage to reproduce when the only thing they know about it is that they shouldn't do it?

  30. ok, just have to leave a comment. we had sex education in biology class and there was no mention of homosexuality being wrong, no mention of prenuptial sex being wrong. now guess what: i went to a catholic prep school in austria. monastery and everything. and yes, darwin is not the devil incarnate, at least that is what i was taught there. oh, and we did talk about std. so personally, i don't see a problem discussing those things. ps: completely forgot to mention this. i graduated 20 years ago, so…

  31. We (in my German school) also learned about the body parts and condoms and stuff. And how birth works and so on. We also had one day in elementary school, where a woman came and explained to the girls how menstruation works, what products to use and so on. I know, this is better than in the US, but I still wish there would have been more, like same sex couples.

  32. Sex Ed in elementary school: 4th grade,we had our first talk about it and learned so pretty much the basics as far as 9-10 year olds can understand

    Sex Ed in 6th grade:
    We learned lots of illnesses,other ways of prevention and how to use it right. Funny thing: our teacher nearly forgot the prevention,but a classmate noticed and reminded him

    Sex Ed in 8th grade:
    Tbh I have no clue because we are starting with it on Thursday ;-;

    I'm not sure if we talked about abortion in elementary school or only in 6th grade,but I know that we talked about abortion, adopting and all that stuff.
    I'm from Germany and live in Germany

  33. When I was in school in New Jersey (1980's), we had to learn about EVERY STD. We also learned about birth control, and we were taught that condoms are only 70% effective. I think they wanted to scare us into not having sex. I worked for a few years (2008-2011) as a substitute teacher here in Germany and saw what kids learn about sex: it's just part of biology. They learn how babies are conceived, they learn what birth control is and in another lesson some have to carry an electronic screaming baby doll around for a week, to learn what it is like to have a baby. So Americans try to scare kids about horrible diseases, and Germans try to scare kids about babies! LOL

  34. The only thing I found lacking in my education when it came to sex-ed was talk about non-heterosexual relatioships or trans people. As someone who grew up to be both trans and pansexual, I might have had a much easier time finding out whatever was going on with me had I known anything about sex, gender and sexuality outside the norm. That being said, I think things are slowly getting better, as those topics come more and more into the mainstream.

  35. I rembering some Teenage Magazins with sex education (sometimes in a very funny and weird way :D) Bravo, Bravo Girl, Mädchen etc.

    Especially Bravo's Q&A -ish Dr. Sommer. XD

  36. teaching abstinence only is completely unrealistic for most students. teaching them nothing about contraception is irresponsible! it is just as dangerous as selling firearms to people who are not trained to handle them.
    well, i think that probably explains all the dead from accidents with firearms and tennager pregnancies…

  37. Abstinence at SCHOOL!? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ The place where you need to get science based information yet politics and the church have way too much say in this.

  38. The ultra-conservative approach to sex-ed has always struck me as utterly medieval. Like, those people think that being told about sex is the only way that their children could ever end up having it, so if they just don't explain it to them until they get married, they're gonna be safe. But it just doesn't work like that. Like, for one, we are still animals on a biological level, we don't need a set of instructions. Like, 99.99999999999999999999999999% of species on this planet don't have any kind of sex-education, most of them don't even teach their young at all, and they still all figure it out, so why would humans be any different, just because we have the ability to talk about it? I mean, it's kind of obvious by natural design, the majority of people are attracted to the opposite sex and no matter what, it will strike them as curious that one has a sort of opening there and the other one a kind of appendage. Doesn't take a genius to see that those two have something to do with each other.

    All you do by not providing proper sex-ed is you make the young people figure it out on their own and if they do that, they may not be aware of the risks that are involved, be that STD's or unwanted pregnancy.

  39. I think teaching abstinence is wrong, sex is something healthy even when you are young. And teching abstinence-only is nothing but a crime, the youngsters have a right to know.

  40. I think teaching abstinence in Germany would violate the Neutralitätsgebot of the education system and be borderline unconstitutional.

  41. "Abstinence only" sounds like as if you'd teach a student of medicine: "Don't get sick and everything will be okay! Nothing to worry about at all."

    The US is in large parts as prude as during the 17th century. Astonishing….

  42. I live in the German part of Switzerland and when I was at school, we had 3 times sex ed.

    The first one was in 4th grade where the teacher explained the difference between the male and the female body and roughly where the babies came from.

