Geography Level Geo-Literacy. Level: Mentore

what countries makeup Great Britain you've heard a Great Britain yeah if someone says they're going to Great Britain what language do they speak when they get there British they speak British okay have you ever met anyone who speaks British no you think of any word British no no Nene Cooper oh yeah you're talking with Todd quiet if you met someone from Amsterdam what nationality would they be I have no idea mister dannion and Danny and now they wear wooden shoes who wears wooden shoes toddlers cobblers they said they'd be cobblers we're talking with Wendy shape Lindsey and your high school student as well yes sir what is the world's tallest mountain it's not not much boy do you ever rest do i what ever rest yeah I ask you do you ever rest the news day i sat at a bar I show that's a funny name and your high school stem where do people from Denmark called you meet a bunch of people from Denmark good morning then Marty ins and Marty ins really great lakes on there Oh a lot like name all name one great lake big great big we're talking with Nick Nick what do you do um I go to high school little high school in Royse City Texas and what do you want to do when you get out I would like to be a film director film do right okay you're heard in the English Channel yes goes between what two countries France and England England now is there any way to get there besides by boat I think there's like a bridge like an a really long bridge and it goes under the water the bridge that goes under the water would be called what an underwater bridge we're talking with Caitlin Wilcox Caitlin you're from where Arkansas Arkansas okay how is the school system in Arkansas it's awesome it's good how many oceans are there ocean yeah I only been a one you've been to one which one weirdo she did you go to negotiate what the Pacific up in Florida how was it it's good what is the largest country in South America in South America and where is irenic I don't know like South Europe or something south Iraq isn't south to go to Europe to go south what country would you find the Panama Canal Panama and now is there a country named Panama no no oh is it in the u.s. no why do they follow the Panama Canal II think is there the guy named Panama maze of every time you get robbed you made the canal dependent Oh Panama Canal if you one down to use the Panama Canal you're trying to get from where to where one place to another faster faster that yeah but from where does it go Oh Panama and what and France French where is the rack you know we have so much about a right back yeah Iraq and Afghanistan in Afghanistan we're talking with Mackenzie Mexico where is the Berlin Wall located in the former Soviet Union oh darn it's the Berlin Wall still there no what happened well david has him and what did David Hasselhoff a computer right I saw it on and he said that he should be in the memorial absolute pretty girl that's the boy I don't know if you've met some people in Denmark what are they what would they be called anymore a group of people in Denmark would be called I don't know J literacy is a new term for a long-standing concept we think of it as preparation for decision-making in the 21st century it's all about helping people to make the decisions that they need to make that involve understanding and reasoning about their world geography can mean something very narrow you know you know the Capitol Pennsylvania but geography is a huge thing it's a handicap if you don't understand the world you live in it was very well known as location longitude latitude where things are on the map memorizing capitals and States and that type of thing and the evolution of that to an analysis of why people build houses the way they do why cultures develop the way they do how our economic system is tying together and how we get things from one place to the other we described you literacy of as consisting of three different components they go by the three eyes interactions which is understanding the world in terms of systems and how those systems interact human social systems environmental systems how humans and environment interact with each other the second one is interconnections that involves geographic reasoning that's about how one place in the world is connected to another place what are the qualities of places that make them good places or bad places for doing things and the third one is implications and that's really about decision-making and that's being able to systematically reason through what are they gonna be the implications of any particular decision how things interact and how things are connected to make good decisions in the 21st century geo literacy is just absolutely critical for the future of our society we live in an interconnected world in every different way from economics to peace and prosperity to the environment unless we prepare people to make good decisions about these areas we're not going to be competitive in the world and we're going to have trouble sustaining our population we need to know how we interconnect with each other and how a decision that I make can affect what happens in another part of the world we have not invested in helping children to understand the world the way they're going to need to understand it in their adult lives we are at an inflection point we have to make some decisions if we are a short-term culture that doesn't value well reasoned decision-making or we dramatically change the preparedness of our young people to make Geographic and far-reaching decisions throughout their lives and

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