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[theme music playing] DENISE HAYDEN: Hi,
am Denise Hayden, and we’re in my home in
Floral Park, New York. I’ve been teaching high
school English at Floral Park Memorial for 29 years. I love my job– I know it’s a cliche. But when a student comes
back and tells you, you did this to help
me, or something you taught me has
helped me tremendously, there is no price for that. You know, that’s always
very inspiring to me. And now that my son,
Joseph, is in school, I see the power
of a good teacher. GEORGE OLIPHANT: We are
off to the Hayden’s house. Denise is a selfless,
single mother, who adopted her son, Joey, in 2010. DENISE HAYDEN
(VOICEOVER): The moment that they put Joseph in my
arms, you know, I never felt anything like that in my life. I knew he was mine. I knew it was meant to be. All right, here we go. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Denise
was filled with joy when she brought Joey home. But five months later,
she was very worried when she discovered that he had
noticeable motor skill issues. She took him to doctors, and was
given a very scary diagnosis. DENISE HAYDEN:
Joseph was diagnosed with septo-optic dysplasia. It usually results
in legal blindness, cerebral palsy, and
brain abnormalities that affect learning and function. It was horrible,
to say the least. The doctor said to me,
he’s not going to walk, he’s not going to talk. She found out that
he was adopted– she said to me, is the
adoption reversible? And I– I couldn’t even
breathe at that point. Today is the dice game show! DENISE HAYDEN: You
know, you don’t know how you’re going to
react to bad medical news until it happens. And what I did was just
tackled it, head-on. And because he’s my son,
I’ll do anything for him. I will go anywhere. I will fight for
him on any level. I’m so excited, yay! DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
He is friendly, enthusiastic, curious, they’ve dubbed him the
mayor of his elementary school. Choo choo! DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
He loves trains. He loves the Long Island
Railroad– that was part of the charm of the house
was that, in my backyard, the Long Island Railroad
actually runs right by us. All right, be careful,
be careful, be careful. GEORGE OLIPHANT:
Because of Joey’s unique developmental needs,
some parts of his house can be considered hazardous– namely his backyard. DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
Joseph loves to be outside in the backyard, but letting
Joseph go outside by himself is not an option at all. Most of the backyard is
cement, and it’s cracked. Last year, Joseph actually lost
his balance simply walking, and fell and hit his
head pretty badly. You want to push it some more? GEORGE OLIPHANT: Denise is not
in the position to spearhead a giant backyard
transformation, but she wants to encourage Joey’s
independence, and give him a
safe place to play. And I am confident that
we can put together a team that can make this happen. DENISE HAYDEN: So
much of his freedom’s been limited by his mobility. So if George were able to
help us make a safe space, it would allow him
more freedom, it would give me more peace of mind. [doorbell rings] DENISE HAYDEN: Oh, my gosh! [cheering] We were so happy
that George came. I just wanted to keep hugging
him, to make sure it was real. I understand that your
backyard needs some help? Yes. OK, well you know what? You know what I do? You’re gonna fix it. I fix things, right? So I’m going to fix up
the backyard for you. Sound good? Sounds good. Perfect. All right, we have a deal. Today was a great day! Right? Great day! Thank you, George! We’ve got an awesome team
helping us on this rescue. Dealing with all
the stuff outside, we have John from
Con-Kel Landscaping. And coming back as a team
for the second time on George to the Rescue, we have our
designer, Chastity, from Riese Design, and our general
contractor, Gary, from Ambassador Home Improvement. Obviously, this is
the Hayden’s house. This is the backyard. What can we do to make
this place better, safer, Well, I think we’ve got to get
rid of the– all the concrete, because it’s an
unsafe area for Joey. With the way it’s
set up– very sharp edges, older concrete,
trip hazards, and you can’t have that. So we’re going to redo
that, make it good for him. GARY ZACCARO: I’m thinking maybe
I can make the stoop larger, so that way Joey can sit
outside and look at the trains, because I know he loves trains. I love the whole idea
of doing the outside, but what about the inside? Inside means a lot– they
spend a lot of time inside. So we have to do something
really special for them. I really want to go upstairs,
I want to look at their rooms so I can figure
out what I’m doing. GEORGE OLIPHANT: So this
is Denise’s room– ah, it’s an all right
master bedroom. Well, first of all, I
think she would appreciate having a walk-in closet. We’re going to make
her a little en suite. It’s just going to
feel a lot bigger. Just knock down that
wall, and turn that room– and this room– into
just one giant master suite, kind of thing? CHASTITY CENTENO: Right,
so for Joe’s room, we’re looking to do something
a lot more kid friendly. I do know that he loves
trains, and I really want to incorporate that
