Georgian National University | Study MBBS in Georgia

we are the biggest private university in Georgia more than 8,000 of our students Georgian and international experience the modern top-level educational facilities of Georgia National University cell together with opportunities to become a very competitive person in the relevant field our medical school is dedicated to be a leader educational institution in the region for this reason our faculty permanently works for the recruitment of highly qualified lecturers including foreign lectures our mission is that graduates of our medical program process newest information in basic translational and clinical medical sciences which will ensure ability to deliver high-quality health the graduates of our medical school will be high competitive for the residential work working with doctors for the clinical scientific teaching and research practices worldwide for medical students it is absolutely essential to collect as much clinical experience as possible our ornamented clinics have one of the highest patient logs in the country world-class professional team ultra-modern medical equipment and big number of patients make our facility two very attractive educational place for medical team evidence-based medicine is wittily important in clinical medicine and in particular in surgery this promotes best practices and correct decision made it is silent isn't to emphasize evidence by said surgery into medical education to equip two chapters which were proper skills from evolving patient care my name is Harvey I'm 18 years old and I'm from Saudi Arabia but my nationality Syrian and I have been my friend I'm Annie and Georgian and we both are medical students studying in Georgian National University yes my dad kept on reading about it online so he talked to that musician and he got in contact with you guys and about two weeks or so we got the reply that accepted the worst and it was so easy that he didn't like notice it's going to be this quick to be honest I wanted to be a medical student I wanted to study in English so this university I think helped me a lot to like pursue my dream and pursue those dreams to be honest the university becomes best with its best students and all of us we want to give you possibility to become the best one

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  1. And Mam Can You Give details About IFOM Exam that is introduced Which is compulsory To give From 3 year (BSE) and and in 6th year (CSE)

  2. Mam, has NEXT Exam replaced McI Exam, theres news in paper and online,, it's says this exam will be exit exam for both Indian student in India and also in abroad,,
    Pls Mam Reply what You Know about NEXT Exam

  3. Hello yukti its dr vikram here
    I had completed my mds in india and i want to work as dentist in georgia so can you help me to find a job

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