    The second sex ed took place in 7th grade where we had to learn about contraception and had a bit more detailed repetition of our first sex ed.

    And the third time was in grade 11, where we had to learn every biological aspect there is about sex. Like how exactly sperm is produced, how hormonell contraception works or the different stages of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

    Not every school in Switzerland looks at this topic in such detail. At most schools, they have only one sex ed, but mine thought that a proper and detailed sex education would be important and I am really glad about that.

  43. In 6th grade, we watched a video of a pregnant woman giving birth. The camera was in front of her so that we could see the head coming out of her. It was so disgusting to me that I thought to myself that I´m never ever going to have sex. And I waited for a loooooooong time.
    Maybe the US wants to implement that strategy ;).

  44. I am not religeous and think this video is just bashing abstinence. Both abstinence and safe methods can be taught. We need to talk about if schools should teach this at all or if public schools should even exist at all. Abstinence is not strange or uncommon and music and society pushs enough crazed attitides upon the young.

  45. I am from the USA and the fact is that abistance is a lifestyle is rarely if ever taught. This is a exageration and attack against schools not teaching or suggesting kids be frivilous or wild in their behavior in youth or life. On the other hand, teen pregnancies are a real problem. If kids were taught to have dreams, goals, and actually were taught useful things, they would not be so base and resort to primal urges so often.

  46. I'm from Augsburg, Bavaria, and went to a catholic school . Back in the 90s during sex Ed they made us split in couples and have sex with each other in front of the class. Unfortunately we were a boys only school…

  47. Well, TECHNICALLY the best way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy is to not have sex. Condoms and such just GREATLY reduce the chance.

  48. I went to a catholic preschool and we pretty much got the whole picture (in 3rd or 4th grade). Even same sex relationships were briefly mentioned. To me it seems a little weird that Americans wouldn't inform their children about sexuality, especially given how sexual American culture seems to be.

  49. I live close to Boston and my school system (public) was not allowed to teach sex ed at all, and I graduated from high school in 2017….

  50. 2:00 Oh. Do you remember the Sex Ed scene in Mean Girls? As a german, I always thought it was just a joke… but… I suppose this is the depiction of american reality?:ooo

  51. Germans are in the vast majority not religious or at least not practicing their religion, hence religion biased sex ed, like abstinence, doesn't really have a chance to be ever propagated.

  52. Well, I had Sex ed 3 times in school. The stuff about genitalia and the basics were taught in 3rd grade, it got a lot more specific in 6th grade when contraception was introduced just like the Menstruation. In 9th grade it became very medical with all sorts of stds and how the contraceptives work e.g. the hormones in the anti baby pill.

  53. We learned everything about puberty, the male and female body, menstruation, stds, how sex works, how pregnancy works in 5th grade at my german school. Then in 8th or 9th grade we got taught everything again but in way more detail and also talked more about hormones and all the science, protection and masturbation since yk it's that age where your body starts getting interested in sex. We had to put a condom on a wooden penis and everything. Class was usually really chill and we could always ask questions. Would've loved to talk way more about girls masturbating tho.

  54. I don't think sex education is good in Germany. They talk about it as if it was a hand shake, but promiscuity is not very good. Relationship part of it is something worth mentioning. Also it comes too early for most kids, those who are interested in sex at 10 are exeptions.

  55. You wanna know the most disturbing thing about the difference between German and American sex ed? We in Germany learned more about sex, abortion and prenatal diagnosis in RELIGION CLASS than Americans do in sex ed class. Yes, we aren't as fanatically religious as the US, but still.

  56. When I was in 6th grade (German, sorry for the bad english ), girls and boys where seperated and got a mysterous bag. Pink for girls and blue for boys. In different classromms now the educations of what happens to your body and whats sex. Very basic. Nothing new if you don't only read the daily-news.
    I wish there were more time to ask and answer then one lesson.

  57. I think the mistake of people who try to improve education in America, is to call it sex ed. That word scares teachers, preachers and parents. Just call it a biology class on reproduction.
    Now to be fair, they shouldn't be scared by that word, but it will take a generation or two of people who didn't get educated with fear mongering before that's a reality.

  58. None of them learned about different sexualities fjdjfj i cant

    We actually briefly discussed that and bevause there are so many gays in our class we discussed it more than without them

    Im german bte

  59. “Sex” is an illness, which is spread by Upbringing, and will end lethal !
    “Sex” ist eine Krankheit, die durch Erziehung übertragen wird, und die tödlich endet !