into the whole design scheme of everything. I knew I picked the
perfect team for this rescue, so let’s get after it. Yeah, we’re going
to get to work. We’re going to
make this amazing. GARY ZACCARO: I would
hire George in a second. [theme music playing] GEORGE OLIPHANT: Before
we can start construction, we’ve got to get everything out
of Joe and Denise’s bedroom. So we got local movers,
Men on the Move, here to take care of it all. John is leading the
charge in the backyard, and myself and Gary are
going to start inside. We’re going to take
that place apart. All right, let’s do it. DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
Well, one thing I didn’t like is when you
looked at the ceiling, that there were a million
lines, because they have the 12 by 12 ceiling tiles. So by eliminating
those ceiling tiles, and ripping down
the crown molding, we’re able to do a nice,
clean, sheet rock ceiling. Gary, were these just
decorative, acoustic ceilings? What’s the point of these? GARY ZACCARO: That–
that way, you didn’t have to worry about spackling. Back then, you could just
put up the ceiling tiles and you were done. So, in Denise’s room,
in the master bedroom, we are actually going
to combine two rooms. And in order to do
that, we’re going to have to knock out some
walls, and make a passageway. Here, who wants it?
Anybody? Anybody want a mirror? GARY ZACCARO: I would
hire George in a second. There’s no going back now! All right, let’s make one
room into two– sorry, I take that back. Let’s make two rooms into one. Demo is moving and
groovin’ inside the house. So I’m going to get downstairs,
and see what kind of trouble I can create in the backyard. I tell you what, John from
Con-Kel is not joking around. He brought an army, assortment
of different machines, jackhammers, picks,
axes, chainsaws– you name it, we
got it, and we are ripping this backyard apart. All right, so John,
what is this machine? How do we use it,
and can I drive it? This is a sod cutter,
you’re not going to drive it, you’re going to steer it.
– OK. So we’re going
to get it going. We’re going to take out the old
existing areas of the grass. So make a little noise. Yeah, well, George is going
to grab the handles on that, and hold off for dear life. He’s going to learn the hard way
that it’s a lot of manual labor involved in this. And you’ll want to
start the next row, because this row is done. Everything needs to come out. We’re talking the bushes,
I’m talking the concrete, I’m talking every blade of grass
is getting cut out, ripped out. We’re going to
level out the space, and then we’re
going to start anew. All right, all done. After we did
the demo upstairs, I realized that I couldn’t
meet all of Chastity’s goals, because I was dealing
with a structural issue– there’s a head or holding
up the roof load, so I could not remove the return wall. So when the guys framed
it, they framed it here. Which kills me a
little bit, because I really wanted to push it back. This is an issue for
me, only because I had a certain idea in my
head that we were going to actually blow this out. So let’s see how we’re
going to handle this one. NARRATOR: George to the Rescue
is sponsored, in part, by 3M. For more information
about 3M products, or to find a retailer
near you, go to GARY ZACCARO: Having to remove
this corner out of the bedroom, we dealt with some
structural things. Structural issues on
a 100-year-old house, I cannot open Pandora’s box. OK, so if this is 48,
right, then I will want 36. Done. Really? Done. I had to leave that
one return wall, and try to make Chastity
happy by shrinking the opening from 48 inches to 36 inches. What some people might think
is just a giant muddy pit, I– I see progress. This is– this is coming
along nicely, Gary. But what about this stoop? GARY ZACCARO: Well,
this definitely is gone. And we’re going to bring
it all the way to the end. I want Joe sitting here,
looking out at the trains. He’ll be able to sit
out here, because we’re going to build this roof all
the way out to the corner. GEORGE OLIPHANT:
Thankfully, we’ve got the guys from
Able Concrete here to take care of
all of our masonry needs– this is our
patio, and the stoop. GARY ZACCARO: Allied
Builders Supply in Seaford came through big time getting
those papers donated for us. It’s kind of crazy
out here right now. We’ve got these guys right
here, are our masons, they’re mixing up our base
for our– our patio over here. These guys are
leveling it all out. It’s a lot– this is the
George to the Rescue universe! Right here. OK– perfect. Get yer bricks! Who wants some bricks? We’ve done a lot of projects
on George to the Rescue, but this is the
first time we’ve ever created a pondless waterfall. JOHN POWER: A
pondless waterfall is actually like a water feature,
very similar to a pond, with no pond. You don’t have to worry about
cleaning it, stagnant water. All right, rolling
out the black carpet. All right, here we go. JOHN POWER: Are we good? All right, we are
on our way to creating a pondless waterfall. JOHN POWER: Now
you got to get out. Now I have to find a way
out of the pondless waterfall. There we are. We have all sorts of
plants– ornamental grasses, evergreens, different flowers– you name it, we got it. It’s going in the backyard. But first, we got to
