Georgetown Pre-College Summer Program

(inspiring orchestral music) – It’s in the middle of the summer, but Georgetown University is as noisy, as filled as any other day, and that’s because we have the Georgetown Pre-College Summer Program. It’s a program for high school students to get to improve their
math and english skills, as well as learn about all the happenings in the world right now. We try to make that as fun as possible by having a lot of
activities so they can enjoy. The activities are meant to improve your mental skills as well
as your physical skills. The other day, we went
to the Mathaf Museum and had a scavenger hunt
just so they can walk around and be active as well as
learn about the artists and the different
paintings that’s happening. The students also had
to analyze all of these paintings so they can
really and truly learn the deeper meaning of them. We also get to see how different students from different schools
and different backgrounds all get together to become one big family and one big group of friends by the end of the program. (inspirational orchestral music)

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