Georgia Tech discusses the future of education in New York City

– Georgia Tech continues to imagine the future of higher education. And one that is affordable, accessible, and applicable for every learner. And what better place
to imagine that future than New York City? And here, in the heart of the Big Apple, Georgia Tech played host
to ATT&T and Microsoft, alongside university leaders and members of the national media. The discussion centered on
issues of critical innovation necessary to meet the
changing needs of learners now and throughout their lifetimes. Georgia Tech president G.P. Bud Peterson and provost Rafael Bras recognized these educational issues
impact not only our campus, but our country and the world. – We are a national
international university. Although indeed we must have
this conversation on the campus because the campus community
has to be behind the ideas. Nevertheless, we have to interact with that larger community,
and New York City is the ultimate American
international city. So it is important that we are here. From New York City, the rest of the nation and the rest of the world will listen. – Well, I think one of
our goals is to actually bring back some of the
ideas that are shared here, some of the ideas that are
put forward by other folks, and to take those back
to campus to the people that have been working on this
project for a couple years, to try to help them understand what some other folks around the country that are thought leaders
in the educational arena are thinking about the
future of higher education. – Through our partnership
with Georgia Tech, through our partnership
with some of the leaders who are here today, it’s
just important that we create an ecosystem and we have
a platform for our employees to upscale, rescale,
and continuously learn. And so that’s important for, honestly, our survival as an organization. – I think getting all these
diverse people together to think about moving forward
the development of education is really the way to go. – [Susie] For more information
on how Georgia Tech is creating the next in
education, visit

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