    We will only comprehend the tragic “Misunderstanding of Needs” called “Sex”, if we understand it as a treacherous DUALISM of “Sex-Addiction” and “Addiction to Sex-Abstinence” !!!
    And only THEN, when we realize this bigger, enhanced Connection, we will be able to heal ourselves from “Sex” as well as from “Sex-Abstinence” !!!

    Adult´s  EDUCATION is really "NON-family safe" & NOT suitable for Minors
    !!! 😯 But it is not even suitable for ADULTS, too ! 8-X How dare we claim that "Sex" would be a MATURE Subject ? It only reveals our IMmaturity about our real Needs for bodily Love and Intimacy.

    Let´s FINALLY REALLY HONESTLY & OPENLY TALK ABOUT “SEX” & Fears & Sadness …and REAL Needs, not artificial ones…. OK ?!

    – to be able to find out, that Sex is a tragic, painful, lethal MISunderstanding of EVERYTHING  LOVING in the Bodily Love <3   8´-(

    – to be able to see, Sex is NOT a natural given “NEED”  😯

    – to finally WAKE UP from Society´s  INTOXICATION %-P , it´s Sex-Psychosis and Sex-Abstinence-Psychosis, Addiction & the Shame, Guilt  & UNconscious Fear to “have to HIDE something” from your OWN CHILDREN ! 8-X

    Or do I ask for TOO MUCH now ???

    SüdseeHäuptling TUIAVII über Sex-Sucht & Sex-Abstinenz-Sucht ("der Papalangi"): 

    Weil nun die Leiber der Frauen und Mädchen so stark bedeckt sind,
    tragen die Männer und Jünglinge ein großes Verlangen, ihr Fleisch zu sehen, wie dies auch natürlich ist. Sie denken bei Tag und Nacht daran und sprechen viel von den Körperformen der Frauen und Mädchen und immer so, als ob das, was natürlich und schön ist, eine große Sünde sei und nur im dunkelsten Schatten geschehen dürfe. Wenn die das Fleisch offen sehen lassen würden, möchten sie ihre Gedanken mehr an andere Dinge geben, und ihre Augen würden nicht schielen, und ihr Mund würde nicht lüsterne Worte sagen, wenn sie einem Mädchen begegneten. 
    Aber das Fleisch ist ja Sünde, ist von Aitu (=Teufel) ! Gibt es ein törichteres Denken, liebe Brüder ? – Wenn man den Worten des Weissen glauben könnte, möchte man wohl mit ihm wünschen, unser Fleisch sei lieber hart wie das Gestein der Lava und ohne
    schöne Wärme, die von innen kommt. Noch aber wollen wir uns freuen, daß unser Fleisch mit der Sonne sprechen kann, daß wir unsere Beine schwingen können wie das wilde Pferd, weil kein Lendentuch sie bindet und keine Fußhaut (=Schuhe) sie beschwert und wir nicht achtgeben müssen, daß unsere Bedeckung vom Kopfe fällt. Laßt uns freuen an der Taopou (=Dorfjungfrau) , die schön von Leib ist und ihre Glieder zeigt in Sonne und Mondlicht. 
    Töricht, blind, ohne Sinn für rechte Freude ist der Weisse, der sich so stark verhüllen muß, um ohne Scham zu sein.  

    ( aus den Reden des Südsee-Häuptlings Tuiavii aus Tiavea (Insel Upolu) im Buch: "der Papalangi" )

  60. All the people Here telling how they learned everything in Sex ad in Germany, while I live in Germany and my teacher is russian and after 5 minutes of trying to explain, she gave Up and never talked about it again…. Her accent ist really heavy and we have to teach us the Most Things by ourselfs

  61. We never learned hands on how to use a condom (though the class below us was allowed to use condoms on bananas, I was SO jealous back in fourth grade). We also didn’t learn much about the menstruation cycle. I mean, we learned that every now and then women bleed and it’s because they didn’t become pregnant when they could, but we never learned about how much blood you lose, how long the cycle is, what side effects you could have, …

    We also didn’t learn about same sex couples or that it was completely okay to be asexual. So where American schools seem to think that sex is something you only use for a purpose (getting pregnant) and that you’ll never do it apart from that and therefore only in a man-woman-combination, German schools back in my time (graduated 10 years ago) seemed to think that sex is a basic and necessary part of every life, but also only between a man and a woman.

