Georgia teacher uses Bingo to help students get to the other end of the rainbow

O 66.>>O 66, I got it.>>O 62. There”s so much that I’ve learned about
the program that I wasn’t aware of. Because I could have been one of those and probably was one of those naysayers in
the beginning about the GNETS Program. But actually partaking and
actually coming into the field, especially in the education field and
working with the GNETS Program. It has so much to offer.>>I 23.>>I 23?
Bingo!>>With doing the bingo, it’s a multitude
of things that have to happen. You have to pay attention to the person
who is calling out the numbers. So first of all, you have to be focused. A lot of our kids come in,
they’re ADHD, so they have to tune in. Now they have focus on you as
an instructor, as a teacher. At the end of the rainbow, they have
something tangible that they want. Look around, we’re still going,
I’ve got plenty of snacks to give away. What do you have? All right! Clear your cards. [SOUND] They’re focusing and
they’re listening and then going back and completing an assignment which is
placing your chips on your target. It goes hand in hand with the students and
their behaviors and coming back to those replacement
behaviors and putting it all together. All right. When you come in, you read their IP and
you see the backgrounds that the students are coming from and you see some of the
trauma that have been in their background. To play a difference in their life and to actually make a difference to where
they can actually go back to general ed. Because you had an impact
on their life and it will help with some of those behaviors,
there’s no more gratifying feeling. E 11.>>We already had that.>>That was last round, E11.

1 thought on “Georgia teacher uses Bingo to help students get to the other end of the rainbow”

  1. Schools are a disaster in America. Kids need to be kept entertained these days. Back in my day if you didn't study you would get a beating. No, two beatings. One by your parents, the other by your teachers. Nowadays kids are in command and they know it. This generation is not going to be able to solve the problems it will face. We will end up being relegated to a second or third-rate status country, just watch. Evading reality is the first step towards failure. We can't afford to raise idealists.

    To think we're going to save kids playing bingo… Tsss. Please!

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