get it off the truck. Oh, yeah– that’s my style. Two by two. It’s all in the shoulder. You tell me when. GEORGE OLIPHANT: I don’t know
when the last time any of you have carried a plant, but
plants are not light, either. And we got a lot of them,
and got some big ones. And– well, wish me luck. You ready? Yeah, yeah. Get your shoulder under there. Wow– John, great. JOHN POWER: You got it, George? Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I think I’m good. [grunts] That was a lot of plants. I– I’ll be with you
guys in a second. JOHN POWER: With
the plant material that we brought in, we’re
going to top them off, we’re going to leave them. So you’ll have a barrier
around the whole perimeter of the property. Doing a little
bushwhacking down in here. This is what they mean
when they say, getting down and dirty on the job. What’s up, Freddie? Hey, how you doing today? Doing good, man, doing good.
What’s the scoop? Basically what
we’re going to do is we’re going to
start laying out the zones to accommodate the
different areas of planting. GEORGE OLIPHANT: We’re going to
make it so that they’re going to be able to enjoy the
backyard– they’re not going to be spending all their
time with the hose, watering, and keeping
everything alive. Exactly– everything
will be automatic. CHASTITY CENTENO: The Hayden’s
had carpeting in the bedrooms beforehand, so we
ripped them out, and underneath were these
beautiful hardwood floors. And all it needs
is a little TLC. So we’re meeting Frank
Rogers from Frank Roger’s Hardwood Flooring today. We’re going to throw some
samples on the floor, we’re going to pick
a color for upstairs, and I’m super excited about it.
– What do you think? That’s the dark walnut,
that’s the Jacobean– this one, obviously, is–
is darker, it’s more– Right, I like the dark walnut. You like the– it will
bring out some of the– Yeah. Yeah, brings out
much more of the grain. Yeah. I say go with
the one that gives you more beauty of the wood. We’re going dark walnut. GEORGE OLIPHANT: With the
project in full swing, I set up Denise and Joe with
an unforgettable surprise. We’re going on
the train today. Yay! DENISE HAYDEN: George has a very
special surprise for you today. Guess what we’re
taking a ride on? The Long Island Railroad. We’re going on the train today! Yay! Joseph– he’s going to be
my assistant conductor today. We’re going to be
giving him a hat. Thank you for riding– I’m going back four part
station to go back to school. It was so awesome. It was so awesome. I think it was the
best day of Joe’s life. I think he’ll
remember this forever. I made the door open! Yeah, give me some
of that– give me five! GEORGE OLIPHANT:
We are literally wrapping up the construction
element of this rescue. Doing the gates of the house
are Ebert Fence & Railing, who are two brothers that
had Ms. Hayden in high school for English. What are we doing? Putting railings up
around the back patio. Yeah? Then we’re going to
get a gate over here, and then double gates
over there on that side. GEORGE OLIPHANT: This
is a huge project, so we needed twice
as many painters. Outside we’ve got Ryan
Moran, and inside we have Forza Painting. Time is always of the
essence on the rescue, but I always want to make sure
that the house is protected– that’s why Scotch Blue’s
pre-taped painter’s plastic, with dispenser, is a lifesaver. CHASTITY CENTENO:
Gary and his crew are done, which means I can
get in there and do my job, and they start installing
all of my design elements. We have a stockpile of
lights here from Lamps Plus. CHASTITY CENTENO: We got ceiling
fixtures, sconces, floor lamps. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Thankfully,
we have Paul and Jack here from Full
Potential Electric to help get them all installed. It’s a big day. We have a huge delivery
coming from Wayfair. They’re bringing all the
furniture for Denise’s bedroom. CHASTITY CENTENO:
In Denise’s room, it’s going to be something
very calming, very cozy, very relaxing. I want her to be
able to say, aah when she lays down in her bed. GEORGE OLIPHANT: First, Chastity
turns a bedroom into a closet. Then, she gets Container Store
to put in all of the drawers and the shelving. And then she brings in
a professional organizer to organize the closet. Any time, if you’re
going to get organized, is it best to kind of
just clear it all out and start from scratch? Basically, you
clear and you sort. It’s as easy as that. CHASTITY CENTENO: Joe’s room
is really special to me. I want him to feel like he
is in his own train station. We have Jason, the carpenter,
who built this train bed, [inaudible] from Precision
Millwork and Cabinetry. They’re painting the bed. Wow– Jason, this
bed is ridiculous. Full bed, pull– pull-out drawers. CHASTITY CENTENO:
He has his dresser, but it’s always nice to have
under the bed storage, too. Everybody knows that
window treatments are the jewelry to the room, right? So we had Blinds to Go
donate to the master bedroom. We also had Ella Moon’s
Design donate the Roman shades in Joey’s bedroom. So everything everything’s going
to be finished off perfectly. GARY ZACCARO: My goal is to
always try to balance, you know, making a living, but
also at the same time, making a difference. And giving back, to
me, especially when you’re dealing with
children, is the most satisfying feeling of all. – You ready?