    I don’t like either way. I’d like to hear my teacher talk about the three (or, depending on the scientist) more kinds of attraction, how sexual attraction is only one level of what we’d call a relationship. How it’s not wrong to be asexual, or to be gay, lesbian, pan, whatever.

    But apart from that we covered the basic things. Genitalia, what goes where, how you can’t get pregnant from toilet seats, some STDs, though not all and only on a basic level, …

    And we had sex ed every second year since fourth grade. And from fourth grade on all the graphic details of intercourse itself.

  62. Suggestion; the short (6 page)
    Death Talks About Life
    comic – that is really more a public service announcement – written by Neil Gaiman and drawn by Dave McKean.

    It's about safe sex, yup.

  63. Lol. I went to a catholic girls only school here in Germany, but proper education about sex (and „female“ topics ranging from menstruation, being conscious about your own body up to emancipation) was very important at my school. We even learned about sex in the lgbt community (although that’s not common). Makes me sad to see how other Christians use our religion in order to demonize the whole concept of sex.

  64. I've got a great argument against teaching religion in schools, or even going to church for any teenagers before their coming-of-age ritual. Especially Christian schools.
    Here goes:
    As we all know one of the seven deadly sins is taking the Lord's name in vain. As we all know children will always abuse their powers to insult someone. They will unwittingly commit the ultimate deadly sin of repeatedly taking God's name in vain thereby condemning their eternal souls to permanent hellfire. As such the only way to prevent children from permanently endangering their immortal souls is to prevent them from ever hearing about God, Jesus, or even religion in general. Thus, no-one is allowed to talk to children about God or religion in general. Christmas and all other Christian holidays have to be banned from being mentioned in any school, on TV, or even any books. Only the absolute abstinence of talking about God will safeguard our children's eternal souls from hellfire. As such schools may hint at the possibility of religion but not about the possibility of personal faith.

    Sound familiar? Sound as stupid as sex ed being abstinence only? Thanks.

  65. my school even had a couple of women who worked as abortion counsellors come in annually who explained to the students what the options are in case of an accidental pregnancy, where to get support if you decide to keep the child, who to turn to if you decide not to etc. in retrospect I'm very impressed with that because my school was on the conservative side of protestantism and they still put their students' wellbeing above their beliefs.

  66. Sex ed is part of the "Lehrplan" in Germany. Even private schools – no matter how conservative or fundamentalistic religious they may be – have to teach it.

  67. We were about 11 and it was very awkward. Everyone giggled and turned red if you had to say penis or vagina. And we only talked about menstruation, the genital s and puberty. We learned nothing about sex in general and after that we never had sex ed again.

  68. I don't know much about the US school system. So I might be wrong. But schools in western countries are often representaives of the government and part of their system and have to seperate religion and state strictly. Sometimes if I listen to US politicians it sounds more like bringing back more religion in to the school than less. The wrong way in my opinion like this example shows. But anyway. At the end the US residents have to decide this by themselves.

  69. We learned not to think like in porn. So our teacher told us how to pleasure one another, not just use your partner for your own relief. Alongside safe-sex practices and contrasceptoin, of course.

  70. i think my mum also did a very good job taking my to her gyn appointments so i could ask her doctor questions if something came up and bought me Bravo every week from when i was 7 on which had a little section with pics of naked teens with and without body hair, different body types etc and a Q&A section from teens with sex questions.
    Then when i was 12 i got my first own gyn appointment, so did many girls in my class.
    But this is where things got tricky – at that time most girls would just get the pill for better skin/easier menstruation and making sure we were safe but the doctors didn't really ask too many questions and gave it out a bit too quick for my taste nowadays

  71. ´First: You mentioned that mainly the girls shall avoid sexual intercourse – for me that's a theme of dirty old white men. Over that, that' exactly 50% of the problem.

    Absolutely no sex – full stop??? And telling nothing about the rest of the world? That's teaching about 2-4% of the theme, not mentioning 96% – in an essay the pupils are tested on, it would be a complete fail. For me stupid like hell.

    Another theme, that I'm missing in the American education: OK they say: no sex before. But in what way shall the just married couple know everything about sex? I don't expect the priest to do that in some 5 minutes. Let them without any knowledge into the honeymoon leads into catastrophic experiences.

    And – if that young couple is not well situated – leading them not knowing about birth control into (an economic critical future) with children that extend the economic stress.

  72. Too bad, that there where no men in the video. But then… yeah, it’s the ‘being a woman’ series… still, it would have been interesting.

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