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When I was a kid I loved to enter into contests.
That’s right whether it was playing a sport, or using my brain I loved to compete, because
I liked to win. For example when I was a kid I entered into
a pumpkin decorating contest for Halloween and I won first place.
I felt like I was on top of the world. There is nothing like coming in first, and right
now I want to talk about someone who was first too. I want to talk about the first president
of the United States named George Washington. George washington was 1st the President of
united states from 1789 to 1797. Not only was he the President of the United States,
but he was unanimously voted by everytone there who had a vote to be the president,
and that was the first time and only time in history that would happen.
Talking about presidents who hold office today you may use the term republican, or democrat,
but George Washington was neither one. In history George was known as a federalist.
Now talking about George Washingtons life he was born on February 22, 1732 in Westmoreland
County in Virginia. He grew up there in colonial Virginia and
his father was a landowner and a planter. Now with George he had to deal with losing
his father at an early age. When George Washington was 11 years old his father died.
Even though George’s father had died, George still had another male role model in his life.
He went to live with his older brother named Lawrence. Lawrence raised George and helped
him to get an education in the basics of reading, math. and more
At the age of 16 George became what was called a surveyor going out into new lands to take
measurements and create maps. Not long after that he became a part of the
Virginia militia and got involved in wars like the French and Indian War.
Another cool thing about George Washington is he finally got married. When settling down
he married a widow by the name of Martha Dandridge Custis. Although they never had kids he kept
himself busy and became a parts of the Virginia Legislature.
During that time America was under British rule. This is where George and the other land
owners were tired of being treated bad by the British and decided to wage war in the
American Revolution. In 1775 Washington became the general of the
Continental Army. Although he lost many battles in the end the British Army surrender in Yorktown
on October 17, 1781. Years later in 1789 George Washington was
elected to be the first president of the United States.
He was also one of the key people that helped to frame the Constitution of the United States
of America as well. After serving only two terms George Washington
remembered what it was like to be under British rule and decided to step down from office.
He did not want people to look at him as a king, and stepped away from his powerful seat.
This began a tradition for many presidents who only stayed in office for 8 years. The
only president to sit longer than that was Franklin Deleanor Roosevelt.
After leaving office George Washington enjoyed his life until December 14th 1799. that is
when he died after suffering for weeks with a cold and eventually passing from a throat
infection. Well I hope you enjoyed hanging out with me while I talked about the first
President of the United States of America, George Washington.
Like I started off saying, being first is always cool and there is nothing cooler than
being known as the first President of the United States of America.

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