– Ready! Yeah? Yes. OK, let’s do this! Oh, my god– oh, my god! GEORGE OLIPHANT: Command
products help you cleverly solve your organizing and
decorating challenges, without damage to your walls. Just peel and stick to
apply, and stretch to remove. So you can decorate
without doing harm. To find out about
Command products from 3M, or find a retailer near
you, go to Hello there, my friend, Joey! What’s up, buddy? How you doing? Good! Yeah? We have another house! Whose house is it? My house! That’s right, it’s your house. Let’s do this! I just let Joey in
on a little secret. OK. We can just get up there
and take care of Joey’s room. We also did your room– Oh, my god! And come on inside, then we
want to show you your room, first.
– OK. Ta-dah! Oh, my god! DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
Walking into my bedroom for the very first
time, the first thing I saw was the chandelier–
which was beyond beautiful. No way! Oh, my god! There’s no– And then the walk-in closet? That part of the room I
can’t even process right now. I can’t believe that! GEORGE OLIPHANT: It’s
brand spanking new! DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
I was relaxed. I felt the space was so
calming, and the colors. I can’t believe
it– it’s beautiful! It was more beautiful
than I imagined. GEORGE OLIPHANT: Joey? You ready to see your room? Yes! OK, let’s go, Jo. I want you to
lead the way, bud. Go ahead.
Come on, buddy. You go on in. Bring mom– show
her what we did. Oh, my god! Look! Joey, what is that? A train! It’s a train bed! GEORGE OLIPHANT: This is
your own locomotive– it’s the Joey Express right here. DENISE HAYDEN: Whoa,
look at this, Joe! That bed is so sick– I can’t believe
that it actually has the front of the locomotive,
and that his name is on the bed, itself. Hey Joey, when you were
looking out the window, did you see anything
different about your backyard? Oh, my god, Joe– let’s go look! Oh, my god! Look at the Mets chairs, Joe! Oh, my god– oh, my god. Have at it, Joe. Joseph, look at this! When I stepped out,
the first thing was– there’s something under my feet
that doesn’t have moss on it. It’s beautiful! It’s a waterfall! I never saw that
in the backyard! You did a good job on
the plan in the backyard. Thanks– well, I had
some friends help me out. DENISE HAYDEN:
Look at the swings! The backyard is a space
where he can be himself. Woohoo! DENISE HAYDEN (VOICEOVER):
He has a gated area where I don’t have to be on top of him. GEORGE OLIPHANT: So
obviously, all of this didn’t happen with just me. I had this amazing team. DENISE HAYDEN: Amazing. GEORGE OLIPHANT: –helped
me along the way. [cheering] DENISE HAYDEN: Being rescued
means being loved, really. I feel a swell of support. Thank you so much to everyone. We’re so overwhelmed. I’ve always said it– Joe belongs to everybody,
especially this community. And I really can’t express
my appreciation for all that you’ve done for us– we’re making Joseph happy. You know, as a
teacher, you know, you want to help
other people and you do it because it’s who you are. And to have it returned
to you, it’s hard to– to take in. Thank you for doing a
good job to my new house. We love you. You want to blow some kisses? That’s– that’s good. [laughs] That’s good, Joe. [applause]

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