Georgetown as a Global University

(bell chimes) (energetic music) – What does it mean to
be a global university? Georgetown University has
been engaging this question, living this question, as we reimagine our mission for the present day. As we prepare students for
lives of service and leadership, as we foster discovery and innovation, as we support dialogue and understanding. We do so all to make a
disproportionate impact around the globe. We draw on our strengths, our
Catholic and Jesuit identity with its deeper sources and
commitment to the common good. Our location in the nation’s capitol for more than 225 years now. The global dimensions of our programs have the leading edge
on policy, area studies, global health, and transnational law. Our global presence, from our campus in Qatar’s Education City,
to our academic partners and alumni in 160 countries. The dialogue and exchange
we convene between leaders of the industry, the public
sector, and the academy. From these strengths, we are re-imagining what it means to be a university dedicated to the betterment of humankind. We’re helping to define what it means to be a global university
for our world today and for the common good. (energetic music)

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